Berlin: “Dead Syrian” Lie Exposed

Claims by the controlled media, based upon a statement by the pro-invasion “Moabit helps” organization in Berlin, that a “Syrian refugee” died while waiting to be helped outside a Berlin welfare office, have been exposed as outright lies.


Several major controlled media outlets, which had run the story without doing the most basic fact checking, had egg on their faces when the statement was revealed to have been a total fiction.

According to a new report in the Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg (RBB) news service, the statement had been made up by a worker in the “Moabit hilft” organization.

Moabit is a major suburb in Berlin, and the organization is made up of liberals who provide a number of volunteers at the city’s welfare offices to “help” the “refugees.”

According to the RBB, the story of the “dead Syrian” had circulated throughout the media all day on Wednesday, although there was no real evidence to show that it had actually happened.

The story was that the “Syrian” had been waiting in line for four days before the Berlin welfare office (Landesamt für Gesundheit und Soziales, or LaGeSo), before collapsing due to exhaustion, exposure, and hunger.

The story continued along the lines that a worker at the “Moabit hilft” organization then took the fevered “refugee” home, and called an ambulance. The “Syrian” however died on the way to the hospital, the story went.

The story was “confirmed” by Diana Henniges, a spokesman for “Moabit hilft” who told an impromptu press conference that the chaos outside LaGeSo was responsible for the “Syrian’s” poor health.

“The tents at LaGeSo only hold 200 people, but in recent weeks, up to 600 people have been standing in the cold during the day,” she said.

The “Syrian” had also had nothing to eat, she continued, because LaGeSo had not given him any money.

This was enough for the media to engage in a frenzy of sympathetic reporting. Vigils were organized, and commemorative candles were placed at the supposed place where the “Syrian” had died—all covered in great detail by the Berlin press and TV.


The case was even discussed at a plenary session of the Berlin House of Representatives, with accusations flying back and forth as to who was responsible.

Then came the news that it was all a hoax.

While RBB said that it was “unknown” why the “Moabit hilft” worker had made up the story, the truth is obvious: the pro-invasion lobby is prepared to resort to any method—including outright lies—to emotionally blackmail the authorities to provide even more facilities to process the flood of nonwhite invaders who have zeroed in on Berlin.

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  1. Diana Henniges, a spokesman for “Moabit hilft” and the other person who blatantly lied to the media, should be jailed for 10yrs each for inciting trouble and wasting time. They are total scum of the earth!

  2. It would be honest to say that a fiducial audit of the German treasury on 30 April 1945 would reveal that it was empty and there no friends to help in that situation. If the conspirators in the Maraud of Merkel would break their oath of censorship relating to their activities and let us know how much they have pillaged from the public purse we would know just how many Mosques and Muslims there are around and what is left for the indigenous German victims to survive on.

  3. As I’ve said before, never, never believe a Socialist. Each & every one of them are Devious ,immoral, compulsive liars!

    That includes government (probably the worst of a bad bunch) officials right up to the leaders.
    Their lies are generally of the “half truth” type.

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