Black Crime in South Africa: Panga Attack Caught on CCTV

CCTV cameras mounted on a house roof in Hillcrest, on the eastern seaboard of the South African coast, have captured a vicious panga attack on a white family by black criminals.

South Africa’s notoriously high black crime rate is famous across the world, but this dramatic incident has highlighted the dangers of the situation once again.

The house which was attacked is a fairly typical upper-middle class residence in South Africa—complete with electronic gates, electrified wire fences, and CCTV cameras.

None of these precautions was however enough to prevent the black criminals from gaining entrance to the property and attacking its owner, Ryan Sutherland, and his family.

Sutherland  is also a fairly typical white liberal English-speaking South African, who in the video below, pathetically mumbles on about how he was “always an optimist” about South Africa and claims to still be one (!) but then immediately declares his intention to leave the country.

Around 50 people are murdered in South Africa each day, a steady increase over the past 40 years.

The incidence of rape has led to the country being referred to as the “rape capital of the world.” One in three of the 4,000 women questioned by the Community of Information, Empowerment, and Transparency said they had been raped and more than 25 percent of black South African men questioned in a survey published by the Medical Research Council (MRC) in June 2009 admitted to rape; of those, nearly half said they had raped more than one person. Three out of four of those who had admitted rape indicated that they had attacked for the first time during their teens.

South Africa has one of the the highest incidences of child and baby rape in the world.

South Africa also has a record number of car hijackings. A South African insurance company, Hollard Insurance, stated in 2007 that they would no longer insure Volkswagen Citi Golfs manufactured in the previous two years as they were one of the most frequently hijacked vehicles in South Africa. For many years, car manufacturer BMW has had to provide its own insurance because commercial insurers either refuse to cover the vehicles or the costs are astronomically high.




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  1. This is Mandela’s South Africa. We live with this every day. South Africa is portrayed as this wonderful rainbow nation but in reality us whites are being slaughtered everyday. If we fight back we are accused of racism. We sitting with the most corrupt government in the world where the leaders consult sangomas (witchdoctors) and their forefathers before making dissisions. The police are worse than the criminals. South Africa…..just another Zimbabwe!


    2. Then you should move, I don’t see the point in having all white beaches in Africa and segregation still there. Oh no white people are being attacked and ran out of the country -gasp- Don’t like it…move.

      1. we don’t have all white beaches in south Africa , and we don’t want to go back in time, I have never been racist, have always seen people as people. we are all trying to live in peace with one another, but there is a element who just use this whole racist thing as an excuse to commit crimes, even you are at risk they don’t care about colour, its about crime and nothing else. THIS IS ZIMBABWE ALL OVER AGAIN, and people are blind to not see what is happening, and too pathetic to fight for our rights as human beings, and its all very well say leave, do you have the opportunity to leave, do you have the finances or the job over seas to leave and go to……………its not as easy as it sounds

      2. Kiki, where do you live? Not in South Africa… white beaches???, where do you come on that? Segregation? Please make your argument more clear.

      3. Shame – poor Kiki. Just another black person with a chip on her shoulder. Stop feeling sorry for yourself for being black because we don’t. Everything around you was built by the white man – you haven’t done a thing for yourself. Everything that was in place the new government wrecked. You did this to yourself – if other blacks can move on, so can you

      4. Kiki, honestly, you must suck that opinion from your arse. you dont see the point in all white beaches? REALLY?!! wow you are so well educated arent you. go to south africa you absolute moron, you wouldnt last one day there. Here’s a tip… SHUT YOUR MOUTH! your opinion is based on absolutely nothing. maybe before you post you should look at the statistics. you say just move? to where you idiot, a south african passport means nothing to the rest of the world because the ALL black government doesnt even care for its own let alone the white people, they only care for what they can buy and screw EVERY person on the receiving end, that includes trying to get out to a better life. so here is a huge go **** yourself

