Ax Attacker was Pakistani Posing as Afghan

The refugee-terrorist who attacked passengers on a German train with an ax last week was actually a Pakistani posing as an Afghan in order to swindle “asylum” out of the German government, it has emerged.

Knowing that Pakistanis would not qualify for “asylum”—even under Germany’s notoriously lax rules—Muhammad Riyad told the German asylum authorities he was “Riaz Khan Ahmadzai” from Afghanistan.


The ease with which the lying ISIS terrorist was given residence and a “foster home” without any supporting documentation, serves as one illustration of how the mass Third World invasion is taking advantage of Angela Merkel’s open borders policy.

According to an article in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ), suspicions were first aired about “Ahmadzai” after a video was released by ISIS of him making a statement justifying his actions.

In the video, “Ahmadzai” speaks Pashto, a language that is spoken in Afghanistan, but with an accent identified as common in the border region between Pakistan and Afghanistan. “Ahmadzai” also used Pakistani-specific words for “military” and “government.”

Spurred on by this realization, the German police searched his foster home in Wurzburg. There they found a Pakistani-language document in his room which contained specific instructions to Pakistanis, explaining where to go in Germany to increase the chances of being allowed to stay.

Finally, the ISIS statement which accompanied the video confirmed his real name.

The race-blind liberals in charge of “refugee registration” had, of course, been unable to distinguish between a Pakistani and an Afghan, and even if they had been able to discern the difference, no one would have questioned him for fear of being called a “racist.”

“Ahmadzai” lived on a farm with foster parents in the village of Gaukönigshofen where the local Catholic priest set up a special room in his church for Muslims like him to pray.

In his video released by ISIS, “Ahmadzai” announced that he was “one of the soldiers of the Islamic Caliphate, and I am going to conduct an attack in Germany. It is about time to stop you from coming to our homes, killing our families, and getting away with it.

“Our apostate politicians have never tried to stop you, and Muslims have never been able to fight you back or even speak against what you do. But these times are gone now.”

He also left a suicide note in his room, addressed to his father in Pakistan. It read: “And now pray for me that I can get revenge on these nonbelievers, pray for me that I go to heaven.”

It went on to describe the condition of Muslims around the world, the presence of German troops in Afghanistan, and that Muslims “must defend themselves.”

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  1. Afghans shouldn’t either be given asylum in germany. Here’s another piece of information, given by Peter Ramsauer on the late night show with Marcus Lanz before Christmas last year: Most of the young men comming from Afghanistan are members of the afghan army, trained by german soldiers and payed for this have the german taxpayers. Anyone who has eyes could have seen it in their eyes and in the way they moved as they were marching through europe. But still nothing is done. Oh, well german people get arrested.

    1. Have to wonder what his foster family and the local priest feel about it? They probably believe they got one bad apple and the rest are innocents.

  2. How any country can accept people to stay when they have no identity documents has always been a mystery to me. Still, by accepting these people who would get a PhD in lying, the political elite carry the can, but it is the taxpayer that picks up the bill. 21st Century – glad I won’t see the second half of it..

    1. Yip seems like the good ole days are fast becoming just a memory. Nature is all about balance, Ebola and antibiotic resistant superbugs will be our saviour

  3. You couldn`t put a cigarette paper between any of the lying bastards whichever country they come from.
    The one thing that unites them all is the Muslim faith……and they can`t even agree about that.
    Christian countries neither need nor want them or their hideous vision of a worldwide Caliphate.

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