Bankrupt Detroit: The Inevitable Result of the Third Worldization of American Cities

The city of Detroit has come up hard against the reality of race at last: filing for bankruptcy yesterday, “emergency” city manager and imported “turnaround expert” Kevyn Orr hilariously claimed that it was the “first step toward restoring the city.”

Orr’s delusion that this is somehow the dawn of a new beginning for the city was echoed by Michigan’s Governor Rick Snyder.

“Only one feasible path offers a way out,” Gov Snyder said, adding that residents needed a clear exit from the “cycle of ever decreasing services”.

“The only way to do those things is to radically restructure the city and allow it to reinvent itself without the burden of impossible obligations. It is clear that the financial emergency in Detroit cannot be successfully addressed outside of such a filing, and it is the only reasonable alternative that is available”.

In other words, these people actually think that the only way in which Detroit can “start again” or “rebuild” is by pretending that there is zero debt.

Black Owned Liquor Store-Detroit

This fanciful—and singularly pathetic—“solution” ignores the reality of how Detroit became America’s single largest city bankruptcy in the first place.

Detroit’s financial disaster is exclusively racial in origin—no matter how any pundit tries to spin it. The reality is that as black numbers increased, whites, who found it impossible to live under increasingly Third World conditions and environment, simply moved out.

The voluntary evacuation of whites—who are the most economically active and successful group in any “multiracial” society—led to a steady erosion of the city’s taxation base.

Simultaneously, an ever-increasing nonwhite population continuously upped the demand for benefits and services from the local authority.

In this manner, the disaster that is Detroit was created: whites leaving, lower taxation income, versus blacks increasing, along with increased demand for services.

That, no matter what anyone else says, is at the core of the problems.

For Snyder and Orr to believe that simply by wiping the balance sheet clean, the city will somehow miraculously start again and blossom, is a delusion brought on by race-blindness.

A Third World population produces a Third World environment. The fact that blacks have been in America for two hundred years or more, does not make them any less Third World—and Detroit is proof of this, resembling more as it does any Third World “city” in Africa.

Detroit is, of course, not the only American city to be destroyed through this Third Worldization process. A large number of other cities are facing imminent collapse in the same manner—and for the same reasons.

Furthermore, it is clear that unless reversed, the racial demographic trends in America will inevitably result in the “Detroit” phenomenon steadily spreading out across the country until all vestiges of European Civilization are extinguished.

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  1. To be expected. South Africa is a prime example. Everything created by the white man, destroyed by blacks, the economy and the country itself!

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