Best of the “Protect the Fourth Amendment” Protests

July 4, 2013 saw large numbers of “Protect the Fourth Amendment” protests take place across America as ordinary citizens reacted to the news that the National Security Agency has clearly violated that part of the U.S. Constitution.

The Fourth Amendment (Amendment IV) to the United States Constitution is the part of the Bill of Rights which guards against unreasonable searches and seizures, along with requiring any warrant to be judicially sanctioned and supported by probable cause.

It was adopted as a response to the abuse of the writ of assistance, which is a type of general search warrant, in the American Revolution. Search and seizure (including arrest) should be limited in scope according to specific information supplied to the issuing court, usually by a law enforcement officer, who has sworn by it. The Fourth Amendment applies to the states by way of the Due Process Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment.

Here are some of the best signs photographed at some of the rallies, chosen because of the very valid points they make, even if some are light-hearted.

It is obvious that the NSA’s “Prism” operation, which collects all emails, web history, and other personal details from internet users around the world, is in direct contradiction to the Fourth Amendment.

The increasing encroachment on American–and world–civil rights is, of course, a direct result of the “war on terror” and the terrorist threat against America. However,m spying on everyone is only addressing the symptoms, not the cause.

The real cause of the  “terrorist threat” is the American government’s subservience to Israel and the Jewish lobby, which in turn engenders the hatred of the Muslim world and allows radical Islamists to justify, in their minds, attacks against America and the West.

The NSA can spy on everyone until the cows come home–but that will not change the real truth that terrorism will not stop until the hold of the Jewish lobby on American and western politics is halted.

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