“BLM” Racist Murderers Created by Media

The black racist shooter in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, who today killed at least three police officers in a calculated shooting, is yet another product of years of anti-white incitement by the media, and by establishment politicians.

For years, the police—and white police in particular—have been scapegoated by the media, and the Black Lives Matter movement, for the completely unfounded belief that they are randomly shooting down innocent black people.


All the statistics show that in real numbers, more white people than blacks are shot by police.

All the statistics show that in real numbers, black people are more likely to be involved in violent crime than whites—which means that they will, inevitably—be involved in more violent confrontations with the police.

All the statistics show that the actual number of unjustified shootings is tiny, and that police who are guilty of such offenses are always prosecuted.

All of the facts show that white people are far more often the victims of black crime than the other way around.

All of the facts are ignored by the controlled media—and their allied politicians—in what can only be described as a hate fest against police, and against white people in general.

Only three days ago, Barack Obama joined Black Lives Matter activists at a forum on policing to have what he called an “excellent conversation” amid a spate of violence initiated by black communities against police across the country.

“We’re not at a point yet where communities of color feel confident that their police departments are serving them with dignity and respect and equality,” Obama said, repeating the lie that police departments target “innocent blacks” because of some mythical racism.


At the same time, all the politicians, from Obama down, never say a word condemning the Black Lives Matter movement for their blatant anti-police and anti-white hate speech—and by meeting with them in public, the politicians actually grant them legitimacy.

If the roles were reversed, the blatancy of the anti-white racism becomes apparent: the establishment politicians would never consider meeting or endorsing a “White Lives Matter” delegation—especially one whose followers had repeatedly attacked and killed black people or black police officers.

The so-called “entertainment industry,” and Hollywood in particular, is equally to blame for the hate.

Not content with producing the most perverted, gory, and graphic images in the history of mankind, Hollywood also produces openly anti-white incitement such as Django Unchained and others.

In one scene in that movie, the lead black character, played by Jamie Foxx, boasted that he killed white people and “What’s not to like?” about that.

When all of these factors are added together, it can be little surprise when violent Black Lives Matter supporters take it into their own hands and start gunning down police officers—and white police officers in particular.

America is at war. But this time, it is a racially based war, an anti-police, and anti-white war—created, incited, fed, and justified by the media, the politicians, and the so-called “entertainment industry.”

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    1. This sums up many of the issues. Black Americans are being duped by the black activist president they elected, along with most of the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement tactics. Media and moguls are supporting BLM because they are controlled by the likes of Obama and George Soros. The power monger democrats want racism and chaos. It keeps them in power, controlling the black sheeple voters. It’s embarrassing. It’s making our country look so foolish to the world. We can’t let our police force become splintered and decimated or total chaos will ensue. Rethink BLM before you support this mostly violent cause.

  1. We must remember that the EU is determined to foist black people onto white nations which never hosted them before, ever.

    The EU is fundamentally evil.

    1. Together with the EU the UN is the most dangerous organisation. Always stirring things up.

      EU stirred up the unrest and subsequent trouble in Ukraine. This was motivated by trying deny the Russians their submarine bases in the Crimea, secondly not hey don’t like the idea of Russia being in control of most of their fuel. Gas & oil.
      UN always interfering in domestic affairs of sovereign states, not to mention trying to foist the “global warming” lie on the industrialised world in their quest for world government.

      The EU will disappear within the next 5/6 years which again leaves just the UN to be shut down. Trump should have them move country.
      Maybe move them to Brussels and hopefully they sink along with the EU.

  2. The controlled media in Australia, in particular the ABC, is carefully avoiding the release of an ethnicity or photograph that alludes to the shooter being black. Melbourne, Australia had to endure a Sunday of leftie protestors joining the black farce-tag movement, as if any protest in Australia matters for Americans. But of course they turned it in to an Aboriginal issue as is the leftie thing to do Down Under.
    My heart goes out to all of the innocent whites who have died in the past week in France and America, killed by Muslim and Black haters.

  3. I’ve always remembered the famous JFK statement, “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.” Fifty plus years on it seems that the world is all about ‘self’, communities are no longer anything like the one I was born and brought up in, politicians across the world are more interested in how much they can screw out of the taxpayers and demand political obedience to their views. There is more racism emanating from the non-white inhabitants of all countries than us but they can get away with it whereas we are prosecuted for even making comments about their way of life. The next three generations will see their families suffer in many ways.

  4. That’s what happens when blacks think they already own the white country, nothing new. Blacks in France claim they own Europe, USA will be easier. After all, Miss France is already African. It’s a norm to rape white females in Sweden ( what’s left of clean females, at least, and what about those more than willing? Do you see Swedish females crying for help? ) And Europe wants more of them plus Muslim scum. Talking about retarded. When it comes to “life IQ”, sorry but, looks like whites fell to the bottom. It seems most ( Eventually all ) white countries will transform into African-Muslims. We all know who to thank for invitation and “service”. Tell our children they will most likely go through treatment French got in Haiti, not that long ago.
    If we were truly racist, like Israel and other races, we would not let them “set up” among us, not to mention hold positions of any influence in our home. No brainer for non-whites. But, self-hating whites seem to dominate.
    With only true Europeans on the continent, people would not have to worry about terrorism, race ( i.e., giving away our rights and life to outsiders ), Jews destroying our people, and on and on.
    We could actually live, move forward and secure a future for our OWN children.
    Just out of curiosity, how much money is Europe still sending away in the so called “aid”?
    As dumb as it gets.

  5. And when some new A.H. will come and clean up that mess, brainwashed people will be asking “how could that happen, where did he get all that anger?”

  6. Apologies in advance, I don’t wish to upset any one, but this joke from a lot of years ago has come to mind:-

    “The Afro-Caribbean Society in the UK complained to the BBC that there were hardly any programmes being aired for them. The BBC response was ‘Fine, we’ll put Crimewatch on 5 nights a week’!”

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