Berlin: Arab “Fortune” in Invader Houses

Berlin police have revealed that established Arab crime gangs are “making a fortune” from renting out accommodation to the state for use as “asylum refuge” at inflated prices as a means of money laundering.


The scheme—which one politician described as using taxpayers’ money to encourage organized crime—was revealed to the Focus news service by a spokesman from the Landeskriminalamt Berlin (Berlin Criminal Police Agency).

According to that report, “Arab criminal clans in Berlin are earning a fortune from ‘refugee’ centers,” and this racket is now “more profitable than the drug trade.”

According to the Focus news service, “Arab clans” (crime families) in Berlin are buying real estate and leasing it to “asylum seekers” at hugely inflated prices.

“Not only is this business incredibly lucrative, but it enables them to launder money at the same time,” Focus said.

The Berlin Criminal Police Agency confirmed that the racket was underway, and that “proceeds of crime, including that of organized crime,” is being invested in real estate.

Focus then gave an example of how the scheme works: Arab criminal clans acquire a dilapidated 215 square feet (20 square meters) apartment in Berlin, in which five “refugees” are accommodated.

Normally, the rental price for such an apartment would be around €300 per month, but the Arab criminal clans can collect around €3,700 per month through “letting” the property to the “asylum” services.

The swindle was described by far-leftist—and invasion supporting—Socialist Party member of the Berlin House of Representatives, Tom Schreiber, as a “bankruptcy of the law.”

“The criminals earn a fortune,” Schreiber said, while the “state encourages taxpayers’ money to be used for organized crime.”

Focus also quoted the former district mayor of Neukölln, another far-leftist promoter of the invasion, Heinz Buschkowsky, saying that the swindle was “more profitable than the trade in drugs.

According to an earlier report in the Berliner Kurier, (“Kriminelle Familien-Clans sind nur schwer zu knacken,” June 23, 2015), Berlin police and prosecutors experience “great difficulties” in the fight against the Arab mafia clans in the capital.

They said that of the 30 criminal Muslim family clans in Berlin, each of which has up to 500 members, one tenth of all members are engaged in serious criminal activity at any given time.

Furthermore, the article said, an official Berlin senate report found that between 2011 and 2014, the majority of all gang crime suspects in Germany were of ““Arab origin.”

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  1. So what`s new ? Asians do this wherever they are – yet nothing is ever done about it.
    Let`s face it – whatever they do they`re untouchable.

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