Bangladesh has Expelled Over 236,000 Fake Refugees to Burma

The government of Bangladesh has so far expelled over 236,000 Burmese nationals pretending to be refugees back to their home country, complaining of the “adverse effects on the overall socio-economic, political, demographic, environmental, and humanitarian and security situation” caused by the illegal influx from Myanmar (formerly known as Burma).

Burmese nationals pretending to be refugees, who survived after their overloaded boat heading to Malaysia sank, are seen under the custody of Bangladeshi border guards.

According to a statement released on Reliefweb, a service provided by the United Nations’ Office for the Co-ordination on Humanitarian Affairs (UCHA), the Bangladeshi Foreign Minister A H Mahmood Ali has “urged the UNHCR to call upon the Government of Myanmar to take meaningful measures to ensure return of all Myanmar nationals staying in Bangladesh to their homeland in Rakhine State.”

Ali made this request to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, Filippo Grandi during a meeting between the two in Bnagladesh. Grandi is currently visiting that country and will embark on a special mission to the Cox’s Bazar region to meet with Myanmar nationals living in Bangladesh.

During the meeting, Ali told Grandi that as “many as 236,599 Rakhine Muslims had been repatriated” and “thanked the UNHCR for providing valuable support throughout the process of repatriation of this huge number of Myanmar nationals.”

However, the Reliefweb report continued, Ali “expressed concern over unilateral halt of the repatriation process by the Government of Myanmar even though 10,820 refugees had been cleared by both countries through verification process.”

Ali “stressed that constant presence of the huge number of Myanmar Nationals in Cox’s Bazar district has created a number of adverse effects on the overall socio-economic, political, demographic, environmental, and humanitarian and security situation of Cox’s Bazar and adjacent districts.”

The hypocrisy of the situation is evident: the United Nations, the liberal west, and the controlled media will look on either in approval or silence of Bangladesh’s justified efforts to rid itself of a vast fake refugee population, and even finance the repatriation measures.

However, the same UN organization, liberals and controlled media will condemn as “racist” and “xenophobic” any party or individual who seeks to rid Europe or any white country of the vast numbers of fake refugees flooding those nations.

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  1. We tend to see illegal immigration as a problem that afflicts mainly white countries, but many developing countries also have high numbers of illegal immigrants as this article demonstrates. India, for instance, has a fence along it's border with Bangladesh in order to control this problem. What I find interesting about illegal immigration in developing countries is that their governments seem to have no problem deporting the migrants en masse, in contrast to Europe where governments are bound by rules over asylum and they cannot obtain the cooperation of the countries from which the migrants originated.

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