Chinese Merchants Selling “High Quality Refugee Boats” on Famous Alibaba Wholesale Site

Merchants using the famous Chinese e-commerce website “Alibaba” are advertising “high quality refugee boats” for sale to human traffickers for use in the ongoing nonwhite invasion of Europe, it has emerged. The... Read more »

New UN Envoy to Libya Backs Plan to Halt Invasion

The United Nations’ new envoy to Libya, a former Lebanese culture minister named Ghassam Salame, has shocked leftists by coming out in support of efforts by the Italian and Libyan government to... Read more »

22% of Federal Prisoners are “Foreign Born,” Cost $1.3 billion Every Year

At least 22 percent of all federal inmates in the U.S. are nonwhite illegal immigrants from central and South America, and cost the American taxpayers a minimum of $1.3 billion every year,... Read more »

U.S. White Birth Rate Boost: Majority of Births Once Again

The white birth rate in America has staged a near miraculous comeback and was a majority of live births in 2016—reversing a decade long decline—if the figures in the latest National Center... Read more »

Violent Africans Storm Spanish Enclave of Ceuta in “WW Z” Type Zombie Attack

At least 300 Africans—out of a mob of thousands—on Monday broke through the border fence surrounding the Spanish enclave of Ceuta in North Africa, in an attack which mirrored the mass zombie... Read more »

DHS Has Given 4 Million Invaders Amnesty, Data Shows

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has given at least four million illegal aliens—mostly from central and south America—effective amnesty and has allowed them to stay in America even though the... Read more »

Pakistan Army Budget is £6.6 billion—but Takes £381 Million in “Foreign Aid” From Britain

Pakistan’s Armed Forces have a budget of £6.6 billion ($9.9 billion)—but that country takes more than £381 million in “foreign aid” from the British taxpayers each year, according to the U.K. government’s... Read more »

Netherlands: Eritrean “Refugees” Go on Holiday Home after Getting “Asylum”

The full extent of the “asylum” hoax being perpetrated by Third World invaders has become evident with the news that Eritreans in the Netherlands are taking holidays back home after winning asylum... Read more »

Anti-Invasion “Defend Europe” Ship Arrives off Libyan Coast; Pro-invader Boat Flees

The C-Star—a ship run by the anti-invasion “Defend Europe” organization has arrived off the Libyan coast for the first of its anti-human smuggling operations, and almost immediately one of the pro-invasion leftist... Read more »

Baltimore: Black Gun Crime Plague “Weekend Ceasefire” Ends in 3 Shootings and 2 Homicides

A formal attempt to hold a weekend where “nobody kill anybody for 72 hours” in the 72 percent nonwhite city of Baltimore, Maryland, has ended in predictable failure with a mass shooting... Read more »

US DOJ to Invader-Sheltering Cities: Apply the Law or Lose anti-Crime Funding

U.S. Department of Justice Attorney General Jeff Sessions has announced that those leftist-controlled cities which are sheltering illegal invaders will lose their federal anti-crime funding if they continue to break immigration law—a... Read more »

18,305 Nonwhite Invaders Make “Asylum” Claims in Canada Jan-Jun 2017

The total number of Third World invaders pretending to be refugees and making “asylum” claims in Canada for the first six months of 2017 has reached a total of 18,305, boosted largely... Read more »

India Launches £383 Million Submarine—But Takes £47 million in “Foreign Aid” from Britain

India’s navy is preparing to take delivery of one of the world’s stealthiest and most deadly attack submarines, the £383 million ($500 million) INS Kalvari—while at the same time taking $47 million... Read more »

Half of Detroit’s 8 Mayoral Candidates are Convicted Criminals

Half of the eight mayoral hopefuls on Detroit’s primary ballot next week have been convicted of felony crimes involving drugs, assault or weapons, according to the Detroit News.Three were charged with gun... Read more »

Pro-Invader Ship Seized in Italy for “Human Trafficking” as Invasion Force Reaches 116,246

The pro-invader ship Iuventa, organized and run by the crypto-communist German organization “Jugend Rettet,” has been seized by the Italian police guard in connection with charges of aiding illegal immigration, just as... Read more »

Sweden: 8 out of 10 New Jobs to “Immigrants,” But Unemployment Still Rises

Even though eight of out ten new jobs—mostly low skill entry level positions—will go to “immigrants” in Sweden, unemployment levels among the invader community will still be three times as high as... Read more »

Another 4 Muslims Convicted in Latest UK Terror Case; Planned Machete Attack on “Kafirs”

Another four Pakistani Muslims living in Britain have been convicted of planning a street massacre—the latest in a long line of such arrests which total more than 530 over the last two... Read more »

US Dept. of Justice to Sue Colleges for Anti-White Racism

The United States Department of Justice is getting ready to launch lawsuits against colleges in that country for anti-white racism because of their discriminatory admissions policies which have promoted  nonwhites over qualified... Read more »

Hypocrite ADL Blasts Trump over Trannies, but Supports Homo-banning Israel

The hypocritical Jewish Supremacist Anti-Defamation League (ADL) has blasted Donald Trump’s banning of mentally ill “transgenders” from the U.S. military—but is steadfast in its support for the Jews-only state of Israel, which... Read more »

Hitler “Bunker Museum” in Berlin Draws Huge Crowds

Adolf Hitler remains as big a drawcard as ever, despite decades of propaganda vilifying him, as the more than 20,000 people who have crammed into a new reconstruction of his bunker in... Read more »

Homos Not Protected by Civil Rights Act, says U.S. Department of Justice

Homosexuals are not protected by Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act—because that law specifically only refers to women and childbirth, and not “sexual orientation,” the U.S. Department of Justice has... Read more »

Australia: 16th Muslim Terror Plot Averted as 4 Lebanese Arrested

Four Lebanese Muslims living in Australia have been arrested after plotting to kill all the passengers on an a international flight out of Sydney using a homemade bomb disguised as a kitchen... Read more »

Court Rejects Bid to Prosecute Blair over Criminal Iraq War

The latest attempt to put former British Prime Minister Tony Blair on trial for his part in creating the illegal invasion of Iraq in 2003 has failed on a technicality, with the... Read more »

More Lies from France: Macron Plans to “Process Asylum Seekers” in Libya

French far left President Emmanuel Macron has announced a plan to “create refugee processing centers in Libya” which will prevent Third Worlders coming to Europe who are “not eligible for asylum”—a plan... Read more »

China Expels Bogus “Asylum Seekers” Back to Korea

China is increasing its expulsion rates of illegal invaders from Korea pretending to be “asylum seekers,” much to the impotent anger of United Nations officials, it has emerged. According to a report... Read more »

Slovakia: Nationalist Leader Charged after Handing over €1,488 Value Checks

Slovakian police—acting under government orders—have charged Marian Kotleba, leader of Kotleba – People’s Party Our Slovakia party and Governor of Banská Bystrica Region with “promoting extremism” because he handed over checks in... Read more »