What Africans are “Fleeing”: Their Self-Created Disasters

The “poverty” which Africans are “fleeing” during their ongoing invasion of Europe is not something which just “happens” by itself, but is a self-inflicted disaster caused specifically by a combination of low... Read more »

Full text and Video: Trump’s Comments on the “Alt-Left”; Not the Controlled Media’s Version

“This week it’s Robert E Lee. I notice that Stonewall Jackson is coming down. I wonder, is it George Washington next week, and is it, Thomas Jefferson, the week after? You know,... Read more »

African Sea Invasion of Europe Halts—After “Charity” Fake Rescue Boats Stopped

The African invasion of Europe via the Mediterranean has been completely halted, and not one dingy with invaders has been seen off the North African coast for a week—after the fake “charity... Read more »

California, San Francisco and Chicago Sue Trump Administration to Protect Illegal Invaders

The state of California has joined the cities of Chicago and San Francisco by suing the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) over federal restrictions on law enforcement grants to illegal invader supporting... Read more »

2016: Only 905 Legal “Asylum Seekers” in Germany; All the Rest Broke German and EU Law

Only 905 Third Worlders qualified as genuine “asylum seekers” in Germany in 2016—and all the rest arrived in Germany in violation of German and European Union laws on asylum and refuge, the... Read more »

How India Deals with Illegals: Govt. to Deport all Rohingyas Back to Burma

All of an estimated 40,000 Rohingya Muslims living in India are illegal immigrants, even those registered with the UN refugee agency, and the government aims to deport them, Union Minister of State... Read more »

American ISIS: Anti-whites Copy ISIS Statue Destruction

The backward mentality which drives the anti-white movement is identical to that which drives the radical Islamist ISIS—as so clearly demonstrated yesterday in Durham, North Carolina, when a mob of anti-white thugs... Read more »

Chicago: 9 dead, 30 Wounded in Weekend Nonwhite Crime Plague—But All Media Talks about is Charlottesville “Evil”

The ongoing nonwhite crime plague which is destroying American cities claimed another nine lives in Chicago alone over the past weekend—and wounded another 30—but all the controlled media can talk about is... Read more »

South Africa: Former Lipton Tea Plantation Collapses under Inept Black Management

More than 2,000 workers have lost their jobs in the latest South African “land reform” project—which seizes white farms and hands them over to Africans—as one of the country’s largest tea plantations,... Read more »

Two More “Charity” Invader Smugglers Abandon Fake Rescue Operations in the Mediterranean

Two more far left pro-invasion organizations pretending to be charities—“Save the Children” and “Sea Watch “—who are involved in the illegal ferrying of Africans from Libya to Europe, have announced that they... Read more »

UK: Pakistani Sex-Gang Attacks “Covered Up” for Fear of “Racism”

Mass sex attacks—involving potentially thousands of young white girls being abused by Pakistanis living in Britain—have been ignored and covered up out of a fear of being called “racist,” a number of... Read more »

“Defend Europe” Anti-Invasion Ship Celebrates 76% Drop in Invaders Since Mission Starts

The C-Star “Defend Europe” anti-invasion boat—funded by public subscription to the Generation Identity organization—has issued a statement celebrating a 76 percent drop in African invaders trying to land in Europe since their... Read more »

“Doctors without Borders” Suspends Operations of Largest Invader Smuggling Ship

The pro-invasion far left “Doctors Without Borders” (MSF) group has announced that it is halting operations of its largest ship involved in smuggling African invaders to Europe after the Libyan government barred... Read more »

Charlottesville “Beginning of White Civil Rights Movement” says Organizer Richard Spencer

The white rally in Charlottesville, VA, was, in spite of it being closed down and harassed by the authorities, a “victory” which will “embolden” the alt-right, legitimized its struggle and is the... Read more »

Invaders Warned: No Guarantee of “Asylum” in Canada

The rush of nonwhite invaders pouring into Canada are under the mistaken impression—which has been deliberately created—that they will all qualify for asylum in that country, but this is not the case,... Read more »

Turkey Closes Border with Syria after Completing 435 Mile Border Wall

Liberals and controlled media all over the world who so vehemently opposed Donald Trump’s plan to build a border wall with Mexico have been totally silent about Turkey’s completion of a 435... Read more »

Charlottesville Car Ram Attack: White Man Snaps after 5 Hours of Violence by Anti-white Thugs

Five hours of violent attacks—including the use of homemade flamethrowers, rocks, fireworks, chemicals, paint and feces—by anti-white thugs against a peaceful and legal gathering of whites in Charlottesville, VA, caused one white... Read more »

Anti-White Communists Attack Charlottesville Meeting, Police Declare State of Emergency

Anti-white communists launched a violent attack on the thousands of white people peacefully assembling at Lee Park, Charlottesville, just prior to the scheduled noon rally. Although the violent attack was repulsed, the... Read more »

Fake News: Race, DNA, the Daily Mail and Bledington Village

A recent Daily Mail article which claims that an English village has only “42 percent British DNA” is factually incorrect fake news because there is no such thing as a “British race,”... Read more »

Jews Arrested for World’s Biggest Denial of Service (DDOS) Attack System

Israel has once again maintained its reputation as the world’s leading online fraud and subversion center with the arrest of two Jews in that country for running the planet’s biggest Distributed Denial... Read more »

Outcry as German City Tells Turks Not to Litter

A leftist outcry has erupted in Germany after the city of Duisburg launched an anti-litter poster campaign—because it dared use two Turkish names among many German ones to ask people to put... Read more »

London Police Can’t Use “Stop and Search”—Because they Will be “Racist”

The chief of police in the British capital city has admitted that police officers in London are “reluctant” to use “stop and search” anti-crime measures—because they will be accused of being racist,... Read more »

Libyan Coast Guard Opens Fire on Pro-Invasion Leftist Ship (Video)

The Libyan coast guard—in a desperate attempt to stop the European race-traitor “charity” NGO ships form cooperating with the human traffickers smuggling thousands of African invaders—has opened fire on one the vessels,... Read more »

Haitian Fake “Refugees” Pouring into Canada at 400–600 per Day

The rush of Haitian invaders pretending to be “asylum seekers” pouring into Canada from the U.S.—after realizing that their claim to “refugee” status is so bogus that they stand no chance of... Read more »

Kuwait Deports Filipino Illegal Invaders with “Voluntary Repatriation Program”

The Kuwait government—not laboring under the race-denying liberalism and “human rights” delusions afflicting western European states—has announced a new set of deportations Filipino illegal invaders arrested in that Middle Eastern nation. Read more »

Africans Storm Cadiz Beach as Invasion Force Tops 118,684 as of August 6

African invaders have been filmed storming a beach in the Spanish city of Cadiz, after crossing the 60 miles between that city and the North African coast—and then scattering before authorities could... Read more »