“It’s Better back Home”: Invaders in Greece

The ongoing refugee hoax has been definitively exposed with the news that thousands of Syrians, Afghans, Iraqis, and Iranians have returned home—because they don’t want to stay in Greece.

At least 4,000 invaders have been shipped back from Greece by the United Nations—proving that there was no need for them to “flee” in the first place.


2016: A group of Syrians cross the Evros River from Greece to Turkey, on their way back to Syria. Picture taken by one of the group and given to the Global Post.

A lengthy report by the Global Post Investigations team revealed that conditions in Greece are so bad, that many Syrians “see no other option” but to go home.

The closure of the Balkan route to the invaders is the major factor causing the rethink, but the near-Great Depression era economic collapse in Greece is also playing a role, the report added.

According to data provided by the United Nations High Commission on Refugees (UNHCR), there are at least 34,901 invaders living in camps on the Greek mainland, and another 16,021 on the Greek islands—a total of around 50,000.

All of them were hoping to march up into Germany where they would get the rich payouts that their fellow imposters had told them about—but the closing of the borders by many eastern European states have closed off the invasion route.

Now they are trapped in Greece for the most part, and, as the Global Post article revealed, their “finances long exhausted, they have languished for months in these isolated camps, waiting to access the meager legal asylum system available to them. Life here is now so bad that some believe the best way forward is to return home.”

“Give me the money to pay a smuggler and I’ll go back to Syria right now,” said Thaer Al Nahir, a Syrian refugee who arrived in Greece in late February. “There the death is quick. Here we are dying slowly.”

Now he says he is worse off than he was in Syria. “We have become ridiculous, a joke.”

The Global Post report went on to point out that Greece’s economy is wrecked, and simply cannot bear the strain of dealing with tens of thousands of extra invaders. When the invasion was at its height in 2015, Greece was already teetering on the brink, economically speaking.

Massive debt, 23 percent unemployment and 25 percent shrinkage in the economy, put Greece’s economy “on par with the Great Depression,” the Global Post said.

The collapse has seen Greeks struck with record poverty levels and the collapse of social services, worsened by the strain of having to provide for the parasiting invaders as well.

Nonetheless, the crypto-communist Greek government recently passed a law granting the invaders free access to healthcare and drugs in the public health system—a move that even the far left “Doctors Without Borders” (Médecins Sans Frontières, MSF) itself  admitted was impossible.

“Hospitals in Greece are struggling to respond to the needs of both local people and migrants, mainly due to the lack of financial and human resources,” MSF said.

All of this has combined to make increasing numbers of the invaders decide to go back to Syria.

As Akmed, quoted by the Global Post, said: “Every day groups gather to talk about going back to Syria. I know many people who would go back if they had money.”

The Global Post said that Akmed worked as a fashion designer in Lebanon before coming to Greece, but now wants to go back to Syria.

Akmed believes there is another reason Syrians are returning, he continued: “It’s because of the humiliation here.” He said he knew a few men who went back to become soldiers, “to feel powerful again.”

Another invader interviewed by the Global Post, Allaf, said that “If we can’t go to Germany, arrange the tickets and flights and give us everything we paid to get here and send us back to Syria.”

The Global Post continued:

They [the invaders] shared stories of other Syrians who had given up, crossed back to Turkey, and returned to Syria. One woman showed photos of a group of people crossing the Evros River back to Turkey—a family with six children she met at the camp. They had sent her the images of their crossing. The photos showed the group floating openly in the river with no boat. They crossed, submerged in the water, holding on to a strap with empty plastic bottles tied around their waists as makeshift flotation devices.

The woman said she might leave soon, too. She said the risk of dangers at home were more appealing than the risk of dangers she faces at the camps in Greece. “I didn’t leave the war to come to another war here. I left because I needed a safe place for my children. But if that doesn’t happen, Syria is better than this.”

According to the International Organization for Migration, in the first eight months of 2016, about 4,000 invaders—mostly Afghans, Iraqis, and Iranians—traveled back to their country of origin through a voluntary return program operated by the U.N. in Greece.

All of these returning “refugees”—and especially the Syrian ones—show conclusively that there is no justification at all for the ongoing mass invasion.

More than 40 percent of Syrian territory is under the control of the Syrian government, and less than a third under ISIS control—with the rest under the control of the U.S. and western-backed “moderate rebels.”


There is, therefore no justification at all for any Syrians to flee to other countries, as there is more than enough safe territory within Syria for them.

The fact that many are now returning to Syria from Greece, is further evidence of this.

In addition, the thousands of invaders from Afghanistan, Iran, and Iraq who have been returned to their homelands through a United Nations operation, further confirms that there is no justification at all for these nationals to seek “refuge” in Europe either.

The entire refugee invasion is therefore bogus from beginning to end, and is merely being used as a liberal excuse by the Third World to invade the First and parasite off the latter’s welfare systems.


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  1. Merkel should have been muzzled and the invaders towed back to their homes instead of`mercy missions shipping them to Europe.

  2. The majority of us knew they were economic refugees with no intention of working or assimilating, they just wanted the free housing and unlimited benefits they could get in wealthier European countries, but our out of touch weak politicians could see this they have been blinded by the leftie luvvies.

    1. The political elite merely followed the UN’s directive. The UN is the enemy of the European peoples.
      Question is, how many are still arriving and getting into Italy? I’ll bet it is more than the numbers so-say departing.

  3. Cherrio I wish luck as I wave u goodbye GO home not wanted NOT needed offer nothing parasites try working for ur family’s think not!!!!!!!!!!’ Free loaders AV nothing to give only take why don’t u raise ur issues with ur own governments because u would get no where why don’t u ask them where all the charity monies that they AV been given over the years WHERE HAS IT GONE !!!!! Try looking in their pockets!!!!!!!!!

  4. Or make it mandatory that they serve five years military service and only then could they be possible considered for asylum. Send them back to fight ISIS. 4,000 returning is nothing, even 40,000 is nothing out the almost 2 million who have come. Most will never leave unless they are forced.

  5. On another note, this is why brexit was justified.
    Bullshit ‘Schengen’ rules allowed these fraudsters to gatecrash northern European EU states.

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