Austrian Editor Fired for Telling Truth

biro-censoredThe Styrian editor of Austria’s largest daily newspaper, Die Krone, has been fired after breaking ranks with the controlled media and admitting the truth about the rampant criminality, filth, and Third Word destruction which has accompanied the current nonwhite invasion of Europe.

Christoph Biró, chief editor of Die Krone, published an editorial in his newspaper on October 25, 2015, in which he admitted that the “atmosphere [in Austria] has long since tipped.”

He continued:

Gone are the days when the incoming refugees were received with applause …too much happened since then.

We know of young, testosterone-driven Syrians who can engage in extremely aggressive sexual assaults, to say the least. Afghans have slashed the seats in ÖBB train compartments [Österreichische Bundesbahnen, Austrian Federal Railways]. These acts have no relation to their emergency situation. “We do not sit there,” they say, because “Christians have sat there!”

In the emergency shelters, they do not use the sanitary facilities, but do their business just next to it and then call for female assistants: That means nothing to them….

Hordes have stormed the supermarkets, tearing the wrappers off [items], taking what they want, and then disappearing. The police are powerless. Integration? A nice word, nothing more. Integration can at best work only in individual cases.

As if on command, thousands still trample over our borders, although all forces of law and order are overrun since [last] Friday, and all the emergency quarters are occupied to overflowing. . .

… at least now ALL has become clear—no matter whether right or left, or hardliner social romantic: The limits have to be made set. The humanitarian catastrophe has to be stopped, especially for Austria and its inhabitants.

Biró, a liberal who earlier said he and his wife had given up their holiday to “teach refugees German” was instantly sacked from his job—even though the official statement from Die Krone said he had “voluntarily stepped down” from his position.

Die Krone also pulled the online version of his editorial, only leaving up a “page not found” in its place.


This was probably motivated by 37 “complaints” lodged with the Austrian police by anti-white activists, seeking his arrest on charges of “racial incitement” (Verhetzungsparagrafen, § 283 Criminal Code) or, incredibly, “knowingly spreading false, and disturbing rumors” (§ 276 Criminal Code). The mere fact that there is such an “offense” in Austria should by itself indicate that “democracy” there is a sham.

Even more incredibly, however, is the fact that the establishment continues with its lockstep denial of the facts as laid out by Biró.

Both official police and ÖBB statements denied that there was any truth to his allegations, even though social media is full of photographic and video evidence that every word he wrote was true and accurate. Below, for example, just one of the videos which has emerged of an ÖBB “after” delivering a load of nonwhite invaders to Munich:

The “Uncensored” ( ) news service in Austria has specialized in exposing the establishment’s lies and cover-ups in this regard. One of their more recent articles, “Denial and cover up: This is how the police leadership deals with asylum seeker criminality” (Leugnen und vertuschen: So geht die Polizeiführung mit Asylantenkriminalität um, 27. Oktober 2015), reported that Austrian police have been ordered to stand aside and “look the other way” as “thousands flock into the country illegally.”

The article continued: daily receives several messages in connection with the asylum chaos. There are encouragements to continue reporting on incidents that the mainstream media covers up. There are calls for help from people who feel let down, as this one received today from a mother of two children from Freilassing in Bavaria, directly on the border with Austria:

We get no information about the situation … there is continuous activity by the police, the military, helicopters, and trains. They come through the border river and across the border … But we citizens get no information. I feel faint! And angry!

The article reported that the “repulsive behavior” of the “refugees” is getting more and more criminal and violent every day.

These crimes “range from looting of shops of violent robberies, the rapes of women, sex attacks on white girls (see this report of an attack by a 21-year-old Somali on a 14-year-old German girl in the town of Brannau-am-Inn), and the abduction of children in order to obtain preferential “family treatment” among the thousands of invaders waiting to be sent on by the authorities.

* A report in the Kleine Zeitung newspaper also confirmed the damage done to ÖBB carriages by the invaders, citing a case even more dramatic than merely slashing the seats. According to that paper (Beschädigt: Flüchtlings-Zug aus Verkehr gezogen, 21.10.2015), a train which transported nonwhite invaders from Graz to Linz was so severely damaged that it had to be withdrawn from circulation.

“There is considerable damage to the carriages and five cars had to be pulled from service for safety reasons and are in the workshop,” an ÖBB spokesman told that paper.

 The damage was, as Biró stated in his comments, completely unnecessary and not in any way related to the invaders’ “emergency situation.” Among other things, they had torn off the rubber strips at all the emergency exits. . .


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  1. Just a little “Cultural Enrichment” which I a sure has been much needed in Austria and the rest of Europe. Coming to a town/city near you in the UK – Soon!

    1. Interesting Stories. It is a shame that Germany and Austria have suspended democratic free speech. Have just read that Germany has complained about Hate literature in Facebook.
      Facebook said there is nothing wrong but close said pages. What an utter farce free speech is in Austria and Germany.

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