Belgium: Invader Terror Shootout

Four Belgian policemen have been injured and one nonwhite invader terrorist has been killed in a shootout in Brussels late this afternoon, Belgian broadcaster RTBF has reported.

The shootings took place during a search of a house which started mid-afternoon in the southern Brussels suburb of Forest, which is described by an official guide to the city as a “multicultural commune.”


During the shootout, several terror suspects escaped through the roof, police said. A dragnet perimeter was set up, but the nonwhites appeared to have escaped.

At about 6 pm, a police task force stormed an apartment, and were met with a hail of gunfire in which the policemen were injured. The shooter, taking shelter inside, was killed by return fire.

Traffic and public transport in the area were halted, and workers at the nearby Audi Brussels factory were ordered to stay inside the factory buildings. Workers who had finished their day’s work could come out of doors at the rear of the buildings.

The police raids were coordinated with French police and are connected to the refugee-terrorist attacks in Paris late last year. Brussels police denied that they were looking for Salah Abdeslam, a member of one of the Paris attack gang who holds Belgian nationality.

The racial demographics of Forest can be seen from this picture of residents gathered to watch the shootout this afternoon

The racial demographics of Forest can be seen from this picture of residents gathered to watch the shootout this afternoon.

Forest is well-known to be overrun with nonwhite invaders, even though the Belgian government has made it illegal to record racial origins.

In 2009, a Green Party politician, Luckas Vander Taelen, caused a stir when he wrote an article in De Standaard newspaper about his experiences “living next to [the] mostly North African neighborhood” that, he wrote, “even with the most multicultural bias, you can’t describe as anything but a ghetto.”

Vander Taelen went on to tell of the insults and abuse both he and his daughter faced as they passed through an area in Forest, from Rue de Mérode to the Gare du Midi. Once, on his daily bicycle commute, a young driver spat in his face; his daughter, then a teenager, stopped venturing into the neighborhood after she was called “many bad things.”

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  1. So much for multiculturism. All the non whites should stay in their own countries. They will NEVER fit in, because they have different cultures from westerners, no respect for law and order and their IQs are pretty low!

    1. That is just one of the ideas behind the organized
      invasion of Europe by aliens . As Thomas Barnett
      frankly put it: create by racial mixture a European
      population of coloured people with an average IQ
      of 90 who can work but not think.

  2. Wake me up when this hideous nightmare is over.
    Who in their right mind – whether politician or citizen sheeple – truly believes this can ever be the way forward to a utopian future.

  3. Of course, EU high command is situated in Brussels.
    If you think that this incident has knocked some common sense in to the thick skulls of the euro rats, then you are severely mistaken.

    1. Brexit ASAP. Why Britain would want to be bossed around by this German Stasi front organization really needs to be examined. The EU is only about making the rich richer. It has nothing to offer the middle class of Britain. Only British banks are concerned for their huge pay bonuses at the top of the banking pyramids. Other businesses have said ‘this Brexit question belongs to the citizens’.

  4. Lefties, Marxists and other similarly minded individuals believe it. Look at the EU today wanting to “turbo-charge asylum”. The EU is a madhouse, but it has been so from the start so nothing new.

  5. LOL stupid stupid people LOL what will it take before people wake up, their son or daughter raped or sodomized? How many citizens have to be blown up?

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