Austria: Invaders Hand Over Cash/Phones

All Third Worlders seeking “refugee” status in Austria will from now on have to hand over all cash they have—and their cell phones—to the government before they will even be allowed to lodge an asylum application.

The rule is the first move to crack down on illegal immigration to be announced by the new coalition government, which took office this week.

Under the plan, the Austrian government will also ensure that people whose asylum claims are rejected are quickly deported, and not left in limbo, parasiting off the state and abusing welfare.

The money seized by authorities will apparently be used to cover basic care costs, while mobile phone data will be trawled through to clarify identities, the coalition said.

In addition, rejected asylum seekers will be subjected to an “accelerated withdrawal” of their protected status—this in order to strip them of any possibility of claiming welfare and to expedite their return home.

Furthermore, invaders applying for “asylum” will only receive “benefits in kind,” that is, accommodation and food, while their applications are being considered, and not be given any cash at all.

The medical duty of confidentiality—currently applied across the board—will be repealed if illnesses carried by the invaders are “relevant for basic health care.”

This is a reference to the fact that there have been many outbreaks of serious communicable diseases brought into Austria by the mass Third World invasion—and which have been covered up by the previous government on the grounds of “medical confidentiality.”

Finally, the list of those countries designated as “safe” will be considerably expanded. This means that invaders from North Africa and sub-Saharan African states will no longer even be considered as “asylum seekers” because there is no reason for them to have left their home states.

Vice Chancellor HC Strache said on Facebook on Sunday that the new government will also slash benefits for the invader

“It will no longer happen for migrants who have never worked here a single day or paid anything into the social system to get thousands of Euros in welfare,” he wrote.

Meanwhile, chancellor Sebastian Kurz has headed off to Brussels for discussions with Jean-Claude Juncker, the president of the European Commission, and Donald Tusk, the president of the European Commission.

Kurz is well-known to be pro-EU, but he has also said that  the new Austrian government would follow countries such as Hungary and Poland in rejecting the EU’s “mandatory migrant relocation quotas”—a mad plan developed by the German government which involves shipping invaders from their landing points into other EU states which in their opinion don’t have enough invaders already.

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  1. A country without borders is not a country – Tony Benn. Now watch the EU threaten Austria like they are doing with Poland and Hungary.

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