Black-Controlled Detroit is “in a Death Spiral”

Black-controlled Detroit is in a “death spiral” and has real debts of in excess of $17 billion, the emergency manager appointed by the state of Michigan has announced.


Kevin Orr, appointed to try and rescue the disaster created by decades of black rule and white flight, is three months into his 18 month contract and has now announced a dramatic default on payments of unsecured debts of $2.5 billion.

The debt default, which will almost certainly result in a string of lawsuits from angry creditors, is Orr’s desperate attempt to try and “turn around” the city.

The announcement includes an offer to creditors to take about 10 cents on the dollar of what the city owes them. If the offer is rejected—as many observers believe it will be—the city will finally collapse in what will be the largest municipal bankruptcy in US history.

“We’re tapped out,” Orr was quoted as saying. “We need to come up with a plan to restructure our debt obligations and our legacy obligations going forward—that is: pension, other employee benefits, health care, so on and so forth.”

He added that his team “is prepared for potential lawsuits from creditors not pleased with the arrangements under the plan.

“If people are sincere and look at this data, you would think a rational person will step back and say, ‘This is not normal … but what choice do we have?'” Orr said.

Contrary to establishment claims, Detroit’s fiscal nightmare is directly racial in origin.

Once the western world’s premier industrial city, a growing black population made it impossible for whites to live in the metropolis. Massive white flight occurred, and the majority black city slid inexorably into Third World status.

The city’s budget deficit could top $380 million by July 1. Orr believes Detroit’s long-term debt is more than $17 billion.

Orr backed down from his earlier claims when he accepted the job that he would carry out the “greatest turnaround” in American history. Now, he said, the chances of bankruptcy are 50-50 for Detroit.

In reaction to the debt default announcement, Moody’s Investors Service downgraded a number of Detroit bonds, including its general obligation unlimited bonds. As a result, all Detroit bonds are now below investment grade.

Hetty Chang, a vice president with Moody’s, said “the emergency manager’s proposal to creditors indicates further debt restructuring.”

“We also believe the city’s risk of bankruptcy has increased over the last six months,” she said in a statement.

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  1. I grew up just outside Jackson, Mississippi in Clinton and that town has been destroyed too, for the same reason.

    It is truly amazing that White People have not revolted against forced integration and all the trouble that comes with it.

    1. Most whites are victims of Public Ed and pop culture/media brainwashing. They have been taught not to speak about race related issues from a EuroAmerican perspective unless it is self critical. Black good – White bad… any other view is racist and must be denounced as such. So our country will continue to devolve into a 3rd World cesspit and EuroAmericans will turn into oppressed minorities until we slowly disappear.

  2. I lived across the river from Detroit in Windsor,Canada: locals were always warned about stopping at red-lights, or filling-up at gas-stations…those who ignored this advice became mere crime statistics. The place is a hell-hole: barred windows everywhere, depleted and abandoned houses, the odd liquor store, and no pedestrian foot traffic unless you are a crack dealer/user. This city is a warning to white people everywhere.

  3. What did the Jewish god Jesus say? Turn the other cheek and love thy neighbor.

    Today, we sit with a deteriorating natural hirachy. Verging on the destuction of a natural cycle. To be replaced with an ever increasing chaos.

    Round and round we go.

  4. I can never understand the “third–worlder’s” narrative. They come to our nations because they “admire” our intellect, industry, commerce and hard work, but as soon as they arrive they turn the place into the same sort of place they left. We of European descent turned America, Australia, New Zealand and many other places into a virtual paradise, so why can’t the Third World stay in their homelands to make them better? It is not hard – it just takes work, diligence and commitment. [edited]

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