        1. Luren, i hear you, and i hear everyone who has posted a comment. It’s very difficult to even say anything because we just pretend life is normal, but it’s not. Tonight while reading all the comments, the news (SABC) came on and the head line was, a 6 WEEK OLD BABY WAS RAPED!!! WTF?? Who in their right mind does that? I’m sick and tired of this shit. Majority of the stuff that is going on is not even posted in the newspaper or on the news locally – only one or two incidents but the rest? Where is the rest? There is too much crime! Or we can’t keep up with what needs to go on press! Or it just gets swept under the carpet. Let’s not let people know. Keep the people ignorant. Nice one! Love that!
          What’s happening is terrible and no one can comment if you don’t live here. Really!!!!!!! Easy for people to say just leave, but the Mother City is where I grew up in. In Aparteid. I had Coloured friends, black friends, I didn’t know the difference really, I just wanted friends. I feel sooooo sad to see what has become of this Country and how people take advantage. It breaks my heart. Cape Town is much of my City as everyone’s. I’m sorry to burst your bubble Kiki. Why should I leave now leave because the blacks claim it’s theirs? Since when? Are you joking or are you making this up? I’m more so respectful to the people in my life may it be Black, Or Coloured, Or Idian, Or Muslum oh wait? We do have 11 official languages in this country! Carry on going! I have always given more than I should (So my mum says) but yet I’ve been a victim of crime. If I have to start with me and tell you what has happened to the rest of my friends, you wouldn’t probably believe it.
          Jeeeeesh guys so much hatred, what the efen ef is going on? Feeling really upset about the current situation. I can’t even say lets try work it this out because it clearly hasn’t? There are too many people in power brain washing the people they like to keep as the ignorant ones. I’m sorry but how much has changed since the black empowerment? If anything it’s worse and they just like to blame other people! Perhaps the DA! It’s ridiculous!! OMG this can go on and on. I care for my country but what is happening feels like things are going sour. Seriously? Surely we at an age where we can distinguish between right and wrong? Cheers. X

      5. kiki your an idiot!!!! I await the day your own people turn on you. Pointless arguing with narrow minded pathetic idiots like yourself.

      6. Hallo Kiki, you pathetic moron. Here is something just for you. We will of course all agree to excuse you that you may leave before we all start vomiting. And here is the perfect destiny for you – just read this open letter to the person whom I believe is probably your real life hero;

