ISIS Defeat Looms Large

The defeat of the ISIS mass-murdering Islamic Caliphate draws ever closer—thanks to the Russian air force and the ground forces of Syrian president Bashar al-Assad, much to the anger of the of the terrorist-supporting British and U.S. regimes. The fighting to liberate Aleppo from ISIS and its U.S.-backed “moderate” Free Syrian Army terrorists is increasing, while in Iraq, the fall of Mosul appears imminent because ISIS is struggling to maintain its two fronts.

Afghanistan: The War of Fools

The 15-year-old U.S. invasion of Afghanistan has been an unmitigated disaster which has cost the American taxpayers $6 trillion, 2,216 dead, and 20,049 seriously wounded—and has done nothing to root out the Taliban. In addition, opium production has increased by 43 percent, and even more U.S. soldiers are being sent there to protect the Kabul puppet regime from its own people.

Austria: Invader Child Rapist Freed

The infamous nonwhite invader child rapist-refugee who was jailed after raping a boy at an Austrian swimming pool in December 2015, after claiming that it was a “sexual emergency,” has had his sentence overturned because it was claimed that the court had not done enough to ascertain “whether or not the rapist had realized the child was saying no.”

Austria: 3,000 Invaders Per Month

At least 3,000 nonwhite invaders—the majority from sub-Saharan Africa—are still demanding “asylum” every month in Austria. Up to 90 percent of the asylum seekers that have had their applications rejected in Austria still remain and cannot be deported, Austrian defense minister Hans Peter Doskozil said.

Controlled Media: All-out War against Trump

The controlled media has launched an all-out war against Donald Trump in the final laps of the U.S. Presidential election, running never-ending stories of “sexual assault” and “racism” because they are unable to debate the real issues of mass immigration and Clinton’s warmongering in the Middle East. Even the media’s coverage of the final presidential debate has claimed that “Trump lost”—when in fact the vast majority of polls show that the public thinks he won.

Calais Invaders and Stupid Englishmen

Hundreds—and perhaps thousands—of nonwhite invaders who are camped out in Calais are being granted free passes to enter the U.K. by pretending to be children—even though they are obviously adults. Pictures of the first wave of Afghan invaders brought into Britain clearly show their ages—but the U.K. government claims that they have just been “aged by war” in their home country.

Chicago: 12 Shootings a Day

The nonwhite crime plague which is destroying Chicago has resulted in 3,475 shootings so far this year—an average of 12 per day, and already 1,000 more than the same time last year. There have been at least 595 homicides this year in the 75 percent nonwhite city, compared with 409 this time last year, an increase of 186.

EU Claims Russia Supports “Far Right”

European Union leaders are going to discuss “intelligence” which they claim supports allegations that the Russian government helps “European far-right parties and movements.” The far-fetched claims form part of a large campaign against Russia, which has included the closing down of Russian state broadcaster RT’s bank accounts in Britain.

Paris: 200,000 March against Homo Marriage

A crowd estimated by organizers to be 200,000 strong marched against homo marriage and for family values in Paris, France, yesterday, while homo and “Femen” activists attacked police. The group behind the march promotes the traditional family model of “one mother and one father.” It hopes to influence the debate before next year’s presidential election.

Refugee-Terrorist Was in Syria 2 Months Ago

Yet more evidence that the “asylum” invasion of Europe is bogus has emerged with the news that the refugee-terrorist Jaber al-Bakr was in Syria just two months ago, despite having been given “asylum” in Germany. The details of al-Bakr’s movements—going back to the country he supposedly “fled from in fear of his life”—demonstrate that there is no justification for “asylum seekers,” even from Syria.

Third Refugee-Terrorist Trial in Salzburg

The third of a series of trials of refugee-terrorists in Austria—all of whom came to Europe during the mass 2015 Angela Merkel “refugee” invasion—has started in the city of Salzburg. In the latest case, a 22-year-old nonwhite claiming to be a Syrian has been charged with serving with ISIS in Syria, and then coming to Europe pretending to be a refugee in 2015.

Jews: Trump’s “Banker Speech” Means Them

Donald Trump’s speech this week in which he said that Hilary Clinton “meets in secret with international banks to plot the destruction of U.S. sovereignty in order to enrich these global financial powers, her special interest friends and her donors,” has been condemned as “anti-Semitic” by the ADL and other Jewish organizations—although he didn’t mention Jews at all.

SA Students: “Scrap White Science”

Protesting #feesmust fall and #rhodesmustfall black students at South Africa’s University of Cape Town (UCT) have demanded that the discipline of science be completely scrapped because it is a product of white people. “Science as a whole is a product of Western modernity and the whole thing should be scratched off. Especially in Africa‚” a black “student” was recorded as saying.

Saudi Arabia’s Racial Immigration Laws

Hillary Clinton-supporting and ISIS-funding Saudi Arabia has announced a racially-based immigration policy which includes a rule that non-Saudis who marry Saudis will never gain citizenship and will always remain foreigners, as will their children. The new policy flies in the face of the leftist worldview propagated by Clinton, whose foundation has received over $25 million in donations from the Saudi government.

512,190 Backlog in US Immigration Courts

The Third World invasion of America has caused a backlog of 512,190 cases in the immigration court system, “forcing” the Immigration Service to grant all “asylum seekers” an automatic two-year residency stay no matter how bogus their claims might be. The delay has also caused a two-year-backlog in ordinary work visa applications.

The War for Germany

German patriots are waging an increasingly violent struggle in the fight in defense of their homeland, and in the first nine months of 2016, have carried out 63 arson attacks, and 556 “damage to property” attacks, which have resulted in six deaths. Patriots have also been named as carrying out 213 illegal gatherings, 16 violations of the arms act, 4 explosive offenses, 4 serious assaults, 507 “summary violations,” and 527 “propaganda offenses.”

All SA Universities Shut

Ongoing black “student” violence and rioting has shut all South African universities and it is now doubtful that there will be any 2016 graduates this year. The violence has caused more than R600 million ($44 million) damage to buildings and vehicles so far, and the rioting shows no sign of ending soon.

“Never Before Seen” Invader Violence

A vicious attack by a nonwhite invader upon a fellow fake refugee in Germany in which the victim’s lips, ears, and eyelids were torn off, has been linked to an African “ritual” by investigators. The attack was also described by the local public prosecutor as something they had “never experienced before”—and is an example of the type of Third World behavior the “refugee” swindle is importing to Europe.

“Jews Control Swedish Media” MP Quits

Swedish Democrat party MP Anna Hagwall has resigned from all party posts and will not stand for reelection in 2018 after a furor following her exposure of the fact that a single family of Jews control the Swedish media. She said that “ethnicity should be a factor” in determining media ownership of more than 5 percent—an obvious reference to the Jewish Bonnier family media group.