Austrian Govt. Investigates “Vote Irregularities”

The Austrian Ministry of the Interior has announced an investigation into “voting irregularities” in four towns during the recent presidential election.

In all cases, the FPÖ’s candidate Norbert Hofer won the “live” votes, but lost when the postal votes were counted.

voting ballot

According to an official statement from Interior Ministry spokesman Robert Stein, the “irregularities” all involved the opening and “counting” of postal votes the night before they should have been.

The Interior Ministry has not said that there has been any fraud, and that its investigation—at this stage—merely wants to “close the gaps” in how tens of thousands of postal votes could have lain opened all night.

The investigation will focus on four towns in Carinthia which have so far been confirmed cases.

The investigation was started after the Interior Ministry received an official complaint against the city of Villach in the south, introduced by the state’s official Economic and Corruption Prosecutor’s office.

According to the complaint, directed by the head of the electoral commission, postal votes were opened on the Sunday and “counted” without the presence of electoral witnesses.

Officially, all postal votes were supposed to be kept under lock and key, and only opened in the presence of witnesses from on Monday morning.

Stein, who is Head of the Elections Department of the Ministry of the Interior, said in his statement that following on from the Villach complaint, a further three similar cases have been identified.

The three additional towns identified were Villach Land, Wolfsberg, and Hermagor.

In all these cases, it has been confirmed that the postal vote counting started on Sunday without witnesses and in contradiction to the official rules.

According to Stein’s statement, the Interior Ministry has already sent an official notification of investigation to the office of the Economic and Corruption Prosecutor.

In addition, the Federal Election Commission has also been advised of the impending investigation.

“The Interior Ministry has placed top priority in making a full investigation of the suspected irregularities,” Stein said in his press release.

In Villach, Hofer won with 56.2 percent of the votes before the postal ballots were counted.

Hofer also won in Villach Land with 59.3 percent, and in Wolfsberg where he took 67.6 percent. In Hermagor, Hofer won 54.4 percent of the vote.

However, the communist-Green candidate Alexander van der Bellen was allocated the vast majority of the 12,378 postal votes in the four towns, pushing him into the lead in three of them.

The FPÖ had earlier announced that it suspected that the postal ballots in many more places had been opened and “counted” on the Sunday evening of the election.

The party has not yet laid any formal challenge to the election results—which saw their candidate lose by 31,006 votes.

If further and deeper cases should emerge of irregularities, the FPÖ’s attitude on the matter might yet change.

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  1. Personally, I’m rather hoping they do find irregularities with the postal vote count and declare Hofer as the winning candidate….that would really make my day !!!!

    1. Brace yourself for another cover up, the EU got their stooge in, there will be no recount, just a half hearted PR exercise.

    2. well the irregularity is already there,they were opened before they should have been and all those “councils” were well aware of the rules,therefore a re run is in order without postal votes…are that many people in those areas really unable to get to a polling station….?????I can smell it from here!

  2. Not unexpected in view of what focus of attention was resting on the decision. Only way now is to demand a re-run of postal votes!

  3. Just like the corrupt system of postal voting in the UK, especially by some ‘immigrants’ whose custom is to rig the voting!

  4. Heads must surely roll …. the postal process was a total cock-up. Somebody somewhere authorised this blatant cheating and others obviously colluded.
    Each time individuals or groups get away with criminal activities such as this, which try to / manage to affect the will of the people then democracy takes another step towards the abyss.
    With the current agenda driving these nefarious practices we`ll need to be extra vigilant to be ahead of the game at all times.

    1. It was the same with the Scottish referendum. There is a video on You Tube of a counter rigging the votes but nothing was done about it. Corruption at the highest level!