        Dear Right Honourable Excellency Julius Sello Malema the First, Commander in Chief of the Economic Freedom Fighters, Ruler of all the Beasts of the Earth and Fishes of the Seas and Conqueror of Colonialism in Africa in General and South Africa in Particular.
        Or, in the parlance of the common people, heita Juju! Having said that, there shall come a time when political scientists will want to add an ism to your name. You need to drop a vowel. Malemism is easier on the tongue than Malemaism, which sounds more like a tropical malaise than a bona fide ideology.
        People have been coming up to me and saying, “Who is EFF?” Sometimes they say, “Who the eff are you?” but their kind is best ignored. You put it rather nicely in your manifesto: “The EFF is a radical, leftist, anti-capitalist and anti-imperialist movement with an internationalist outlook anchored by popular grassroots formations and struggles.”
        That clears that up, then.
        I predict that, before the end of the decade, Malemism will overtake Marxism as the predominant school of thought among a new generation of urban guerrillas. Compared to you, Karl Marx was a pussycat. Marxism is a theory. Malemism will be a fact. If anyone argues, have Shivambu stab them in the face. Oops. That was a Floydian slip. Have him talk some sense into them. An open dialogue is usually less messy than an open wound.
        What ruined Marxism for me was the number of psychobrates Karl allowed in to the inner circle. Even though he was very bright for a white man, Karl made the mistake of encouraging other men with beards to get savagely twisted on Jägermeister and come up with all kinds of crazy things like dialectical materialism and economic determinism. The proletariat could barely spell their own names. No wonder Marxism never caught on.
        Now that Dali Mpofu, the devil’s advocate, is a member of your merry band of brigands, your quota of intellectuals has been filled. Do not accept anyone else with a university degree. Too many revolutions have been ruined by some smartass at the back who puts up his hand and says, “But, commander in chief, if we are going to nationalise everything, throw farmers off their land and give everyone free health care, housing and education, where will we get the money to, you know, pay for things like roads and power stations?”
        When the EFF takes power, you can do away with money altogether and use stones instead. This country has plenty of them. The Karoo could be the new Treasury, except there won’t be any security at the door. Or any doors. People could just drive out there, fill their boot with stones and be rich right away. Small stones could buy takeaways while rocks could be used to buy bigger things like tumble dryers and plasma televisions. A Mercedes would cost a small boulder, of which we have plenty.
        It’s uncanny how much you and Marx have in common. Karl collaborated with Friedrich Engels. You speak Engels. Your insightful exchange of ideas with BBC correspondent Jonah Fisher in 2010, which included the phrase, “Rubbish is what you have covered in that trouser”, showed an admirable grasp of the subtle nuances of the English language.
        Marx studied at the University of Bonn. You once drove past the University of Cape Town.
        You sang ‘Dubula iBunu’. He sang ‘Lydia the Tattooed Lady’. No, wait. That was Groucho Marx. My researcher is drunk. I shall have him stripped naked and flogged at once.
        By the way, I like your website. The colours of blood and canaries are very 2014. I also like your logo. A giant black fist dominating Africa, threatening Brazil with an assegai. Good for you. Those goddamn uppity Latinos need to learn that they aren’t the only ones who can cripple economies through poorly thought out socialist policies.
        It’s also a smart move to invite people to donate R30 to the cause by sending an sms. Any idiot can send an sms. And I am nothing if not an idiot. I fired off an sms right away. Any chance of a receipt? When you finally deploy the 5th Expropriation Brigade, I want to be able to show them something that sets me apart from the neo-imperialist counter-revolutionary running dogs of capitalism that infest my suburb.
        I see you are with FNB. Good choice. I like their slogan: “First National Bankie – How Can Weed Help You.”
        I am also very impressed with your manifesto. Did you know that it comes from the Greek word ‘mani’ meaning ‘barefaced’ and ‘festo’ meaning ‘lies’? Of course you did.
        I found it a tad long at around 20-thousand words, but that shouldn’t be a problem for your followers. By the time the economically disenfranchised have finished looking up words like heterodox and beneficiation, American helicopters will be evacuating the last of the capitalists from the roof of the Johannesburg Stock Exchange and the sangomas can move in. The fall of Saigon will seem like a stumble by comparison.
        Nice touch kicking it off with a quote from Frantz Fanon, although one or two of your members might struggle to relate to a Martinique-born French Creole psychiatrist who dabbled in existential humanism on his days off. On the other hand, he did actively support the Algerian war of independence from France. As a result, Algeria today is in far better shape than France. And you, Julius, are in far better shape than Frantz.
        The quote is, “Each generation must, out of relative obscurity, discover its mission, fulfill it, or betray it.” Or, in the case of the ANC, and betray it. Do you like that? Have it.
        The first point in your preamble reads, “Our decision is to fight for the economic emancipation of the people of South Africa, Africa and the world.” Nothing wrong with aiming high, comrade. But the world? I hope you have a passport.
        One of your seven pillars for economic emancipation is to “build government capacity allowing the abolishment of tenders”. This is brilliant. Nobody need rely on the government for work because everyone will already be working for the government. Thirty million civil servants should get the job done in no time at all. Who cares if the economy shuts down over lunch every day? It’s a big, hungry thing, the economy is, and it can’t be expected to go all day without so much as a smoke break.
        I love all the free stuff mentioned in your fourth pillar. Education, health care, housing, sanitation. I would go further and offer free booze. Having a roof over your head and knowing the square root of twelve would feel so much more satisfying if it came with a box of beer.
        Pillar number five says there will be “massive protected industrial development to create millions of sustainable jobs”. By protected I expect you mean that once the workers are inside, the factories will be sealed off with bladewire and minefields. Don’t let the bastards out. Ever. You didn’t say they would be paying jobs. Clever, that.
        Your second pillar calls for the nationalisation of banks, mines and other sectors of the economy without compensation. You might need heavy artillery for the banks. I have been trying to get an appointment with my branch manager for months. You are going to have to winkle the swine out with howitzers.
        The manifesto also says, “It is a crying shame that in the 21st century we are presided over by an elite system of power where only 400 members of the national assembly govern over 50 million people. The EFF shall agitate for the transfer of power to the people.”
        You need to have teams visiting every home in every town. If the person who opens the door can sing the first stanza of L’Internationale and answer three questions about, say, the Babylonian revolt against Assyrian rule, he or she gets to make a new law right there and then. Parliament can be converted into a vegetable market.
        And you say house repossessions will be illegal? Yeah! Fuck the bond. What are you going to do now, Sheriff? Shoot me? Oh. Okay, wait.
        You also want to see “the scrapping of criminal record statuses of ex-convicts who were convicted of certain schedules of crime”. Nothing wrong in thinking ahead. That’s the mark of any good leader who might one day go to jail for certain schedules of crimes. Like tax evasion. Or money laundering. Or racketeering.
        You warn that your policies might cause an “imperial backlash”. I wouldn’t worry about that. When the Mau Mau did their thing in Kenya, the imperial backlash extended to the madams of Happy Valley firing the servants and pouring their own gin and tonics. I expect our imperialists would do the same – right after they have shut down their multi-billion rand investments and repatriated the profits.
        I like how your manifesto separates the race groups. It does away with all that simunye nonsense. For instance, you talk of the “Coloured question”, saying that the EFF will come up with revolutionary programmes to guarantee them fishing rights. I don’t know when last you were in Cape Town, but you should know that not all of them are fishermen. Many have diversified into the narcotics industry. It’s an important demographic. Don’t neglect them or they will be at the throats of the fishermen in no time at all and you will be to blame.
        Still under the section titled “The Coloured working class”, you say, “The wine farms in the Cape should be expropriated and redistributed to the farm workers.” This is an excellent idea. Who cares if the chief financial officer of Spier has no front teeth and a touch of the old foetal alcohol syndrome? I certainly don’t. And I am all for buying cabernet sauvignon in five-litre plastic containers.
        Under the “Indian/Asian working class”, you question whether Indians should be classified as a historically disadvantaged group. Should they benefit from affirmative action? You seem unsure. I tried asking around but the thing with Indian fellows is that you ask them one thing and they tell you another. And another. And before you know it the whole day has gone by and you’re lakka goofed and dronk.
        When I came to the “White working class”, my sphincter snapped shut. I was expecting terrible things. But all you said was that white people who didn’t own land and the means of production would be allowed to live. Ha ha. Not really. Instead, we would benefit from the EFF’s struggle. Yay for me. I don’t own much more than a car and two surfboards, so I’m safe. Right, comrade? I am safe, aren’t I?
        One thing is certain – the poor will send you to parliament next year. That’s R70 000 a month in your pocket right there. Sure, this is peanuts compared to what you are accustomed to, but it’s a start.
        Anyway. Good luck, commander. If your dreams come true, we will all be living in one hell of a state.

