Austrians Pay Invaders More than Workers

The Austrian government pays nonwhite invader families more in cash handouts than what many working-class Austrians earn after tax in that country, an attempt to reduce the payments has revealed.

The “conservative”-controlled government of the state of Upper Austria has announced a “lowering” of the monthly cash handout it pays to nonwhite invaders from €914 (US $1,030) per month to a “mere” €520 (US $581) per month.

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However, a report in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ) on the reduction also revealed that this move does not affect the payments to invader families, which are set at €1257 per couple, and an additional €150 per child. With two or three children in tow, this will easily come out to more than a working-class Austrian makes in take-home pay.

A tax professional interviewed by the FAZ, Gottfried Schell, pointed out that an ordinary working Austrian with three children needs to earn at least €2,300 gross per month in order “to achieve the same net disbursements. Many low-skilled have difficulties in achieving such market wages,” he said.

Furthermore, according to Eurostat, the European Union’s statistical bureau, net average monthly salaries in several countries bordering Austria are lower than the amount paid to the invaders.

Residents of the neighboring Hungary bring home an average of €570 per month, and salaries elsewhere in the Balkans are even lower.

In Vienna, a couple with four children can take away a net payment of at least €2,100. In addition, Vienna gives at least €112 per child. Claimants get free health insurance.

Earlier, Austrian Economics Minister Reinhold Mitterlehner (ÖVP) supported a proposal of the governments in Upper and Lower Austria, to set a limit on the amount paid to invader families to a maximum of €1,500 per month.

However, Socialist Party of Austria (SPÖ) Chancellor Christian Kern condemned the proposal as being “harmful for children.”

Upper Austria is controlled by the Austrian Peoples’ Party (ÖVP), one of the partners in the country’s ruling coalition.

Austria took in over 100,000 nonwhite invaders pretending to be refugees last year, and the resultant crime, chaos, terrorism, and violence has caused a major backlash which has propelled the anti-invasion Freedom Party of Austria (FPÖ) into becoming the single largest party.


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  1. Thank you TNO staff for bringing this outrageous news to a wider attention. The pensions are being cut down, the social security system has no money when you want your teeth fixed but the taxpayer get all the bills for the invaders.

    it is beyond my comprehension how the SPÖ ( socialist party) ÖVP ( populist party) Green party ( commies, but green cloaked) and NEOS ( globalist technocrats) voters could support such a thing.
    They all should pay and accommodate them privately.

  2. Politicians are brazenly robbing Europeans of their hard-earned taxes to give to their foreigner future voters yet people still vote for them ???

  3. First question they’re asking at the border.
    Each kid is worth how much extra dough? I can see the calculators clanking away (ok my first wife has six kids, my second wife has 5, my third wife has 4, one second, can I count the ones in their guts? My new wife is on her way here with 2 kyids.
    Why on earth would any of these guys want to take a pay cut by getting a job? I’ll bet you a Corvette it’s even worse in Sweden.

  4. We owe them nothing can’t support themselves ship them back they have no rights they are un paying guests of the tax payers tell them to ask their government for support will get jack shit too interested in bombing their own and passing their parasites on

  5. This can’t continue. Our people are insane. We need to help each other see the insanity of all this. How have we even survived as a people so far? Up to this point?

  6. When europe is destroyed, remember that it is the leftist that did that. They created the magnet to attract and support all these hooligans and gangsters from north africa and west asia to come over and occupy territories.

  7. Even though I realise that those migrants are just a tool in the globalists hands, rage overpowers me as I read their “statement” about “rights” in the placard. That the European elites are driven by the globalist eagerness to give alms to every third worlder who manages to cross Europe’s borders doesn’t consitute any entitlement to social benefits.

  8. It all comes down to SOCIALISM again!

    When will people wake up to the fact that socialism screws everything up. Dump it, it’s useless, just ask the Russians!

    Take the honey off the table & the “refugees” will go somewhere else.

  9. All full of arrogance now, what happened to the frightened, hungry, desperate, poor refugee, he never existed, its just an invasion for economic reasons, also the reason none will settle in Eastern European countries, not enough benefits. Its hard to believe there are so many gullible politicians in European.

    1. At the rate these fake refugees are welcomed in, and the enormous amount of defecit they create, Eastern European countries will have higher GDPs very soon.

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