Austrians Attack Afghan Refugee-Robber Mob

Austrian patriots spontaneously attacked a mob of Afghan refugee-robbers at Vienna’s Westbahnhof railway station last night, turning one of the platforms into a mass brawl which only ended when police swooped on the scene and arrested four of the criminal nonwhites.


The incident started when a large group of Afghan refugee-robbers turned up at the station with criminal intent. They had not been there long when they pounced on their first victim, a 22-year-old Austrian.

In typical Third World street robber fashion, one of the Afghans punched the Austrian in the face, while another grabbed his cell phone.

Normally, the nonwhite refugee-robbers are able to get away with this sort of behavior, but last night, something in the Austrian public psyche snapped. The Austrian passersby spontaneously formed a crowd and physically attacked the Afghan refugee-robbers.

Soon the entire platform turned into a mass brawl, with the Afghans taking a severe beating for their crimes. Part of the brawl was captured by onlookers on their cell phones.

After a short while, the police arrived and arrested six Afghan refugee-robbers. Three of them were aged 13, 14, and 20, while no other details were provided for the remaining three.

The rest of the nonwhite invader mob then quickly dispersed, while the Austrian victim was rushed to the hospital with a broken cheekbone and multiple bruises.

Predictably—for anyone who understands the relationship between race and criminal activity—there has been an outbreak of rapes, sexual attacks, and other crimes in Austria since the nonwhite invasion started in earnest in 2015.

For example, Austrian police have just published a description of one of the members of an Afghan rapefugee gang who raped a 15-year-old white girl in Leoben (a picturesque and previously peaceful city in Styria, central Austria).

The Styrian police said the victim could only describe one of the attackers because the others had grabbed her from behind and held her while another raped her.

The main perpetrator was described by police as “between 20 and 25 years old, of dark complexion and thin, narrow stature. He has black, short hair, dark eyes, bushy eyebrows, is about 1.70 meters tall and wore a full beard. According to the victim, he spoke with an Arabic accent.”

Another attacker—the one who held the girl down—was “likely to be 1.80 meters tall, with darker complexion and also spoke with an Arabic accent. He had dirty fingernails and wore yellow sports shoes,” said the police report.

This, and many other incidents, make it clear that Europeans are going to have to increasingly resort to physically defending themselves from the nonwhite invaders.

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    1. All these young men should be able to be trained by the army and send back to fight for their country. I know many of us would

  1. “Europeans are going to have to increasingly resort to physically defending themselves from the nonwhite invaders” – as sad as it is but these are the consequences of the Merkel’s “plan”!

    The Ugly Angie needs to be ousted ASAP and put on trial – what are these brainwashed Germans waiting for? Needless to say all spooke must be chased down and deported if not by military force then by the united popular patriotic front!

      1. That will happen either by direct action or by him & his ‘croonies’ feeling threatened at having lost control but how many innocent “Brits” will it take for this to happen? Eventually if we do get to rearm ourselves collectively they ain’t going to take them away as easy as before and I hope many generations treasure that what previous generations fought so hard for to maintain our “Society” as we know it today. This “kaffir/infidel” is not for converting, submitting or enslavement and its time for US all to stand together tall & proud to combat this common enemy/hordes on these shores and across Europe

      2. Having seen what the rest of the West is dealing with I’m not as angry as I was with Mr Cameron, he’s making a better job of the whole catastrophe than many of our neighbours. Imagine if Mr Corbyn had any real power; it would be a thousand times worse. Also, OP, I object to your implicit suggestion that an elected leader in a democratic state should be ‘removed’.

    1. been brainwashed in Britain to. Seems if you have an alternative opinion to letting in thousands of these people ,housing , feeding and giving them money as well as medical treatment and dare to protest you are an extreme right wing thick thug. Well done to the Austrians for having a go they should not have been put in this situation in the first place.

