Threats to Jews: Black “Anti-Racist” Arrested

A black journalist—best known for his complaints about “white racism”—has been arrested in connection with the current wave of bomb threats being made against Jewish institutions in the U.S. Juan Thompson was arrested last week after he was positively linked to at least eight of the bomb threats, including to the Anti-Defamation League and Jewish centers around the country.

The incidents have been widely used by the Jewish lobby and their controlled media to make the utterly false claim that that “anti-Semitism” has increased since the election of Donald Trump.

As Trump himself had earlier predicted, however, it now turns out that the “threats” are largely emanating from anti-Trump individuals, posing as “racists” to try and smear the new U.S. president.

According to a Reuters report, Thompson was fired from his job as a reporter at the Intercept news website about year ago for falsifying reports and quotes.

In the months that followed, he made numerous online postings about “white racism” from his former employer (Intercept was founded by the far left homosexual Jew, Glen Greenwald), from the police, and from a white woman he had dated.

“The white New York liberal media makes me vomit with their arrogant, patronizing, bigotry,” Thompson, 31, wrote in an essay he posted online on July 7, 2016.

In a 5,000-word account he described a racist smear campaign by the Intercept. He wrote that the outlet, which describes itself as focusing on adversarial journalism, was “the token negro whisperer.”

“I now have a Korean sense of Han—unadulterated rage against bigoted bullies, in this case the white liberal media,” Thompson wrote. “It’s no wonder these places have so few black faces.”

Earlier, the Intercept had published an apology to readers for “a pattern of deception” in Thompson’s work. He had made up quotes and impersonated people using fake Gmail accounts.

In the latest bomb threat incident, prosecutors said Thompson impersonated a girlfriend who had dumped him to email threats to several Jewish organizations around the country.

The ex-girlfriend was white, as Thompson underscored in a frenzy of messages on his Twitter account in the days leading up to his arrest on last Friday.

She is an “awful white woman” he wrote, adding that she was a “disgusting nasty racist white woman”—all in a post directed at the U.S. Secret Service which also claimed that she had threatened to kill President Donald Trump.

“I’m being stalked and harassed by a white nasty white woman,” he wrote in another post.

On Nov. 15, 2016, Thompson posted a manifesto on a fundraising website describing his bid for mayor to “fight back against Trumpian fascism and socio-economic terrorism.”

His 10-point platform touched on themes from his work at the Intercept: police brutality against black people, the homeless, and the poor, the Reuters report added.

Meanwhile, the spate of “hate crimes” continues to arouse suspicion, given their timing and targets.

It is a well-known fact that many of the “hate crimes” against Jews are caused by Jews themselves, most often in an attempt to generate sympathy for the alleged victims.

Just three months ago, for example, two Northwestern University Jews, named as Anthony Morales and Matthew Kafker, were charged with hate crimes and vandalism after admitting to spray-painting swastikas and pro-Trump propaganda on the walls of a nondenominational campus chapel.

The list of fake hate crimes is long and extensive, and the Townhall news service recently published a list of ten examples of “hate crimes” supposedly committed by “Trump supporters” which all turned out to be hoaxes.

In 2015, a Jewish student at the George Washington University was revealed to be behind a swastika painting outbreak.

That incident was a repeat of a 2007 swastika-painting “hate crime” at the same institution which also turned out to have been committed by a Jew.

One of the more prominent cases occurred in 2012, when the New York Police Department’s “Hate Crime Task Force” arrested a Jew named David Haddad in connection with a series of anti-Semitic threats and vandalism in Manhattan and Brooklyn, including a rash of swastika incidents.

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