Bangladeshis Now Second Largest Invader Force in Italy

Bangladeshis have joined in the mass nonwhite invasion of Europe via the Mediterranean Sea into Italy and now make up the second largest number of fake refugees claiming asylum in Italy, new figures from the International Organization of Migration (IOM) have shown.

According to the latest IOM update, as of May 17, 2017, there have been 55,706 “arrivals” in Europe so far this year, with 54,715 landing by sea and 991 by land.

The main nationalities of nonwhites invading Italy so far this year are, in descendant order: Guinea, Nigeria, Bangladesh, Ivory Coast, and Gambia.

The main nationalities of those invaders landing in Greece so far this year are, in descendent order: Syria, Iraq, Republic of Congo, Pakistan, and Afghanistan.

The main nationalities of those invaders who have crossed the land border into Bulgaria are, in descendent order: Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, and Iran.

According to Federico Soda, Director of IOM’s Coordination Office for the Mediterranean in Rome, there has been a massive increase in Bangladeshis landing in Italy this year, with at least 7,000 landing so far.

The extent of the increase can be seen with a comparison with the figures through April 30 in 2016, when Italian officials recorded only three Bangladeshis leaving Libya.

“In recent years, an increasing number of Bangladeshi nationals have been rescued at sea in the Central Mediterranean and brought to safety in Italy,” Soda continued.

“This year, by the end of February, Bangladeshis registered as the fourth highest nationality at landing points in Italy. By the end of April they were the second nationality.”

In interviews, some invaders from Bangladesh said they relied on “agents” who organized their journeys to Libya through Dubai and Turkey.

“The increasing number of Bangladeshi nationals fleeing Libya, suggests that there is a well-organized, transnational illicit recruitment and exploitation system in place,” Soda said.

He added that Libya was a popular destination for Bangladeshi migrant workers before its upheaval, so it is not surprising that it is still possible to recruit workers to go to Libya who then find themselves “trapped by their debt and illegal status.”

There is, of course, no reason at all for Bangladeshis to seek asylum anywhere. Bangladesh has been a democracy for the past 27 years, has an elected legislature, and has the third-largest economy after those of India and Pakistan, and the second highest foreign exchange reserves after India.

The only reason why Bangladeshis are now partaking in the wholesale invasion of Europe is because of the perception common throughout the entire nonwhite world that by moving to Europe, everyone will be able to enjoy the standard of living of Europe.

This is, of course, a myth. All that is going to happen is that as Europe fills up with Third Worlders, its economy and social structure will start to reflect the fact that its population is now of Third World origin, and will become identical to the home nations of the invaders.

* Evidence of the effectiveness of the anti-invasion measures taken by Hungary are reflected in the IOM’s figures for that country: in the period from May 11 to 17, only 79 “arrivals” were registered, bringing the total for the month so far to 84.

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  1. What excuse do those lousy bastards have?

    How many *thousands* of miles is Bangladesh from Italy?
    Does a man really in threat of his life embark on a journey of thousands and thousands of miles rather than simply cross into India?

    Jonathan Portes.

  2. Indeed, this is part of efforts to achieve the global dominency of Islam over all the remaining non-Muslim world carried out by Muslims as a religious duty of Hijra. They are exploiting the goodwill and compassion of non-Muslim world under the disguise of refugees.

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