      7. Kiki, it sounds like you are as ignorant as the majority of people who vote for the ANC and their corrupt leaders,who seek only to enrich themselves and screw their own people. Your comment about “white beaches” indicates your lack of knowledge – there are not any “whites only” beaches, not for 20 years! And YOU sound like the racist – narrow-minded and ignorant. So you “like” what is happening here?? People starving,no employment,a totally screwed infrastructure, collpasing hospitals, a failed economy…so that’s what you “like”?? FFS!

      8. Right Kiki, I agree, whites should come to America and we should stop immigration from Africa, that is a great idea! Thank you so much.

        Stop sending Aid to Africa Americans.

    1. Grow up and realize this is not 1600 anymore and that civilization caught up to the human race (if you can get on the train)…
      If I had to be back in SA I would treat human kind as human and barbarians as such.

    2. well you lucky the whites left you a well rich country,have you look at the rest of Africa? so polo get a life help to bring your country together ,because soon south Africa will be poor broke and finish ,so far you people did nothing good to make your country well. don’t think we Americans are not watching you.stop being ignorant .or maybe your new bosses the Chinese will kill you all ….just wait.

    3. I cannot imagine that you could be better looking than what you are sounding so backward. You shall certainly soon, yes very very soon reap 100 times what you and all your ancestors have sown. Your race has yet to make any positive contribution anywhere in the world. And by the way, sorry, but no, Mandela will not teach anybody anything since he is already dead. Soon he will be buried and then you will have to run for your life. We have had enough and we are fully prepared to meet with you and your likes. We are not intimidated or scared and never have been. We have just pitied you for a couple of hundred years, hoping that you could improve. By the way, when Europeans arrived here blacks arrived at exactly the same time from the North – the country belonged to nobody. And by the way, at that stage a couple of hundred years ago, all Europeans and Asians had a written language, industries, art, and were sailing the seas in huge ships while blacks were running around naked, killing each other with rocks and sticks. You started wearing clothes in the meantime but you are still incapable of creating, contributing or cherishing life for what it is. How pitiful is that – even animals in the wild do better?

  2. We used to live in Hillcrest and had to leave after the family was robbed at gunpoint in a restaunrant and terrorised for more than two hours. The police refused to investigate and my life was threatened when I complained. Sometimes its not worlth er… fighting… against thunder?!

  3. You see polo it’s because of scum like you that this country is doomed. Hatred has never solved anything and world history shows that. Why is it that all like you have such little common sense and no wisdom to build a prosperous country?? All you are doing is doing is being part of repeating history in Africa and if you and your kind don’t stop, you will all end up in Greater poverty like the rest of Africa. Try use some common sense!!

  4. I can not understand why people that can leave still stay there. How stupid can one be?????????????? Your forefathers left the countries they came from for a better life in South Africa, why are you not leaving for the same reason as what they did.

