Austria: More Refugee-Terrorists Arrested

Austrian police have arrested another three nonwhites pretending to be asylum seekers who fought with or helped rebel groups in Syria and Iraq that are classed by Vienna as “terrorist” organizations, police have announced.

The invaders—two Iraqis and one Syrian—were arrested in “refugee centers” in the western state of Tyrol, local police chief Helmut Tomac said.


Harry S. and Mohammed M. taking part in an execution in Palmyra.

According to a report in the Österreichischer Rundfunk (Austrian Radio, ÖRF), the 27-year-old Syrian fought for Al-Qaeda’s Syrian affiliate, Al-Nusra Front, and killed 20 members of government forces, including prisoners.

The Iraqi has already confessed to his membership of Al-Nusra, police said.

One of the Iraqis, a 28-year-old, has been identified as having been a member of ISIS in his homeland, and of having participated in mass executions of captured Iraqi government soldiers. He has not however yet confessed, police said.

The third detainee is a self-confessed activist who was involved in logistics and supplies to ISIS-linked militia in Iraq.

He had already been arrested for causing trouble at his invader center in Tirol, police said.

All three were part of the flood of nonwhite invaders who poured into Europe last year at the invitation of Angela Merkel, and ended up in Austria after following the “Balkans route” via Greece.

Two other nonwhite invaders have been in custody in the western Austrian city of Salzburg since December for links with the refugee-terrorists who took part in the November 2015 attacks in Paris.

In Germany, a 31-year-old nonwhite invader, given the name “Harry S,” has meanwhile admitted to shooting nine Syrian government soldiers while volunteering for service with ISIS.

In a video confession—which is being used against another nonwhite invader—this time with Austrian citizenship—accused of being a senior ISIS jihadist, “Harry S.” said that under the “Austrian” ISIS man’s orders, he had taken part in an execution of nine Syrian government soldiers in the ancient city of Palmyra.

The execution had been filmed, and the shooters had been identified from the video—and included Harry S. and the “Austrian,” identified as “Mohamed M.”

Harry S. also confirmed that ISIS commanders had asked all volunteers originating from countries in Europe if they were prepared to return to Europe as “sleeper cells” to take part in “lone wolf” terrorist attacks against European targets.

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  1. If this wretched creature is called “Harry” – then from tomorrow on I want to be called Mohammed the one-eyed!

  2. It’s funny how all these leftist ‘humanitarian’ groups promoting the invasion of Europe are importing monsters like these who couldn’t give a shit about ‘human rights’.

    1. You are correct. It would seem that human rights only works one way these days.

      ….and it isn’t in favour of ethnic whites! Europe is being systematically destroyed by mad Merkel and her elitist cronies!

  3. I presume they will be jailed and fed by the taxpayers – which to me is the biggest miscarriage of justice. In Saudi, those in jail had to receive food from their families or in my time, as a company we had to send food each day and the journey each way was about one and half hours. The guards also had some of the food. What a pity the do-gooders have so much clout it would seem – me there is only one action to be taken.

  4. But..but…I thought Syrians were those poor innocents that Cameron and the MP tribes want to bring to the UK so as not to be outdone in the `compassionate `stakes by other EU countries.

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