      1. TO ARMS!TO ARMS! the time for votes is rapidly vanishing…..the people must stand up for their nation,proud Austria!

      2. Anglos, Scandinavians, Germanic people–basically Western European people–are too nice and too passive to do anything about it. Even those whites who are awake, who aren’t libtards, we are taught to ‘lose like a gentleman’ I suspect many Austrians, like most White Americans or Brits, aren’t going to do a damn thing about the corruption and continued invasion and rape of their nations. “Oh, wait for the next election!” Meanwhile, our Slavic and Southern European friends will fight, both politically and in the streets, against what’s going on to their people.

      1. And the sooner the better, before the EU Army is deployed. The Bolsheviks are now in control of Europe as they were in the Soviet Union after the murder of the Russian royals. Juncker, Tusk, ALL the unelected top bureaucrats are Communists of a certain religious persuasion. They are DESTROYING Europe. It is the plan, as I’m sure most of us know on this forum.

    2. the german people in the 30s were not listened to and they had no voice…..seems a repeat……and a strong leader will step forward!

  5. Even when the vote counters’ integrity is beyond reproach, the optical readers that ballot papers are fed through for counting can be hacked via the memory card

    If this can happen to one type of vote counting machine, it can happen to others.

    As Josef Stalin famously remarked (even though he wasn’t known for his embrace of democracy):

    “It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.”

  6. Simple no postal votes,if you cant there personaly,then named and registered proxy voter only.The moment the result was announced I thought “Here we go ,violin section,in full swing”

    1. Totally agree. The right way to handle absentees is to set up a voting booth at the registrar’s office a month in advance, and let people vote early by going there. As soon as you have mail-in ballots, you open the door to both bribery/coercion (of the voter by other people) and impersonation. There is no substitute for the security of showing ID and then walking into a voting booth, where other people can see that nobody is in there with you.

  7. The FPO should challenge this regardless. Give the victory to those that had victory so cruelly cheated from them.

    1. and what will nationalist patriotic Austrians do if he doesn’t get in and if the continued invasion and violence against our people continue? What will they do once they realize the system is against them and simple voting will not do anything anymore. Yeah, certainly, they’re angry at what’s going–just like White Americans are–but are they really going to do anything about if if things don’t go their way?

      Sorry, I’m just very pessimistic about Americans, Australians, Canadians, Western Europeans. We’re too nice, too easy going, to passive.

      1. Hofer caved in far too easily for my liking. Politics is controlled, and has been long dead in every Western nation for quite some time. Underground resistance is the future

        1. If patriots insist on reliance of the voting system, they must infiltrate left wing organisations and political parties, using the very tactics the enemy uses against us.

  8. Until investigation is over we can just speculate but it looks really bad. Leftist “lovers” of democracy got access to those envelopes, counted who gets how many votes and calculated how many of Hofer’s votes should be “converted” into Bellen’s. That’s my best guess. Democracy already became rubbish, 50% of Austrian people voted directly for Hofer, when it comes to the other 50%, they didn’t vote for Bellen as much as they voted against Hofer. Just like it happened in France, when FN got vast majority of votes in the first round, but they lost the second simply because “people” voted against them. Golden age of democracy, You don’t vote for, You vote against.

  9. This is an appeal to the FPO :-
    We the creators of this world need the FPO to strongly challenge, without delay or hesitation, the fraudulent postal vote. The majority of Austria has spoken by means of the vote and rightfully chosen FPO.
    Now let us see some strength and honour.
    We are relying on FPO to begin the shift towards that which is right.

  10. FPO ought not to hold back in challenging these results. The four towns alone account for more than 1/5 of his margin of defeat. It seems clear that the election was stolen, and FPO ought to explicitly shout this to every Austrian.

    1. and, like the Austrians, I predict us White American patriots to do absolutely nothing about it. “Gosh darn it, why they can’t do that? Golly gee, well, I’ll just go have a beer and wait for the next election.”

    1. I wish Western Europeans and White Americans would be as aggressive with our enemies as our Slavic brothers are.

  11. Just like the vote rigging in Thanet where Nigel Farage was defeated. The ONLY part of the country where the boxes disappeared for a while! Corrupt, anti British, government SC*M!

