Austrians Let 3,200 Per Day into Germany

The Austrian government’s claims that it is “halting the flow of refugees to 80 per day” has been revealed as yet another hoax—and it is still sending around 3,200 nonwhite invaders every day into Germany.

The ruling Austrian Peoples’ Party (ÖVP)-Socialist Party of Austria (SPÖ) alliance’s  deliberate deception in this regard is of such a devious nature that it has even angered the race-traitor German government.


Earlier, fearful of the rise of the Freedom Party of Austria (FPÖ) in the polls, the conservative-socialist alliance announced to great controlled media fanfare that it was setting a “limit on asylum seekers” and would only allow 80 per day to enter Austria.

This announcement—clearly meant to try and trick the increasingly anxious Austrian electorate into thinking that they were actually doing something about the nonwhite invasion of Europe, was put forward by the controlled media as “proof” of a “crackdown.”

However, it has now emerged that this “80 per day being allowed in” refers only to those who want to apply for asylum in Austria—and that the conservative-socialist alliance is still sending about 3,200 nonwhites every day through its borders on their way to Germany.

This trick has even angered German Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere, who told ARD public television yesterday that the Europe-wide “refugee” policy which Germany wants to implement “won’t work if some countries think they can solve the problem by putting extra weight on Germany’s back.”

De Maiziere also accused the Austrian government of “failing to carry out adequate checks on those being let through”—as if it was the Austrians’ fault that the entire Middle East, North Africa, and Asia, had decided to take up Angela Merkel’s open doors offer to come to Germany.

“Even for security reasons, this is unacceptable. We won’t allow this to continue long term,” de Maiziere said, indicating that he intended to bring up the issue at the next gathering of EU interior ministers in Brussels on Thursday.

The asylum cap “is an Austrian decision,” he said. “But to say that 3,200 can continue towards Germany is the wrong signal,” he added. “The figure is much too high. We won’t accept it and that’s why we need to talk about this.”

To make matters worse, the Austrian government must also know very well that once the “3,200 per day” nonwhite invaders are ensconced in Germany, with papers and “legal status,” nothing at all stops them from moving back to Austria—or anywhere else within the Schengen Agreement zone.

In other words, even the government’s fake promise to the Austrian people is a lie, concocted only with the purpose of trying to stave off an FPÖ election victory, which, according to the polls, seems increasingly likely, even if the elections are only scheduled for 2017.

* This “freedom of movement”  by those residents with legal status, must also be of concern to those eastern European nations who are part of the European Union—and can easily serve as another reason why that organization is in for troubled times.

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  1. more lies from an eu govt…..hopefully the austrian people haven,t been fooled and will put FPO in power to save what they have left..

  2. Austria lies about not allowing more into Germany. Germany lies about deporting migrants.Sweden lies about the number of rapes. The French cover up the disaster that Calais has become a lawless town. Dutch government lies about migrant crime rate.
    The common denominator here is lying left wing governments who are contemptible to their citizens.It is time for the the people of Europe to vote out these Marxist conspirators.

  3. If any Briton – real Briton, that is – still wants to vote to remain in the EU after all that, not to mention the ongoing Euro currency crisis, a d the fact that the EU costs Britons £55 million per day, then, if you pardon my language, they must be absolutely f*cking barking mad.

    1. I have concerns that Cameron may also be going to lie to prevent a Brexit. He is not running again as PM and I think he may be a touch jealous of Donald Tusk’s before and after pay he no receives from the EU. Cameron may have also been propositioned with a similar salary increase by those in power. Regardless what he says there will also be European temporary discouragement from banks pushing down the pound and threats of lost business. If a Brexit becomes a reality as I think it should then these said ‘elements’ will have to buy back into Britain again. Look how Iran was punished by sanctions but now so many European countries (foremost Germany) are now fighting for a piece of the action. Britain needs to be patient but also remember that regardless of the EU that it has a world position with the traditional ‘English’ countries China and Japan. Best to avoid the German hegemony for a third time in a hundred years. The EU is a disaster.

    2. Johathan, I openly admit to falling for a previous Conservative Prime Minister’s lies in 1975. I will not let that happen again and many of my generation feel the same. In any event, why would I vote ‘yes’ in the knowledge that the prime idiot Merkel occupies a position whereby she could influence my life within the EU?

  4. Quote: The Europe-wide “refugee” policy which Germany wants to implement “won’t work if some countries think they can solve the problem by putting extra weight on Germany’s back.” de Maiziere said,
    Good !!
    Merkel should have thought of that before she opened the floodgates.

    1. Merkel is a dictator who is so very slow to react to problems. I suggested German ships in the Aegean 4 months ago. Her world is falling apart on but her arrogance blinds her from making rational decisions. For example she still wants to dump migrants Germany does not want onto other European countries. Germans needs to dump this pathetic loser before she completely destroys Europe.

  5. Europe is an unholy mess now, thanks to stupid, evil, social-engineering Leftie governments. One thing to remember, though, is that they were voted into office. They did not usurp power; it was given to them by a clueless electorate!
    The trick now is to get rid of them, and rescue the countries being flooded with Allah Aliens. It has to be done now, not some time in the future. Waiting is not an option!

  6. I speculate all of the politicians are aware they are committing treason. That’s why they are so busy with these outrageous falsehoods. The controlled media outlets are also committing treason but the internet is undermining them. Once the mainstream media loses all credibility it will be impossible for the system to survive.

  7. I am an Austrian national but born and living in South Africa. This year will be the first time I ever vote and I will vote FPO!!

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