US-Syrian Weapons Sold on Black Market

US arms being supplied to Syrian “rebels” are being stolen and resold on the Jordanian black market, according to American and Jordanian intelligence officials.
The taxpayer-funded weapons—part of the Obama regime’s plan to prolong the misery, suffering, and murder of the Syrian people—are being stolen by the very people to which they were sent.

Trump: EU Must Halt Invasion

US presidential candidate Donald Trump has warned that Europe will be “unrecognizable” unless there are immediate curbs on the nonwhite invasion started by Angela Merkel.
Speaking to the Times newspaper in London while on a visit to his newest golf resort in Scotland, Trump also predicted that the European Union would break up following the Brexit vote.

10,000 African Invaders Per Week

Well over 7,000 Sub-Saharan African invaders landed on the shores of Italy in just two days, bringing the total number so far this year to at least 60,000, the Italian government has announced.
Separately, the European Union’s border agency Frontex said that they are expecting 10,000 “departures” every week from Libya over the coming months.

85% of Women Fail US Marine Entrance

Six out of seven female recruits to the US Marine Corps fail the physical entrance test, as opposed to just 3 percent of men, new figures have revealed.
The high failure rate underscores the idiocy of fake feminist equality which demands that biological reality be ignored in job determination.

French Govt Refuses “Frexit” Vote

The French government has refused to even consider holding a French European Union membership referendum, Front National leader Marine le Pen has said.
In addition, she said, the EU intends to make the Brexit process as “painful as possible” so as to teach any other would be “leavers” a lesson.

Invaders Land on Crowded Ft. Lauderdale Beach

Taking their cue from the nonwhite invaders pouring into Europe over the Mediterranean Sea, a group of nonwhites have managed to row to Fort Lauderdale, Florida, landing on a packed holiday-goer beach in broad daylight—after threatening to kill themselves if they were not allowed to land. At least one of the invaders did stab himself in order to “force” his evacuation to a local hospital as part of a plan to avoid deportation.

Invader Sex Attacks: Another Austrian Town Ban

Yet another town in Austria, this time in Mistelbach, 60 miles north of Vienna, has banned all nonwhite invaders from using its public pool after a sex attack by an “asylum seeker.”
The latest attack saw the nonwhite follow a 13-year-old girl into the women’s changing rooms and sexually molest her.

Calais Jungle ‘Will stay in France’

Despite demands by the conservative mayor of Calais that the “Jungle” of nonwhite invaders outside her town be moved to Britain following the Brexit vote, the French government has confirmed that there is “no chance” of this happening.
Several UK-based newspapers have also started scare-stories that the Jungle will be “moved” to Britain, or that it will now be “easier” for them to cross the Channel—but none of these rumors are true.

Holocaust Hoaxer: ‘Lied to Enhance the Truth’

A shocking insight into the duplicitous minds of Jewish holocaust hoaxers has been provided with the confession by a prominent “survivor” that he made up Auschwitz lies “in order to enhance the truth.”
Joseph Hirt, who has spent the last 15 years touring schools and educational institutions all over the US East Coast, was exposed as a liar last month by a local schoolteacher.

Brexit Contagion: Germany Fears 5 More “Leaves”

The German government has admitted in a secret briefing paper leaked to Die Welt newspaper that another five countries—France, Austria, Finland, the Netherlands, and Hungary—might follow Britain’s example and leave the European Union.
The document warns that a prolonged and messy British exit process can have a “crucial” impact in boosting the Eurosceptic movements in all five nations.

US: Nonwhite Births Outstrip Whites

July 1, 2105, was the date that the officially-registered number of nonwhite babies born in the United States started outnumbering white births, according to new figures from the US Census Bureau. On that day, the figures said, just over half—50.2 percent—of babies younger than one year old were nonwhite. Without a halting and reversal of the Third World immigration invasion, the US is set to become a nonwhite nation within 30 years.

Brexit: Implications for Europe and the UK

Victory by the “leave” campaign in Britain’s European Union membership referendum is a decisive rejection of Angela Merkel’s “asylum” invasion of Europe, and of EU interference in UK national politics—and could easily lead to a renewed independence bid by Scotland. It is clear from the results that the majority nonwhite cities, and the Scots, for reasons of their own, voted overwhelmingly in favor of remaining in the EU.

Obama Immigration Invasion Plan Nixed

Barack Obama’s plan to unilaterally flood America with more than four million illegal invaders just because they are already in the US, has been shot down after the Supreme Court failed to come to a decision on the matter.
The court tied 4-4 in a vote brought by several states against the unilateral “executive order”—which means that the previous court’s decision, which annulled the order, will remain in force.

Brexit: Real Change or Titanic Deck Chairs?

Today’s knife-edge vote on British membership of the European Union is, if the controlled “out” tabloids are to be believed, all about “saving Britain.” But is this really going to happen? Will Brexit halt mass Third World immigration? Will Brexit halt the promotion of the “LGBT” mental illness? Will Brexit undo the fundamental flaws of the banking and financial systems? Will Brexit halt the decline of the manufacturing industry? Will Brexit really “save” Britain?

The Meaning of Brexit

The right wing capitalist Tories and the so-called ‘Left’ (Labour) support the remain campaign. How is it possible that the ‘Right’ and the ‘Left’ or shall we say, money and labour, support the same campaign or seemingly the same goal? Simple, the dichotomy between Left and Right is a myth. Both parties are funded by the same lobbies and serve the same interests. Both parties are tied with Jewish lobby groups and are attached to a Zio-con global agenda.

Pollard “Still a Spy Danger” to US

Jonathan Pollard, the most damaging spy ever to infiltrate the US’s intelligence services on behalf of Israel, inflicted so much damage that he is still a major security threat 30 years after his arrest, an official document has said. Responding to a court application to lift some of Pollard’s parole restrictions, the office of the Director of National Intelligence said that the Jew spy has “access to human intelligence that could still prove harmful.”

Furious Nonwhites Riot at Calais

Thousands of nonwhite invaders have once again gone on the rampage outside the French port of Calais, desperately trying to force their way into Britain prior to the European Union referendum on Thursday.
Chanting slogans such as “F**k UK”—even though they are seeking entry to that country—the nonwhites shut roads, hurled rocks, and placed obstacles in the roads leading to the ferries and the Channel Tunnel.

US Outdoors: “It’s a White Thing.”

Users of American’s outdoor national parks are overwhelmingly white, even in states where nonwhites form the majority of the population, new figures on national park usage have confirmed.
The fact that the majority of nonwhites do not like hiking, camping, or nature is, of course, being blamed on “white racism”—even though there is not the slightest evidence for this.

FBI Censored Homo Club Shooter Statement

The FBI has now admitted that it deliberately censored the transcript of the Orlando homo club shooter Omar Mateen so that all references to Islam were removed and “Allah” was replaced with “God.”
The FBI said the initial censorship was “not to give publicity platform to hateful propaganda”—in other words, not to confirm the link between Islam and terrorism.

Austria: More Refugee-Terrorists Arrested

Austrian police have arrested another three nonwhites pretending to be asylum seekers who fought with or helped rebel groups in Syria and Iraq that are classed by Vienna as “terrorist” organizations, police have announced.
The invaders—two Iraqis and one Syrian—were arrested in “refugee centers” in the western state of Tyrol, local police chief Helmut Tomac said.