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Austrian City with 56% Nonwhite School Population

Wiener Neustadt—the eleventh largest city in Austria—is now so completely overrun with legal Third World “immigrants” and bogus asylum seekers that fully 56.4 percent of schoolchildren this year are of “non-Austrian” origin.

The ethnic cleansing of white Austrians from the city has been highlighted with the announcement by Mayor Klaus Schneeberger that for the first time in the city’s history, there is a preschool class without a single German-speaking pupil.

Schneeberger—a member of the conservative Austrian Peoples’ Party (ÖVP), and therefore one of those responsible for the mass Third World invasion—said that on average, the proportion of children with a foreign mother tongue in the four preschool classes is already at 80.33 percent.

Wiener Neustadt officially has a “migrant population” of around 23 percent, and is the largest school and kindergarten town in Lower Austria.

A report in the Kurier newspaper said that in eight out of 17 kindergartens, and in five out of eight national schools, the share of children “with a foreign mother tongue has exceeded the 50 percent mark.” At schools, it is already 56.64 percent, the report added.

Kindergarten teachers, teachers, and directors have already reported on the “catastrophic knowledge” of German among the pupils, and that “no ordinary teaching methods are possible.”

Schneeberger said that the local Otto Glöckel school was a case in point. In some classes in that school, 93 percent of the children do not speak German at home.

Instead of calling for a halt to the ethnic cleansing of his own people, Schneeberger asked his government for extra help to teach these Third World children German “in order to protect their future.”

“If we do not react now, then we will have a problem. The linguistic deficits of today’s children are the breeding ground for tomorrow’s unemployment,” he said.

He was joined in this call by the president of the city council, the Socialist Party of Austria’s (SPÖ) Heinrich Himmer, who asked for “more guidance teachers and targeted language promotion.”


  1. The children may well have to learn German, their parents will not. There are still many ethnic minorities living in the UK who’ve managed to avoid learning and speaking English. What is more astounding is that the political elite are unable to see the error of their policies and still bow down to the EU controlled by Merkel. What you reap is what you sow!

  2. What a tragedy that this happening to a
    beautiful people, country and great food.
    What part of the stupid tree did sh*tberger
    fall from. The bleeding heart liberal morons are causing a back door rebirth of the ottoman invasions. They will soon
    out breed Europe along with africans.

  3. Very sad , but they did not elect anyone who will address this problem, the one candidate who spoke of the immigration problem was not elected so it stands to reason that this is what the Austrians want . Hard to feel sorry for them.

  4. Begs the question as to how many of these “children” have stubble and five o’clock shadows, doesn’t it?! Maybe as well as the German language being refined, they could be taught to stay fickifickiless, and respect Austrian law. Good luck teachers!


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