Berlin: Invader Crime Halts DHL Deliveries

Violent attacks on personnel, robberies, and fraud have forced DHL Express to halt all deliveries in the invader-overrun region of Wedding, north-west Berlin, a statement from the company has announced.

Wedding has a “German-origin” population of only 50 percent, with the rest being made up of Africans, Turks, Arabs, Asians, and Eastern European gypsies.


According to a statement issued to Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg (RBB) by Anke Blenn, the reason for the halt in delivery services is because of the increasing number of “attacks on drivers” and rampant fraud and robberies to which they are being subjected.

As a result, parcel recipients will from now on have to collect their items from a DHL office, where the identity of the recipient can then be checked, she added.

According to figures issued by the Statistik Berlin Brandenburg authority, in June 2016, 48.3 percent of inhabitants of Wedding had a “migration background” (Migrationshintergrund), made up of Turks (17.8 percent), Sub-Saharan Africans (6.4 percent), Arab States (5.9 percent), Asians 5.4 percent, and “former Yugoslavs, Russians, and Poles” who together make up another 13.6 percent.

Of that latter number, a large percentage are Gypsies, often wrongly described as Romanians by the controlled press.

The Berliner Kourier newspaper was the first to carry news of the “delivery problems” in Wedding. Describing the suburb as a “war zone,” that newspaper said that the neighborhoods are so bad that tourists are routinely warned about crime in the area.

There are, the paper continued, “several thousand [criminal] offenses” committed there every year, which is one of the highest crime rates in all of Berlin.

“DHL Express has now felt the consequence of this lawlessness, and can no longer expect its deliverymen to endure the daily horror of beatings, threats, and extortions, and has stopped making deliveries.”

DHL Express is responsible for time-sensitive rush deliveries or valuable items such as smartphones and laptops, a report in Der Tagesspiegel said, adding that they had first tried to take “certain precautions” but these had not worked.

This is why DHL will not allow individual express shipments until further notice,” the company said.


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