Austrians: Terror Attack “Likely”

In yet another shocking example of how liberals are deliberately blind to the real nature of the terrorist threat, a senior advisor to the Austrian government has said that his country “quite likely” faces a terror attack—and that it will take “twenty years” before the threat subsides.

The reality is, of course, that at current nonwhite immigration levels, the terror threat will not “subside” but will increase exponentially as the chaos of the Third World accompanies the invaders into Europe.


Speaking on the ORF television show ZiB 24 this week, Nicolas Stockhammer, who works as the Austrian government’s “advisor on security matters,” openly admitted that it was “quite likely” that Austria will soon experience a Muslim terrorist attack because it has now become a “secondary target.”

Stockhammer said that compared to other countries Austria is “midfield” in terms of the threat of an attack.

“I consider it quite likely that something will happen in Austria,” he said, adding that “Europe should prepare for at least a 20-year battle against terrorism in which prevention efforts will be key. So far, too little has been done to protect civilians,” he said.

Stockhammer’s ignorance was amplified by another “expert,” one Gudrun Biffl, who poses as an expert on “migration and de-radicalization” from the Donau-Universität Krems.

Interviewed on the ORF radio station, Biffl said that the only way to counteract terrorism in Austria was by having a policy of “real integration.”

She went on to add that the “migrants are not the problem, but they are part of the solution. With them and their support, we will be able to spot the tendencies toward radicalization and deal with it.”

Both Stockhammer and Biffl are senior establishment figures, and completely representative of the approach of the ruling elite toward the problem of “terrorism” in Europe today.

Both will deny that there is any relationship between the increasing nonwhite immigration and social unrest, and rather will make up “solutions” which always involve having more nonwhites enter Europe and “integrate” even more.

This race-denial as the core issue is the single cause of the crisis facing Europe today, and until this attitude changes, terrorism, social unrest, crime, and, ultimately, the extinction of the European race, will proceed uninterrupted by liberal dreams of “integration” and “twenty-year plans.”

* The race-denying comments from Stockhammer and Biffl came at exactly the same time that a legal nonwhite immigrant to Austria, named as Sevkret G., was found guilty of fighting for ISIS in Syria and jailed for ten years.

A court in the Austrian city of Graz heard that the 23-year-old had grown up in Austria to Turkish parents, but despite his Western upbringing, he had still gone off to fight in the “jihad.”

Ironically, he had been badly injured in Syria, and in order to get correct medical treatment, he had returned back to Austria in March 2013. On his return, he had been given hero status and travelled to various Islamic organizations in the country, where was praised for his bravery and boasted that he even still had shrapnel embedded in his body.

He and his brother had also purchased air tickets to fly to Turkey from where the planned to cross into Syria to carry on the fight. Their plans were undone when they were arrested by Austrian police.

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  1. Interviewed on the ORF radio station, Biffl said that the only way to counteract terrorism in Austria was by having a policy of “real integration.”
    WTF….”real integration” These dumb liberals with their stupid liberal ideas. A rainbow nation, a diverse nation, will ultimately fail, it will consume itself from within, always.

    1. Their policy is, don’t admit the mistake, but insist on the mistake being the solution. If they admit to the mistakes, their political career / media careers are over – which imminently they will be over anyway.

  2. ‘another “expert,” one Gudrun Biffl’

    Is that name pronounced ‘Piffle’?

    Also, there are none so blind as those who will not see.

  3. ‘The only way to counteract terrorism is by a policy of real integration’.

    No it isn’t. The only way to counteract terrorism is by stopping the darkies coming in in the first place.

  4. and in the meantime how many innocent lives are to be lost?they never consider casualties…AUSTRIA…join sweden/belgium/denmark/greece and germany/holland are finished! You no longer exist and have the men all fled?

  5. Thanks to Merkel and the rest, those terrorists walked in legally with their real syria passports issued by isil claiming to be refugees. The politicians are aware but their big boss wants to destabilize and depopulate europeans. The next few months will see more invaders.

  6. Never in the wildest dreams of all those in my age group would we have considered that elected politicians whose first and main job is to govern their country on behalf of their citizens, the taxpayers, and uphold their own Culture above all else could turn their back on their own people. All across Europe, the march to create the one superstate has intensified by just ONE WOMAN’s dictat and that is plain and pure DICTATORSHIP. Unless this is stopped quickly, no country’s Parliament will be required, all government will come from Brussels and all political parties that do not agree will be shut down under the guise of security, and even treason. None of the political elite anywhere could describe a terrorist or even put out ‘Wanted Posters’ for one. How much blood has to be spilled by the innocent before they wake up?

  7. These crybaby establishment males, with their subservient sheeple, are really beginning to gnaw me. What we need are patriots willing to act, and to expect politicians to save us is delusional. The military will need to make up their minds who they wish to defend.

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