Invaders Given €10K Cash in Holland

Nonwhite invaders who swindle their way into the Netherlands are being given as much as €10,000 ($12,000) as free gifts in order to “settle in,” a shock survey in the Dutch-language Brabants Dagblad has revealed. The exact amounts paid out vary by region, and the cash is supposed to be used to buy furniture and other household necessities.

Shock over New Hungarian “Transit Center”

Shockwaves have spread throughout Europe at the news that the Hungarian government—despite all its earlier promises not to facilitate the further nonwhite invasion of Europe—has now secretly agreed to build a new “transit zone” for invaders on their way to Germany. Construction vehicles arrived at the Hungarian border with Serbia today to start construction.

“3 Million” Invaders Wait in Turkey

There are a further three million “refugees” right now in Turkey aiming to move to Europe, EU Commissioner for migration Dimitris Avramopoulos said on Monday.
Another 500,000 “refugees” are standing by in North Africa, but Greece will be the first to be impacted in the summer, he added.

10,000 Africans per Week Invade Italy

Last week at least 10,000 Africans invaded Italy, and since the beginning of the year, nearly 200,000 have landed in Europe via the Mediterranean coastline, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) has announced. According to an IOM press release, an “estimated” 194,611 invaders entered Europe by sea in 2016, arriving in Italy, Greece, Cyprus, and Spain, through May 25.

500K+ “New Citizens” in 1st Quarter

A total of 249,730 new citizenship applications have been received by the US government in the first three months of 2016, while a total of 442,219 are “pending.”
If the trends continue, Hispanic activists expect there to be nearly one million new citizens this year, about 200,000 higher than last year—and a clear reaction to the rise of Donald Trump.

First Phoenician DNA is European

Traditional historical accounts which claim the Phoenicians were all Semitic has been turned on its head with the news that ancient DNA extracted from a 2,500-year-old Phoenician skeleton has unquestionably shown European racial origins. The study found that the DNA of the famous “’Young Man of Byrsa,” was an exclusively European marker—likely the result of extensive admixture with Europeans.

Liberals Shot and Wounded in Calais

A liberal refugee-helper volunteer was shot in the face by a nonwhite invader during this week’s tribal warfare between Afghans and Sudanese in Calais’s “Jungle,” French news reports have revealed.
In addition, at least four other liberals, all working in the “Jungle,” and the “Doctors without Borders” offices were attacked during the rampage by the “peace-seeking refugees.”

Walking Invaders Cross Bridge into Sweden

Five nonwhite invaders—all claiming to be refugees—have been detained after crossing the Öresund Bridge from Denmark to Sweden by foot, Swedish police have confirmed.
It is the first time that illegal aliens have actually managed to cross the major bridge—which has no normal pedestrian path—since the nonwhite invasion started in earnest in 2015.

Western Europeans Start Migration East

Western Europeans have already started migrating toward the eastern part of the continent in response to the nonwhite invasion, the Visegrád Post has revealed.
“Central Europe will soon become an El Dorado for Westerners who want to live the European way of life,” the newspaper said.

Women-haters of the Alt-Right

Voting patterns in the recent Austrian presidential elections which showed that 60 percent of women voted for the communist-Green candidate has once again inflamed the women-haters of the alt-right movement. This anti-female tendency is driven by an inability of many of its proponents to form relationships with women, an overreaction to feminism—and the increasing influence of homosexuals within the alt-right movement.

Chinese Detergent Ad and Media Hypocrisy

A Chinese detergent TV advertisement which “washes” a black man into a Chinese man has provoked controlled media hysteria and cries of “racism”—even though the same media were silent when an Italian commercial showed a white woman being turned into a black man with the tagline “Coloured is better.”

Illegal Aliens Sue to Stop ID Checks

Five nonwhite invader families living in a northern Virginia mobile home community have sued their landlords for “discrimination” after they were asked to prove their legal right to be in the US.
The court case, filed on behalf of the Hispanics by an attorney named Ivy Finkenstadt from the Legal Aid Justice Center, claims that a demand to see legal residence “disproportionately affects Latinos.”

Denmark: Invader’s 3 Wives, 20 Children

The first indication of the racial demographic disaster that is awaiting Europe following the Angela Merkel-created mass nonwhite invasion of 2015 has come with the news that a single invader in Denmark has won the right to bring his three wives and 20 children to that country. Daham Mahmoud Al Hasan already has one of his wives with him in Denmark.

Custodela Fightback Site Launched

After six months of preparation, the “Custodela” initiative—announced by the dynamic and world-famous mayor of Ásotthalom in Hungary in December 2015—has launched its own website. The project was created by Mayor László Toroczkai in December 2015 when he announced that a media platform would be created to influence public opinion in Europe.

Plastic Glasses Mistaken for “Art”

In yet another exposé of the hoax that is modern art, visitors to a San Francisco art gallery spent hours admiring and photographing a pair of plastic glasses, under the impression it was part of the exhibition—when in fact they had been placed on the floor by a prankster. He got the idea after seeing the nonsense that was being passed off as art at the exhibition.

2.8 to 4 Million Nonwhite Voters in UK

There are at least 2.8 million—and potentially as many as four million—nonwhite voters in Britain who will play a pivotal role in ensuring a “remain” victory in the upcoming referendum on European Union membership. The number was revealed in a press release by “Operation Black Vote” announcing a viciously racist anti-white poster portraying white people as thugs.

Invader Gang Wars “30 Mins” from Capitol

The full extent of the nonwhite invasion of America has become apparent with the admission by the US Department of Justice (DOJ) that Central American criminal gangs are engaged in bloody warfare just 30 minutes from the White House and the nation’s Capitol.. The admission was made in a DOJ press release dealing with recent convictions of a number of Salvadorian MS-13 gang members.

Christians a Minority in Britain

Only 43.8 percent of people in England and Wales define themselves as Christian, 48.5 percent have “no religion,” and the rest have non-Christian beliefs, says a new report. The figures did consider Scotland or Northern Ireland, where Christians make up 48 and 93 percent respectively.