Belgium: Invader-Terrorist Machete Attack

Another nonwhite invader terrorist has been shot dead in Brussels, Belgium, after attacking and wounding two police officers with a machete while shouting “Allahu Akbar.”

The immigrant terrorist was shot by an officer after attacking the police station on Boulevard Pierre Mayence, Charleroi, a suburb south of Brussels where the city’s airport is located, and later died as a result of the wounds he sustained.


The two officers are now out of danger, Charleroi police said. The force published a tweet saying that the attacker shouted “Allahu Akbar” (God is great) as he approached the officers.

According to Belgium’s Het Laaste Nieuws (HLN), the attacker attempted to enter a police station through a side entrance. When he was stopped at an entry checkpoint, the invader pulled out a machete and slashed the first officer in the face.

Belgium’s interior minister has said on Twitter that OCAM (the country’s anti-terror group) is investigating the attack.

A Charleroi police tweet confirmed the death of the attacker. It said: “We confirm the death of the machete attacker. Our two colleagues are out of danger. Thank you for the good wishes.”

The attack comes only months after a deadly immigrant-refugee-terrorist attack in which 35 people were killed in bombings at the nearby airport and a local Metro station in the Belgian capital.

According to official figures, at least 56.5 percent of the population in Brussels is of “foreign origin.” In 1961 it was only 7.3 percent, and most of those were other European nationals.

By 1991, the foreign-origin population had risen to 28.5 percent, in addition to another 4.5 percent who were newly naturalized as Belgian citizens.

By 2005, the number of foreign-origin immigrants in Brussels was 26.3 percent, and the total number of naturalizations as Belgian nationals had jumped to 30.2 percent—of whom the vast majority were Third World immigrants.

The attack comes just a few days after another Islamist attacked a crowd of tourists in central London, and only a week after a series of similar attacks in Germany.

ISIS and Al-Qaeda have each issued calls for Muslims living in Europe to carry out such lone-wolf attacks, with their publications providing specific suggestions for weapons of choice, and target areas for maximum impact.

At the same time, the establishment and its controlled media are doing their best to try and hide the nature of the danger by falsely claiming that all the recent attackers are “mentally ill” individuals.

In reality, as per the specific ISIS and Al-Qaeda instructions, these attackers are committed Islamists who have been granted residence in Europe thanks to the pro-Third World immigration and asylum policies pursued by successive conservative and liberal European governments.

Unless Third World immigration is not only halted, but reversed, these sorts of attacks will continue and escalate in nature—and the blame will be entirely upon the governments of Europe, and the voters who elected them.

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  1. What is causing perfectly normal people to contract sudden bouts of mental instability? The EU must provide better mental health care to these poor racially persecuted & abused loving people.
    Those police who shot them should immediately be jailed for life!

    Sorry, I’m just trying to get a job within the EU commission for downtrodden refugees.

  2. Surely the murderer will meet in “heaven” his 40 virgins. Wow, just look at the horns and fangs they’ve got! Bet he’ll be surprised…

  3. I wonder what will be the official government reason for the attack?……maybe..
    mentally unstable?, no wait…playing to much 1st player shooter games…no wait!….because of
    the Crusades, definitely wont be because of religion or culture or even race…. no according to the governments
    we are all the same, and we can all live happily together in lala land.

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