Jews Fight for Soul of Labour Party

The leader of the campaign to unseat the UK’s Labour Party leader, Jeremy Corbyn, is a millionaire Jew named Michael Foster, says the Israeli Haaretz newspaper. Foster is one of those who want Israel to be a racially pure state but who want the European West to be multiracial—and who hate it when their Jews-only state is asked to endorse the policy they promote for non-Jewish countries.

Sweden: 0.27% of Invaders Working

Leftist claims that the nonwhite invasion of Sweden would “boost the economy” have been destroyed by the news that only 500 out of 182,270 “asylum seekers” are actually working in that country after two years. This works out at 0.27 percent of the total—with all the rest parasiting off the Swedish taxpayers.

Mass Nonwhite “Minor” Invasion Continues

At least 26,000 “unaccompanied children” and another 29,700 people “traveling as a family” were detained while invading the U.S. border with Mexico in the first six months of this year. “Thousands” more still seek to enter America from El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras—all nations with “retarded” IQ levels of between 79 and 81.

Portland School Buses Ban Rap

Public school officials in Portland, Oregon, have been accused of “racism” after banning rap “music” from their buses after ruling its violent, racist, and sexually explicit content inappropriate. Although inadvertent, the move has been correctly interpreted as a rejection of popular black culture, and has been the subject of a controlled media-generated “uproar.”

Merkel Agrees to Take Italy’s Invaders

The Angela Merkel government will take in thousands of invaders currently in Italy—even those who are obviously not “refugees” in any sense of the word. The invaders—who illegally entered Italy by boat—will start being transferred directly from September this year at the rate of “hundreds” per month.

Norway to Build Anti-Invasion Wall

Norway is building a steel fence at the Storskog border post with Russia after that crossing was used by over 5,500 Third World invaders last year. The new gate and fence will force the nonwhites into highly inhospitable terrain if they try and invade Norway from the north.

Black Nation Deals with Invaders

The black Caribbean island nation of the Bahamas intercepts and expels back home all illegal immigrants attempting to invade their country, it has emerged. This intercept and expel policy is never remarked upon by the controlled media—because they only criticize what white nations do.

FPÖ Launches Presidential Campaign

Austria’s anti-invasion Freedom Party (FPÖ) has officially launched its new presidential election campaign, choosing as its theme the slogans “Power needs control” and “Austria needs security” as its play to win the election set for October 2. The latest opinion poll—released yesterday—shows the FPÖ with a substantial 6 point lead over the opposing Green-communist candidate.

5th Century Coin Now “Hate”

In another example of political correctness gone mad, an eBay auction of a 5th Century Thracian coin with a swastika has been halted on the grounds that it was “hateful or discriminatory.” The coin, being sold by one of Europe’s largest coin auction houses, was minted in the city of Apollonia Pontica, located in present-day Bulgaria.

A Tale of Two Mohammeds in America

Mohamed Amiin Ali Roble, a Somali invader who survived the 2007 Minneapolis bridge collapse, has been charged with attempting to join ISIS—on the same day that Palestinian invader Muhammad Dakhlalla was sentenced to 8 years in jail in Mississippi for trying to join ISIS. The two court cases illustrate the real threat posed by legal Third World immigration to any Western nation.

Invaders Detained Crossing English Channel

Six nonwhite invaders were detained while trying to invade the UK across the English Channel in a rubber dingy. The U.K.’s Maritime and Coastguard Agency “rescued” them near Dover at around 5:40 a.m. The invasion attempt came just hours after a mass drowning of Sri Lankans led to reports that invaders had drowned while trying to cross the Channel.

UK: Whites Blamed for Black Murders

The U.K. Government-funded Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) has claimed in a new report that blacks are “three times more likely than white people to be murdered”—but fails to point out that it is blacks who are doing the murdering. The latest anti-white outburst from the EHRC—headed up by the Jew David Isaacs— has been widely quoted in the controlled media as “evidence” of “white racism.”

Jew behind Gypsy Propaganda Dies

The Israel-based Jew Valery Novoselsky, responsible for the anti-white and pro-Gypsy propaganda now common in the controlled media, has died at the age of 46. Born in the USSR, he moved to Israel under that country’s Jews-only immigration laws, where he set up the world’s largest pro-Gypsy internet propaganda organization, the “Roma Virtual Network.”

World’s Oldest Gold Found in Europe

Bulgarian archaeologists have found the world’s oldest gold artifact—a shaped bead which is about 6,500 years old. The gold ornament, measuring just 0.16 inches in diameter and weighing 0.005 ounces, was unearthed in the prehistoric settlement known as Tell Yunatsite, just outside the modern town of Pazardzhik.

Bogus Congo Refugees in Montana

Missoula County in Montana has received its first refugees from the Congo—even though they have been living in a safe third country for more than a decade, and therefore do not qualify as asylum seekers under all international laws. The Obama regime has undertaken to bring in at least 50,000 such Congolese “refugees” in the next two years.

Lies over “Allahu Akbar” Stabbing in Australia

Yesterday’s “Allahu Akbar” stabbing attack in Australia has highlighted the ongoing establishment/media lies over Islamist terrorism and legal Third World immigration. Chinese-origin Mia Ayliffe-Chung was stabbed to death by North African-origin Smail Ayad—but the media insists they are “British” and “French” and that the stabber was “insane,” and not an Islamist.

WA Premier Offers to Host Manus Invaders

The “conservative” premier of Western Australia has offered to take in the 1,350 nonwhite invaders currently detained at the Manus detention center in Papua New Guinea, after it was announced that the offshore center would be closed. The offer flies in the face of government policy hat all illegal immigrants will never be allowed into Australia.

Lincoln’s Real Policy on Blacks

Donald Trump’s claim that the Republican Party is the natural home of black voters because it is the party of Abraham Lincoln, is a perpetuation of the myth that Lincoln was favorable to the idea of Africans living in America.
In reality, Lincoln wanted the slaves freed—and all Africans deported out of the country, preferably to Africa.

Trump: No Backtracking on Deportations

Donald Trump has not backtracked on his determination to deport all illegal immigrants currently in the U.S., contrary to news reports this week, one of his senior Hispanic campaign members has confirmed. “Mr. Trump did not say he was in favor of legalization,” said Helen Aguirre-Ferre, who attended his campaign’s National Hispanic Advisory Council meeting in Trump Tower, New York.

“Transgender” Bathrooms Madness Halted

A judge in Texas has halted the “transgender bathroom” order from being enforced in that state, setting a precedent which could overturn the Obama-enforced madness on a national scale. U.S. District Judge Reed O’Connor said in his ruling that the order violated the privacy rights of all children to use bathrooms restricted to their own biological sex.