Bavarian Govt.: “Over 2 Million” Invaders

There are going to be “over” two million nonwhite “refugees” in Germany before the end of the year, and other European nations are being invaded with unknown numbers who are not even being registered, senior German government officials have admitted.

Talking to the Augsburger Allgemeine newspaper, Bavarian Interior Ministry press officer Oliver Platzer freely admitted that his office’s calculations, based on how many invaders had already crossed the German border and the daily intake, was that two million would be in Bavaria alone by the year’s end.

But even this figure is still a guess, he added. “It is impossible to predict how many refugees will arrive over more than a 24 hour period,” he said, meaning that any increase could change the figures once again.

There is no decrease in the number of invaders pouring up the “Balkan” route, with Austrian officials at one of the official crossing point of Spielfeld regularly reporting back-ups of 20,000 per day. They have been instructed to “only” send 2,000 invaders at a time onto the German border, after complaints from the Germans that the Austrians were just dumping thousands without any warning.

Officially, there were 758,000 invader registrations recorded at the Federal Ministry of the Interior as of the end of October, but, as the Augsburger Allgemeine said, these are just the “official figures” and the “Interior Ministry itself admits that the actual number is far higher. Many of the refugees go to other countries before being registered and are not accounted for in the official statistics.”

Meanwhile, the social effects of this mass nonwhite invasion are already beginning to  be felt in both Austria and Germany.

The rising incidence of crime is becoming so overwhelming that German police have formally admitted that they downplay nonwhite invader crime reports in “interests of the civil peace.”

An article in the Hannoversche Allgemeine newspaper quoted a State Criminal Police Office (Landeskriminalamt, LKA) official as saying that the “downplaying” of the crime figures is achieved by simply not reporting all the incidents, rather than lying about them.

A recent report in the leftist Kronen Zeitung newspaper in Austria is a perfect example of this withholding trick: on November 19, that paper reported on its front page of an incident in which a 17-year-old Afghani “refugee” brutally raped and beat a 72-year-old white woman in the picturesque town of Traiskirchen.

Along with many other towns in Austria, Traiskirchen has been blighted with a massive influx of nonwhites pretending to be “asylum seekers,” and now more than 5,000 live in a tent city located in the city center.

It is from this camp that the 17-year-old nonwhite struck, the Kronen Zeitung reported—but then went on to admit that the incident occurred three months prior to the November 19 report.

In addition, the Kronen Zeitung reported, the cover of the dossier was specifically marked “Concealed case: Top Secret” (Verschlussakt. Streng geheim)—an indication that the authorities knew, at that stage already, what effect such a report reaching the public would have.

In Berlin, the far leftist Tagesspiegel newspaper was recently allowed to report on some nonwhite invader violence in the city. According to that paper, two policemen were injured when they were attacked by invaders in the Moabit district in front of the State Office for Health and Social Affairs (Landesamt für Gesundheit und Soziales, or LaGeSo).

The paper said that there was a “skirmish” in front of the office when about 300 invaders were sent to the wrong tent by a private security service. The invaders poured into the tent—which was far too small to accommodate them all, and when police asked them to step outside, they responded by physically assaulting the officers and spitting in their faces.

Just three days earlier, the Tagesspiegel added, a security guard was wounded after he was struck in the face by a brick thrown by the invaders on the grounds.

A hospital in Sigmaringen, in the southern German state of Baden-Württemberg, has had to employ private security guards to protect their female nurses from a constant barrage of physical assaults and abuse by nonwhite invaders posing as “asylum seekers.”

News of the assaults and the security measures appeared in an article in the Schwäbische Zeitung, which reported that there had been forty violent attacks on nurses at this particular hospital in the month of September alone.

According to the newspaper, the “asylum seekers” regularly assault, bite, abuse, and spit on the white nurses, among other things, at the SRH Kliniken Landkreis Sigmaringen.

“Our nursing staff is very distressed,” nursing manager Silvia Stärk was quoted as saying. In addition to the assaults, the nonwhites also continuously make inappropriate sexual advances. “The men always stand very close [to the nurses], and they do not keep a normal distance,” Stärk said. It is particularly difficult when the women work night shifts, she added.

It is also easy for the nursing staff to spot which of the nonwhite invaders come from the Muslim world and which do not. Those from the “Arab world,” the newspaper reported, often even refuse to talk to the women. Ironically, for such “devout Muslims,” as many as 80 percent of them arrive at the hospital in a drunken state.

Security measures have now been implemented to protect the nurses. These include full time guards who accompany the nurses whenever they are working in the emergency room. However, not even this measure has managed to decrease the number of attacks, hospital manager Willi Römpp admitted.