      1. Tidy, Sue and Godger: the Ugly Angie is clearly responsible for one of the most dangerous attempts to introduce the social change of enoemous magnitude which Europe is not ready for nor Europeans want such a change to be FORCED on them. And that’s just because he still can’t admit she was wrong and try to reverse it or at least to stop this madness! Do you remember what happend to Robert Kennedy or Martin L. King?

  2. 58/4 United Nations Convention against Corruption. Article 1a To promote and strengthen measures to prevent corruption more efficiently and effectively. b To promote, facilitate and support international cooperation and technical assistance in the prevention of and fight against corruption, including asset recovery.
    A maraud is an ancient occupation and involves robbing other groups of people of their assets. The stolen assets can be recovered from the participants and those who are complicit in the activity of getting the assets from other groups of people. The handing out of State funds by corrupt Politicians to marauders is a serious offence and the guilty parties face asset recovery and that is set out in Chapter V of 58/4

  3. Good to see that the Austrians are fighting back..!.Normal peacefull people shouldnt have to fight this scum that has been put in their homeland…The Merkel needs to GO NOW..!!!

    1. Sue, Westbahnhof is one of the two big railway stations in Vienna and it’s not somewhere out in the sticks – it’s located just steps away from Mariahilfer Strasse, a major shopping street always full of people. They would have to be really stupid to try something like that especially after what’s just happend!

  4. Good for the Austrians, standing up for their fellow citizen and country. Try this is the UK and you’ll be arrested while the rapefugee gets a tax payer funded lawyer to sue you.

      1. Kol, in Britain the perpetrators of crime, especially ethnic minority groups get treated like the victim, hot and cold running social workers, human rights lawyers, and by the time they’re done the person who tried to defend anyone against them will be demonized and portrayed as a thug – that’s the reality of Britain today.!

        We even had a case in England, not widely known, where an elderly lady was visited by the police who wanted a ‘friendly chat’ with her…apparently the local Muslims were offended by her porcelain pig ornaments she had on her window sill, and the police wondered if she might put them in another part of her living room, just to keep the peace…

        1. Stu, I was only referring to a specific situation when someone is trying to defend people who are being robbed in public, ok? I really wonder what laws are broken in such situation.
          As to the case of this elderly lady I’m quite positive the cop was clearly out off line and she could’ve filed
          a formal complaint against him either herself or by hiring any paralegal office to to that for her.

          I can see there is a certain issue you are trying to make me aware, but trust me Stu, I personally won not one but two cases when I was accused of racism and in both cases I won – so, all I can say: walk tall 🙂

          1. Stu is absolutely correct. It is analogous situation in Australia, where the person who would normally at law be a rescuer, would be charged as an accomplice. Again, with hot and cold running lawyers for the ethnic or Aboriginal perpetrator. Police normally just refuse to charge certain minorities, because the chances of a successful prosecution are so high. This leaves few options for the victim, one of which, unfortunately, is to not report the crime, and just take matters into their own hands. Indeed, this is a favoured method of obtaining justice in a land, here Australia, but as equally applicable to Sweden or the UK, where the legal system is so heavily weighted against Caucasian victims.

          2. But Kol, you`re in Poland where common sense must still be alive and kicking
            In the UK when nonwhites are involved the law often proves itself to be an ass.
            Our legal bods tie themselves in convoluted knots to prove that the non white is
            more to be pitied than punished. Works much of the time too.

  5. Agree totally with Michelle D. Exactly what would happen in the U.K., except you would probably also lose your job. So when people say why are Brits supine, that’s why. Also outvoted (postally) in some areas – we are in trouble. Not much hope for a fair referendum vote either btw.

  6. It’s good to know the fight back has finally started. Not before time but better late than never. Congratulations to those Austrian citizens who got involved.

  7. Austrians should all start carrying sticks and clubs. That way, when the scum misbehave, they can be beaten properly.

    1. And we know which way the wind would blow should whites arm themselves.
      Only nonwhites are allowed to tool up and misbehave `cos it`s their “culture.”

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