Bangladesh: Ban on Rohingya Marriage

The Asian nation of Bangladesh has outlawed marriages between its nationals and Rohingyas as a way of stopping the latter group becoming citizens, a court case has revealed.

According to an AFP report published by Channel News Asia, a Bangladesh court has upheld a government ruling banning marriage between its citizens and Rohingyas from neighboring Myanmar (Burma).

The country’s High Court, located in the capital of Dhaka, dismissed a legal challenge from a father whose son married a Rohingya teenager in a Muslim ceremony in September despite laws forbidding such unions.

According to the report, marriages with Rohingya were banned in 2014 to prevent hundreds of thousands of Rohingyas living in Bangladesh from getting citizenship.

Babul Hossain, whose 26-year-old son ran away with his new wife after they married, questioned the legality of the ruling that threatens a seven-year jail term for any Bangladeshi who weds a Rohingya.

The court however rejected his plea and ordered he pay 100,000 taka ($1,200) in legal costs.

“The court rejected the petition and has upheld the administrative order, which bans marriage between Bangladeshi citizens and Rohingya people,” deputy attorney general Motaher Hossain Saju was quoted as saying.

Hossain’s request that the court protect his son from arrest was also rejected, Saju added.

Needless to say, this law has passed without comment or condemnation from the West’s controlled media, who would be apoplectic about the matter had any white country made such a law.

This should come as no surprise to any objective observer of the controlled media, as their outrage and hate is exclusively reserved for white people, and part of this remit always means downplaying or even covering up any racially-based activities by nonwhites.

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  1. Amazing. Even the Bangladeshis don’t want the Rohingyas,

    You know something is up, when Buddhists, who be their faith, aren’t allowed to hurt a fly, would resort to the measures they have, to drive the Rohingyas out.

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