Belgium: Whites Violently Ethnically Cleansed by Third Worlders

Yet another example of violent ethnic cleansing—this time by Third World immigrants in the town of Cheratte in northeastern Belgium—has illustrated the ongoing program of displacement of Europeans in their historical homeland.

According to a report in a local French-language newspaper, a white family has filed a complaint with the police after being forced to move out of a neighborhood where they have lived for the past 15 years.

According to the report, the family has suffered years of racial abuse from the nonwhite immigrants, and their youngest member, Nathan, 17, has been beaten and chased off the streets with shouts of “Dirty Belgian, dirty white.”

The article states that Nathan and his family will soon move out of the area (called Cheratte) after filing a suit alleging extreme verbal and physical aggression suffered by the young man last Sunday.

On Sunday evening, Nathan and his girlfriend were walking in Cheratte when he was accosted by someone identified as “Huseyn, a young guy in the neighborhood.”

The insults flew: “Dirty Belgian, dirty white,” and Nathan was told that he was in Turkey, not Belgium.

Then Nathan was physically assaulted, and ended up in the hospital.

“This time, I have decided to move,” his mother told the newspaper, “This is not the first time that local youths have attacked him. The insults are common. But this time it went too far.”

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  1. Racism against Whites…..Personally i await the time the Lefties find themselves on the receiving end of their traitorist ideas….They will be robbed, spat at, beaten up and raped, the shit list is endless………There are places in England where i cannot go due to the Racism towards me as a white person,,,,

    1. They already are, there have been numerous accounts of lovvie lefties getting attacked and even killed by the very people they are trying to save. They have no idea what the invasion is all about. This too is hidden because they (the lefties) even when they are attacked don’t want to upset or incite hatred. I think they are actually scared to stand up to Islam and what it really means, and they think by trying to appease them the muzzies will like them.

      I am scared, even more so when you read the non-controlled media. No wonder the controlled media is trying to keep it all quiet, there would mass rioting by the general population if the govn. actually looked up and said, ‘ah sorry guys, made a mistake’ multiculturism doesn’t really work if the other culture actually wants to wipe us out.

      Muslims shout the freedom of speech, human rights, right to pray and their laws, but once they get the majority there is NO freedom of speech, or human rights. But plenty of their laws!

  2. My Belgian father in law, a professor of anatomy and doctor of medicine, resided in Brussels in a densely populated area where Morocans lived…..his neighbour, a morocan, had 4 wives and 16 kids and never had to work a day in his life because of state subsidies. He received more for doing zip than the doctor…..go figure.

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