Austria: Police Hid Rapefugee Attack on Child

Austrian police deliberately covered up a December 2015 homosexual nonwhite invader rape attack on a 10-year-old boy in Vienna, using the excuse of “victim privacy,” it has emerged.


The swimming pool where the attack happened.

As the Austrian Krone newspaper has just reported, a December 2015 vicious rape of a 10-year-old boy by a “refugee” claiming to be from Iraq, has only now been confirmed by police in Vienna.

According to the report, the boy was raped on December 2 last year in an indoor swimming facility in Vienna. He sustained such severe internal injuries that he had to be operated upon at the Vienna General Hospital children’s section.

The nonwhite perpetrator was arrested at the scene and confessed. During his interrogation, he confirmed that he had entered Austria on September 13 through the “Balkan route.”

According to the official police report, the details of which were revealed by the Krone, the invader told the police that he had had a “sexual emergency” because he had “not had sex in four months.”

He said that he had had sex with women in Iraq, but not with his wife since the birth of their daughter. (The wife is apparently still in Iraq.)

In Austria, he said, he “could not wait to have sex again” and this was why he had raped the boy.

When the police asked him if it was not illegal even in Iraq to have sex with a ten-year-old boy, the invader said, according to the police report, that “such a thing is forbidden in any country of the world.”

He went on to say that he knew it was a “big mistake” and that it would leave a “huge scar on the boy.”

He had attacked the boy at the Theresienbad swimming facility, the report said. He had grabbed the boy, pushed him into a toilet cubicle and raped him. Even through the boy had cried out in pain, no one had heard him.

After the rape, the nonwhite then casually went out to the pool area and practiced diving off the board into the pool, not even noticing that the boy had emerged and informed the lifeguard, who called the police.

As the Krone article continued, the police did not even publicize the case at the time, and only responded to a press inquiry in February 2016 about the matter, citing “victim protection” as the reason why they had not informed the public.

A police spokesman denied that they had withheld news of the attack “in order not to incite the population.”

The police excuse is clearly false, as sex attacks by nonwhite invaders at swimming facilities in Austria (and Germany) have now become commonplace.

For example, in the town of Linz, the local authorities have started banning refugees from using the swimming pools completely, following an incident involving a 29-year-old Afghan sexually molesting Austrian boys in the Linz Parkbad facility.

The Linz authorities confirmed to the Krone that many bathers had complained about the behavior of the nonwhites, including issues such as excessive noise, women entering the pools fully clothed, and of course sexually-related crimes.

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  1. “sexual emergency”? Last time I had one of those was back in the 70s when I caught a dose. Strangely enough, despite the pain which accompanied urination, it never crossed my mind to rape a 10-yr old boy in a swimming pool as a cure – instead, I went to the doctor.

    I must be a racist or summat.

  2. Seem to be a lot of emergencies of one sort or another since Merkel’s guests started arriving. Needs a lot more fire drills from the public to put stop them. Somebody should seriously ask the police from most if not all western EU nations what the hell they think they are doing? If the answer is, ‘the politician’s bidding’ , the military should be invited to take over.

  3. Hostile incursions and invasions and any insult, whether secret or in open, devastation or depopulation of either territory shall be expressly and strictly forbidden…. Captains, Commanders, and Governors of both parties shall be instructed to administer justice without exception in this respect, on pain of loosing not only their position, but even their life and honour. Article XVI Treaty of Belgrade September 18 1739.
    By encouraging the violation of this treaty, the culprits of the present maraud in Europe, certainly will be used to harvest carrots, beans, tomatoes etc. without any respect for honour, for the rest of their life, in compliance with other Treaties, Conventions, Declarations, Covenants and Statutes of the UN.

  4. How can Austrian police officers believe that treachery against their own people will benefit themselves in the long term? I also wonder what the hostile implementers of this invasion think they are going to achieve – if their rotten plans come to fruition – once their white host is no longer around to provide for them.

  5. Yet another disgusting case. What a ludicrous excuse I had an emergency. This means any guy seeing an enticing woman will have an emergency of nothing able to get his cock back in his trousers before doing something he would possibly regret!

    Think of the most stupidest thing you can thing of, make it ten times worse, and you know in the EU it will happen, the elite are that stupid.

  6. Where is this man and why haven’t Austrian men found him? What has happened to our men? Why are they just standing by allowing this to happen? I just don’t get it.

  7. I’m so utterly sick of reading about attacks on native Europeans. Make no mistake, we have been invaded, this is a pre-planned coordinated takeover of Europe, and the most worrying part?…….Our own politicians are in on it.

    1. Agree. And all over the West. Our Politicians in Oz are presiding over a devastated broken Australia and herding in 300k of them every yr. ” Some one’ LOL, cant imagine HU, tried to sabotage the Aust National census in 2016. One yr later it was released , seems the chinese are the major residers and the nation is now officially ‘asian’. for the first time in 200 yrs. Only the commie socialists are jubilant. 70% of aussies are disgusted. Whats broken in Oz, Hospital waiting times, roads are congested. Millions of apartments have destroyed cities, schools are now third word in some areas. Locals cant find a school place for their kid. Baby formulae methodically shanghaied off to china by ONLY chi com migrant looters. The Food is being stolen and replaced by ch I com trash from their African and Sth American n Asian food production sites . Worst of all. Millions of robot ant critters are now scurrying around in Oz, gobbling , left right and centre. No one wants them.

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