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  1. Our race is finished. I have no hope left for the European people. Either too stupid or too cowed by retarded, brainwashed and insane leftists the majority of whites have already chosen to simply give up or just don't care. How can a people be so blind to their own destruction? How can they be so uncaring?

    If they threw off the insanity that has slowly choked the 1st world since the end of WW2, if European nations united in violently protecting the borders of the continent for their own survival and if they expelled the majority of the useless trash already there then the white people might have a chance. Of course that will never happen. Nothing will happen until it is too late.

    Russia, Poland, Hungary and others will hold out for longer but will eventually fall all the same due to betrayal by suicidal nations like Germany and Sweden who once had a history and people worth respecting but have completely bought into the genocidal white guilt politic. France, UK, and Italy are all on their way. When the strong European nations fall the little ones will not hold out.

    The future of the USA is South Africa as it is now. The future of South Africa is white genocide. Canada is slowly being inundated by 3rd worlders and will not survive the collapse of the US. What will be left, Australia and New Zealand? May whatever god exists help them in a future where they remain the only white majority countries left in a world that will be even less shy in its misplaced and politically guided hatred of whites.

    I feel so hopeless for the future. In 100 years Western civilization will be a distant memory. No matter how angry we get or how strongly we implore people to wake up to our plight it will not register until there is no chance of turning things around. I don't want any children. I don't my descendants to watch their future violently evaporate before them. I regret that I was born in time to see our way of life ending in inexplicable suicide.

    Good luck to the East Asians of the coming centuries. They can deal with the filth of Africa and the middle East and the newly ruined America and Europe. As the next most prosperous people their wealth and civilization will be targeted next.

    I sound defeated and hopeless because I am.

  2. Because white genocide is universally regarded as the true path to Utopia in today's world.

    The Kalergi Plan is the way there.

    Merkel is an anti-white genocidal maniac, who works to destroy Germany completely.

    The Kalergi Plan was formulated in 1925, by Count Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi.

    He said "We intend to turn Europe into a mixed race."

    Merkel is bringing in the genetic material to accomplish this. It swings in the scrotums of the invaders.

  3. They are not here to settle, they're here to cause us disruption and as much trouble as possible! Not to mention continually cost us as much money as they can. It's all about REVENGE and ultimately CONQUEST.

  4. Soon the German government realise they can't control the situation with the police and the military will have to take over the job – setting the stage for a militarisation of government. Or will they become like Sweden, which the UN predicts will become a third world country by 2030. Interesting that the UN protests when Hungary closes its borders yet admits that the influx of third world people will cause european countries to become third world countries. Presumably there are intelligent people in the UN – why would they allow this or promote this? Are they really so politically correct, soft and apologetic, or is there a long term goal they are working towards by allowing europe to be destabilised and destroyed in such a manner?

  5. Oh how I agree Konrad.
    However when one`s taxes are supporting the children of others in preference; amenities /services are increasingly reduced plus third world surroundings – things are not conducive to child rearing.
    My kids eventually upped sticks, changed their careers and each has worked hard for what they have.
    I don`t blame them one bit but I do hold our politicians responsible.

  6. A very accurate observation, dear Stu. The do-gooders claim that DAESH is more correct, by meaning an offence to terrorists, but their true goal is to impose on us that Islam is peaceful and has no links to the by Muslims performed terror. In the Swedish mass media, all of it controlled, DAESH is rapidly replacing the established term "Islamic state/IS."

  7. Kartikeya , because of what has happened in France French borders and then other borders will be only passable with European passports. Once the embedded terrorist find themselves stuck in
    Germany then Germany itself will become the target of the kind of terrorism that France has suffered. They can't be expected to sit around and do nothing forever in Germany.

  8. When are we going to start deporting them, and blocking any further migration to Europe, these scrounging parasites are all out for a free life, especially those of the "so called religion of peace" ?

    Thats what I want to know, its about time this was put into operation. If it is not done soon then I am afraid folks all of us in Europe will be outbred, and forced from our homes and nations. We must act now and stop these invaders in their tracks. Why is everyone just allowing our governments to deliberately ethnically cleanse us from our birth place, come on people please fight back ?

  9. "I`m now glad that my three kids have opted not to have children".

    That attitude is THE primary factor contributing to our demise. Whilever we prevail, we are in with a chance. If our people deny giving life, as they themselves have been given, we will be faced with existential doom.

    I urge you to explain to your children that they are a link in the chain from their ancestors through to the future. Making the selfish decision to NOT have children is akin to suicide.

    I am sure that we, the collective European race have faced other threats to our existence throughout our history. We can never give up. I take some solace in the fact that many of us are waking up. The difference between now and even five years ago is incredible.

