Austria: New Turk Terror Attack

A Turk invader—born in Austria to legal immigrants—has been arrested after trying to run down pedestrians in Vienna in his vehicle while shouting Allahu Akbar.

The lone wolf attack took place on Thursday this week, and follows exact guidelines set by ISIS and al-Qaeda.

Despite the obvious nature of the attack, the controlled media and establishment in Austria has said that police are “still looking for a motive” for the attack.


The Kurier newspaper, for example, said that the attacker’s motive “could not be established as a matter of fact.”

The 21-year old Turk targeted pedestrians with his car in a copy-cat attack of the truck-attack in Nice. Fortunately, the intended victims in Vienna managed to jump out of the way in time, and no-one was hurt.

“He was obviously aiming at and trying to hit pedestrians,” police spokesman Thomas Keiblinger told Radio Wien. “Witnesses said that they heard him shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’ out of the car window, which was open,” he added.

The incident happened at around 11:00 am in the district of Favoriten. According to Austrian media, the driver was born and lives in Vienna and “has a Turkish background.”

He was detained by police shortly after the incident. Keiblinger said he continued to shout “Allahu Akbar” as he was arrested.

Officers who searched his apartment and seized computers and mobile phones say they were attacked by his brother who was in the property at the time. He was also arrested and later released.

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  1. If the Austrians don’t vote for Hofer in the upcoming election, then they are finished, and harsh as it sounds, deservedly finished.

    It is noteworthy that the female vote gave the ‘Green’ (Communist) candidate the edge over Hofer in the last, disputed, election.

    1. Stoopid cows, they must enjoy being raped. But I agree, if they haven’t learnt from the past few months then they get what’s coming to them. Why people are happy to waste money on no hopers who have no intention of working, aren’t refugees and just bring crime and backwards cultural practices is beyond me.

  2. What is more worrying with all this sort of news is that those that are ‘elected’ to represent the voters are certainly not doing their job and yet come the next election, they are still there. The need for a political revolution is long overdue, not one politician that I know of has a contract of employment, they are not paid by their political party or even within the area they represent and they certainly do not give information regarding their expenses including the freebie trips on fact-finding missions? Politics is corrupt across the world, it makes no difference which political persuasion they are, they are all the same – power crazy, self-centred and totally arrogant in their belief that us, the voters haven’t got any right to question their lack of representation.

  3. Favoriten is a real shi*ty area, not far from the train station. This is the area to avoid at night, especially for females. This latest incident is good news for Hofer. Thankfully nobody hurt. The Austrians are a wonderful people, and their hospitality is being seriously abused. I sincerely hope common sense prevails at voting time, and we get the result we are all hoping for.

  4. They arrested and then in short order released the brother of the perpetrator.
    When did the Keystone Cops take over the Viennese Police Department?

  5. Is it unreasonable to say that if I’d been one of those Austrians in the crowd being targeted for death by car, I would have angrily dragged the driver from the car, and beaten him with everything I could muster? And certainly if there were just a few of like-minded countryman in the crowd all doing the same thing, the perpetrator would likely be beaten to death. That then would be an ideal outcome for all other foreign invaders to see and take note of, i.e. that targeting real Austrians for murder results in immediate death on the spot, not mere arrest and then the benefits of a legal system designed by Austrians for their own kind.

  6. despicable scum-bag media! the so-called ‘media’ are gone! the are never read anymore and so-called newspapers are never read,to hell with the ‘media’ for they are now DEAD!

  7. We should all start wearing printed tee-shirts saying:

    “refugee” invasion
    Death of White Europe
    by design

    or something similar – your suggestions are welcome – and including web link to you best truthful online news.
    Both main stream media and treacherous government have to be exposed for crimes they are committing.

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