Baltimore: “Racist Cops” Lie Implodes

The leftist and “Black Lives Matter” lie that “racist white policemen” target nonwhites in Baltimore has collapsed with a survey which shows that the majority of commanders and officers in that city’s force are nonwhite.


The data was revealed after the Daily Caller news service article which used data extracted from the Baltimore police department’s own records.

The figures revealed that:

* 52 percent, or 1,445 of the 2,745 active duty police officers are black, Hispanic, Asian, or American Indian.

* Four of its top six commanders are black or Hispanic.

* More than 60 percent of the incumbents at the highest command levels are nonwhite.

“In other words,” the Daily Caller said, “Baltimore is a black-majority city led by a police force whose officers are mostly racial minorities as well.”

The Daily Caller went on to accurately point out that the “data on the racial makeup of the department flies in the face of repeated allegations of racially biased law enforcement.”

The most prominent media-generated cause célèbre in Baltimore is the Freddie Gray case, which sparked off weeks of Black Lives Matter rioting in 2015.

During that violence, at least twenty police officers were injured, 250 rioters were arrested, 350 businesses were damaged, 150 vehicles were set on fire, 60 buildings were burned, and 27 drugstores were looted.

Thousands of police and Maryland National Guard troops were deployed, and a state of emergency was declared in the city limits of Baltimore.

Six officers were charged in connection with the incident—but somehow the Black Lives Matter activists ignored the fact that three of the policemen were black.

As a result of that case, the U.S. Department of Justice is conducting a “pattern-and-practices” investigation of “allegations of racial discrimination in the city’s police department.”

In announcing the federal investigation, Attorney General Loretta Lynch charged that Baltimore police officers “use excessive force, including deadly force, conduct unlawful searches, seizures and arrests, and engage in discriminatory policing.”

The racial makeup of the Baltimore police department will, of course, be ignored in the rush to blame whites once again—because, according to the liberal worldview, white people are to blame for everything that goes wrong with nonwhites, even when the facts make it patently clear that the opposite is true.

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  1. What blacks and BLM hate and are campaigning against isn’t white racism, but law enforcement, which keeps them from doing all the crimes they want with impunity.

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