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Austrian Police Issue “Rape Whistles”

Police in Vienna will distribute 6,000 pocket alarm “rape whistles” to Austrian women on New Year’s Eve to try and prevent another mass nonwhite invader sex attack like that which occurred last year, the Interior Ministry has announced.

The plan—a typically inept liberal response to an obvious racial problem caused by their own policies—will see police hand out the rape alarms to women taking part in the annual New Year’s Eve party trail in Vienna’s city center.

Traditional New Year celebrations in front of the Vienna city hall.

“It’s a national campaign aimed primarily at women on New Year’s Eve,” ministry spokesman Karl-Heinz Grundboeck told AFP.

When activated, the hand-held devices emit a shrill alarm sound, which is supposed to “chase away potential aggressors,” Grundboeck said. It is not yet clear if other cities will receive such “anti-rape” alarms on New Year’s Eve.

The authorities in Austria and Germany are worried that their pro-Third World invasion policies will cause yet another New Year’s Eve mass sex attack, as happened last year. In the German city of Cologne, 1,231 women reported sex attacks by the mobs on nonwhite invaders, all of whom had been let into Germany in the “refugee” invasion of that year.

In Cologne, police have announced the deployment of hundreds of extra officers, helicopters, enhanced CCTV camera surveillance, mounted police, and gated entrance facilities to the city center.

In addition, trained specialists will be available to help women and girls in case of harassment, intimidation, assault, or rape.

Apart from Germany, massed nonwhite sex attacks took place in Sweden, Austria, Finland, and Switzerland last year.

The sex attacks have also not been limited to the New Year, with one of the more prominent incidents in Austria taking place at the Welser Volksfest in the town of Wels, when five invaders from Afghanistan pretending to be refugees were arrested for a string of attacks.

In June and July, two Swedish music festivals in the towns of Karlstad and Norrloping were marked by a wave of nonwhite sex attacks, with dozens of white women being molested during both events. The Bravalla Festival in Norrkoping witnessed almost 30 assaults, including five rapes, in early July, while the Putte i Parken (Party in the Park) music festival in Karlstad saw 32 similar attacks a week earlier.

The response of issuing alarms—instead of the more obvious solution of simply expelling the nonwhite invasion force—is typical of the liberal race-denying response to obvious facts.

Another example of this type of “logic” has come with the calls by liberals in Germany not to “blame refugees” for terrorist attacks in Germany—even though the past two years have seen dozens of such attacks which have killed over 300 people.


  1. Stupid,stupid, stupid. Austrians should
    train their people with firearms. In the
    US elderly women are the largest
    applicants for gun permits. What ever
    happened to European intelligence?

  2. After all the sexual assaults and rapes on White women by invaders that have taken place, surely the politicians in Vienna will not distribute tickets to the invaders for their public New Year Party, for that would be an act of sheer criminal folly. The authorities will surely limit tickets to White men and women only, won’t they? Rape whistles? These dumbed-down Globalist/CM morons have to be joking, surely.

    1. I suspect the mugrats will be getting “party whistles” of their own, and confusing the hell out of everyone, along with the screeching fireworks to drown out the female wails.

  3. A good point I haven’t heard before is that Islam and Judaism are both ‘rape cultures’, lauding rape of victims of various types. Obvious enough. And this must be the reason that Jewish ‘feminists’ in the US pretend whites in the USA have a ‘rape culture’. They love telling lies, especially to hide truths.

  4. These liberals have to be the biggest idiots on the planet. How’s the whistle going to work when the inbreds crack them from behind on the head before raping???
    I’ve got a novel idea, deport them all! There, problem solved.

  5. How about handing out deportation orders instead to ensure there will be no need for “rape” whistles now or ever again?

  6. Vienna is going to sound like a South African Soccer Stadium. Remember those horrible vuvuzelas from 2010, ear muffs over ear plugs barely made a dent.

  7. So the rapists can grab the alarm and stomp on it and its no good, is this really the best the Austrians can do, of course the Austrian government will blame white racist for this.

  8. Don’t worry, if something bad happens, no doubt Merkel will place more roses, light more candles, and hold more hands. There, there, better now?

  9. Thank you liberals and Austrian police. That’s what women need. “Rape-whistles?! This idea can only come up from a deeply sick and perverted mindset. That’s what is called creating hell on earth.The violence has already increased since the opening of the border gates in the 90s.

  10. Interspersed with the shrill sound the whistle emits should also be a recording saying “Mohammed was a queer! Mohammed was a queer!”

  11. Have you ever heard such a load of crap coming from any authority in the world…..

    Deport anyone who was not a legal migrant. Deport all middle eastern people. You are all headed for disaster.

    Do it now or it’s all over. Merkel has almost completed her task of destroying Europe but you the people will have to live with the legacy.

  12. They admit there is a problem, hence the whistles , but we are not going to do anything about it, like get rid of these people. Just plain stupid.


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