Austria: Invaders Must Prove Country of First Entry” into EU

Third World invaders pretending to be “refugees” in Austria will be in future be forced to prove that that country was their first port of entry into the European Union—a physical impossibility unless they fly in —and if they fail to do so, they will be returned to whichever EU state they first entered, according to a new law.

The law, approved by the Austrian cabinet last week, will also force invaders to hand over their cell phones and up to €840 euros ($1,040) in cash before applying for “asylum.” The cash will be put towards the costs of their applications, while authorities will examine whether geo-location data from the “refugees’” phones match their accounts of how they arrived in the country.

If the applicant is found to have previously entered another European country where the EU’s “Dublin regulation” is in force, they will be sent back there. As all invaders entering Austria will have crossed several EU countries before invading that country, this effectively means that all of them will be sent back to Greece, Italy, Spain, or any other border EU state.

Interior Minister Herbert Kickl, who is from the Freedom Party (FPÖ) said his aim was a “restrictive and enforceable law regarding the rights of foreigners” in order to end “abuse” of the asylum system.

The measures are due to be voted through by parliament in the next few weeks.

In last year’s parliamentary election, a crackdown on immigration was one of the FPÖ’s key themes and was also adopted by Chancellor Sebastian Kurz and his centre-right Austrian People’s Party (ÖVP) in a successful attempt to steal the former party’s platform.

The measures announced on Wednesday also mean that existing “refugees” will only be able to apply for Austrian citizenship after ten years, as opposed to six  previously. Deportations of invaders—even if they have already received “asylum”—who are convicted of crimes will also be speeded up.

Two weeks ago, Kickl said he would push EU colleagues to end the possibility of “asylum” applications being made in Europe. He wants a system where people could only apply for asylum in so-called “transit zones”, outside the EU’s borders.

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  1. Austria and Hungary will have to lead the way, in managing the third world tsunami into western nations. Personally, BTW I can see the big winner from a mass exodus of blacks out of Africa , being – yes, china. FIVE million of them already scootling around the Dark continent, lootin n pillaging, and even , its said, establishing fetal harvesting cottage industries. ( Don’t take my word for it, google the documentary )

    1. Don’t get too excited about horror stories about China. The Jewish-owned media is always looking for lies, to distract people from examining Jewish practices – such as their enthusiasm for nonwhite invasion of Europe. On your ‘mass exodus’ of blacks – it’s a drop in the ocean compared with the huge rise in populations in Africa. If Europe is completely replaced by black populations, it would make little difference.

        1. Best to look at the evidence. Africa has never been in such dire circumstances. Oz has never had it so bad, Food, farms, islands, cattle ranches, baby formulae , housing, public housing , universities , the list is endless. The global cancer that is china. And we have our own ‘don’t lets get too excited’ ppl here, telling us NOT TO BELEIVE OUR LYING EYES. lol. They are all ex govt and on the chi com payroll. That bit they cant hide. Sadly , the indifferent , ‘she’ll be right’ fence sitters will be saved with the blood of patriots. If not they will be welcomed as quisling traitors by the Mandarin masters. They cant lose.

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