    1. Stand by today. Later this morning in fact, the UK National Statistics Office will reveal the latest Immigration Statistics. To date you could fairly safely predict increases of roughly 230,000 net annually. It will be interesting to see what, if any, the numbers drop by this time round. I am assuming a ‘drop’ because that will be the only direction to satisfy the ‘Remain’ faction if they have interfered. Perhaps we may add the name of the National Statistics Office to the, now, long list of so-called “Independent” commentators such as the Treasury, World Bank, et al who have leant their support to Cameron/Remain.

      1. Net migration to Britain reaches 333,000 – SECOND HIGHEST level on record
        NET migration to Britain has increased to the SECOND HIGHEST level on record, official figures have revealed today.

        1. If Germany, Austria and Sweden are not careful, they will end up resembling the UK multicultishmulti shithole we now resemble.

      2. Earlier, I missed a 100,000 above I’m afraid. My excuse is, in dealing with such vast numbers of people what’s a few 100,00 between friends!
        Well, well, clearly the UK National Statistics Office is, ‘Clean’ and cannot be considered to be susceptible to being ‘Got-at’ by the political establishment ‘Remain’ camp unlike the rest of their supportive Mouthpieces. Figures out now showing the second highest influx of immigrants EVER from the time records began – 333,000 for 2015 roughly half of which arrived from the EU. I am sure that in due course we will learn that the figure amounts to a city or county the size of ? But, here’s a new way of looking at it. Assuming a person, complete with rucksack and/or a suitcase, stood in a queue, I suggest he/she would take up roughly a generous 80 centimeters along the length of the queue. So, a queue outside of the nearest Accident and Emergency Hospital or Local Authority Housing Department for 333,000 people would be 266.4 Kilometers long – The distance from central London to Leeds or Manchester, Swansea or Exeter. And that queue would form year after year after year. Happily, as we know, half the 333,000 would likely remain in London and support the Government and the Muslim Mayor in their work to convert London into a Caliphate so it’s not quite as bad as it first appears for the rest of the country. No wonder the NHS and other public services cannot cope and if the UK remains in the EU it will get much worse. It is complete and utter madness and Cameron has/will have no control over it whatsoever.

        1. Good thread, but as a person who paid in excess of 30p in the pound income tax in the 70’s when inflation was in the 20%+ figure, and still we had to go cap in hand to the IMF for money, the lack of money created in this country to deal with the public services we depend on daily i.e. schools, doctors, hospitals, fire brigade etc., etc., has never been addressed so that we can live within our income which every individual is told to do by their bank. In the 70’s there was not this immigration debacle on the scale we have today, and the country was just about broke. Not one politician will be open about ‘when will we be out of the debt we have today’, The borders should never have been opened at all, we are now 25 years+ of uncontrolled immigration which was never a mandate from the people because no political party would put it in a manifesto – yes they are stupid, but not that stupid. The dictatorship took hold when the European Constitution was rejected by France, Holland & Eire and to stop any more countries rejecting it, it was changed into a Treaty (Lisbon) which the leaders all signed up to. Democracy – time this was taken out of the English Dictionary, there is none in Europe?

  12. I suspected from the start that the final count was rigged.
    It is so evident it is scary how the Austrians are not screaming about it.

  13. There is no doubt that, based on comments on this site, the media are being tightly controlled in their reporting of all things to do with Merkel’s authorised invasion. Juncker has clearly stated that the EU will isolate and apply sanctions against any country that elects an “ANTI-MIGRANT GOVERNMENT” which he calls far right. There is no chance that the majority of the public will ever know the true story unless they listen to people like us on here. I’ve told people some of the things and they are so gullible, they think I’m making it up, or the other statement, “No government would do that?” It’s been said before, There is no democracy within the EU, there is no independent country within the EU, Juncker, Tusk & Schulz, supported by Merkel, Hollande and several others will not allow dissent at all at any time.

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