Germany: Ax Attacker Refugee-Terrorist’s Path

The Afghan invader who carried out the ax attack on train commuters in Germany this week arrived in Europe via the Balkans route—and was stopped on the Hungarian border on June 23, 2015, where he applied for asylum before absconding to Germany.

The revelation was made by the homeland security chief adviser to the Prime Minister, György Bakondi, on Friday.


Bakondi said that the German authorities had requested help in positively identifying the attacker, named as Muhammad Riyad.

After going through their records, the Hungarian  border control police found that the refugee-terrorist had been stopped at the border near the town of Ásotthalom in June last year, as part of a 54-strong group of invaders.

Riyad was first registered in Hungary on June 24, 2015. He claimed to be a juvenile who said he had started out alone some two and a half months earlier in Afghanistan.

He had immediately applied for asylum, and was handed over to the Office of Immigration and Nationality on June 25, 2015, for consideration of acceptance as an “unaccompanied minor.” The police had also taken his fingerprints.

He was placed in the Károlyi István Children’s Center in the city of Fót, located within the Budapest metropolitan area. The very next day he absconded.

Search efforts to relocate Riyad by the Hungarian police proved fruitless, Bakondi added, and as a result his asylum application in Hungary was terminated and his temporary residence permit withdrawn.

Bakondi also revealed that Riyad had applied for asylum in Hungary under another name—and because he had no documentation of any sort with him, he had been registered under the different name he had given.

When he made his way to Germany, the refugee-terrorist provided the name Riyad. It was only when a search on his fingerprints was taken that it was revealed that he was the same individual who had applied for asylum in Hungary and Germany.

Bakondi added that this incident confirmed the government’s view that illegal immigration “posed security risks,” and that there is “a close connection between terrorism and immigration.”

* Under pressure from the European Union, the Hungarian government allowed the nonwhite invaders to pass through Hungary until October 2015, when the border was finally closed and it was made a criminal offence to illegally enter the country.

Since then, invaders who are arrested at the border are immediately deported back to Serbia.

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  1. Yet Obama, Clinton, Cameron etc. knock Trump and call him racist, for saying that muslim immigration allows terrorists to slip into countries unchecked!

  2. He should have been deported back to his home Country the first time he was caught. These invaders are the scum of the earth, mostly inbred, brainwashed and totally unemployable, we do not need or want any if them in Europe.

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