  10. Everyone using social media is now falling for the use of the acronym 'DAESH' in place of Islamic State, ISIL or ISIS.
    The acronym apparently means "to trample or crush" in Arabic. Now given that this is exactly what the Islamic State have been doing, I doubt they'd find it offensive, but rather more complimentary.
    I believe the true reason the politicians are now calling them "DAESH" is to falsely disassociate them from "Islam" and to perpetuate the lie that "true Islam is a peaceful religion".
    I would encourage everyone NOT to use the word "DAESH" but keep referring to them as IS, ISIL or ISIS. They are Muslims, and they are practising true Islam according to their Qur'an.

  11. `Once upon a time` our political masters were able to easily manipulate the masses.
    The internet changed all that.
    Merkel must have gone ballistic on hearing that NWO leaks were spreading to the plebs.
    Forced to open the European gates earlier than planned, her `Welcome All` appears to
    be going pear-shaped [and fingers crossed – belly-up.]

  12. We plebs know what is needed but we haven`t a cat in hell`s chance of those in charge implementing such measures.
    Along with police and army cuts in the UK – conveniently due to austerity – we will be increasingly at risk. I`m now glad that my three kids have opted not to have children.
    However what a dreadful indictment of some of the collective European government leaders and their vision of our futures. I guess we`re simply expendable.

  13. @ Walter – If only!
    You are right – bad news is being hidden in Sweden and Germany and increasingly in other countries. However it`s being buried for a definite reason…. in order that the plan – yes – there really IS a plan – will be too far advanced.
    By the time all of us wake up to the reality of the advancing horror it will be much too late. Democracy will be "verboten" by then – a relic of the past – unless Merkel & co can be stopped and soon !

  14. No problem ! The massed hordes will be heading to towns near every one of us if [ when?] Merkel gets her way – Schengen or no Schengen.
    Having won the Charlemagne prize once it looks like she`s going all out to win it a second time and everything is now falling into place .
    Merkel is obviously a zealot par excellence re the hideous Coudenhove-Kalergi plan.
    Heaven help us all should the fruits of their New World Order plans come to fruition.

  15. Route all the migrants in Germany towards Merkel's house. She invited them in, let her deal with the problem. See how she likes to be spat upon by her guests. Hard not to laugh. The woman should at the very least be kicked out of office now.

  16. Merkel should be arrested, and put on trial for treason, crimes against humanity, and I'm sure other leaders should stand trial alongside her such as Hollande and Tony Blair, without whose 'interventions' in Libya and Iraq this invasion would not be happening.

  17. For many years the Reciprocity of 1875 allowed the International Traders to sell whatever they wanted in exchange for some coconut and sugar, but on the 1st May 1974 things changed. The silver backed coinage ceased to exist, and the violation of Article 53 of the Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties was a reality. It has become to be known as the "regular performance of a put and take scam" where the International Financiers find in an empty bucket cash they insert there at the time they find it. The embarrassment experienced by the public performance of the scam in front of a wise audience appears to have spooked those gentlemen and the silence leaves only the idea that the Dollar has a value because the American people use it to buy goods and services and pay their debts. Article 61 of the Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties must be one of the most frightening conditions provided for in International Law and I will leave it here.

  18. The thing is that it is 100% stoppable if they would give up their PC idiocy and defend themselves–including from their own vicious, criminal government.

    I think the Americans under a president Trump will have to invade Germany — this time to rescue it from this globalist debacle. Go, Trump!

  19. Why the hell don't Germany and Austria do what Hungary did? They are insane and this mess they have created will have to be cleaned up, and its perpetrators sent to jail. I don't get it. Why are the German people and other EU countries not suing Merkel and the German government?

  20. The plan is there is no plan. That's why bad news is hidden in Germany and Sweden. The people do not need to know what crimes are being committed by migrants. They don't need to know how many radicals are allowed in. Eventually people will find out. Can't sweep democracy under the rug forever.

  21. Europe now needs to consider a wall all around the continent, topped with razor wire, and watchtowers with armed guards. If not Europe is lost, and as a father of young female adults just starting out in life, this thought terrifies me.

  22. Being super intelligent and the most powerful woman in earth, she MUST have a plan, of course. But you have to wonder firstly, where is mutta going to put them alll???

  23. So – Merkel decrees that NOW is the time that Germany and its people finally commit suicide.
    Those countries which signed up for Schengen will surely suffer the same fate when this unstoppable invasion is allowed to roll on wherever and whenever they fancy around Europe.
    This is a nightmare hell on earth scenario unfolding before our unbelieving eyes.

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