    1. I agree with you .i have met up with people who left South Africa 20 years ago because they believed it was not going in the right direction

  5. I HAVE A DREAM – that ALL the white people can leave SA in one month! Then these violent threatening criminalistic haters of whites, will have no more taxpayers, no more employers, no more farmers, no more donations, no more charities and no more victims to destroy, rob, torture & murder!

    1. Well they will still have the United Nations who support will need to look at what you want to do about your own problem

    2. I would want to leave, but with the rand that is worst against the dollar no way we can leave this racist country. they keep it there and only the rich benefit.

  6. Blacks have shown they are incapable of behaving in a civilised manner. Wherever blacks exist, society crumbles. The whole African continent post colonial rule has regressed into a nightmare.

    My sympathy goes to the white victims in this story. Enough is enough!

    1. Damn true boet-also my sister who’s in Australia for last 25yrs has noticed that where the black “refugees??” move into a neighbourhood of Sydney-bang!! crime goes up, dirty streets (cos the mun’l cleaners are too scared to go in and clean up the filth)they have their own ‘hood and nobody else may move into that hood

      1. Very true, Andy. The once proud working class suburbs of Sydney have become racial ghettoes. The third world invasion of blacks, Muslims, Islanders and even Asians has brought no benefit to Australia or any Western naion for that matter.

        In particular, the black Africans and Muslims are the the most backward people. They have only brought rape, gang violence, welfare dependency and chaos. The political establishment has disowned us!

  7. New post on Shane’s Blog

    by shane
    So tell me what has improved????

    I keep hearing from libtards and supporters of the ANC how wonderful the new South Africa is???

    Well I just don’t see it and reckon you should remove your rose colored sunglasses and see the the decay before it rots you and everything you hold dear. I mean, you name it? It has gotten so bad in every department and every aspect of life here in SA that it is so sad that all you can do is laugh!!

    Our money has fallen so far we will soon need a wheelbarrow to go shopping! Our education is one of the lowest in the world, we are providing the world with a generation of fools who cant think for themselves and who believe they are owed a living simply because of the color of their skin! Scholars go to school for most of the year without the benefit of test books? Teachers are more interested in shagging their students than educating them. Alcohol, drugs and sex is what these children are learning about. That’s why they vote for the ANC and the EFF – they are to stupid to think for themselves!!

    Government departments are a cesspool of criminals that are only good at ordering fast food!! Greedy bastards that should only belong to over eater anonymous and definitely not belong to our government. Corruption and the buddy system are the order of the day, its like a competition to see who can steal the most and get deployed to another region where they can steal even more!

    The once proud and effective police force has become a police service that provides no service at all!! It is so saturated with dangerous criminals that most South Africans fear them and would not go to them for help in any way or form! Most people – especially whites know that if you are in trouble the last people you want to contact is the police!! Nope now days you solve your problems without the police!!! In a 1000 years archeologists are going to find hundreds of dead criminals buried all over the place and they will know that this country had no law and order.

    Our defense force is the joke of the world – obese pink slipper wearing idiots that could not defend us against an invasion of gummie bears!! Oh how the mighty have fallen – this used to be the iron fist of Africa!! Planes that don’t fly, ships that don’t sail? They will however keep KFC in business for ever!!

    The railways used to be a fantastic way to travel with their own police force to keep order. Now you stand a good chance of burning to death or being thrown out of a window? The trains are so filthy that you require a hazmat suit to use them safely. The roads are no better and on most of them you require a 4×4 to get through the pot holes!! Your chances of getting a 4×4 quickly are not so great though because everyone in government has one on back order from the tea girl to the presidents wives!

    So forgive me if I don’t see all the progress you idiots keep talking about, but then I am not blind!!

  8. I hate what this country has become. I hang my head in shame when I announce that I am from South Africa. The world laughs at us and think we are a joke. Our government is a joke! Oranje, Banje, Blou was a flag of pride. A time of order. It was safe! What future is a head for my two young children. They are white, they will be jobless, they will live like jail birds in their homes and even then they will live in fear. What is the use of living in this country! Things are never going to change. We messed up! We gave this country to them on a silver platter. And look what they have done to it. They killing us white people off by the dozens every day. The only question is, when is it my time to go violently?

  9. I am sitting here with a thousand thoughts running through my mind. Yet I cannot find the words to paint a picture of my thoughts. All I can suggest is for people to become more educated on self-defence, (Krav-Maga) could have helped in this situation. Unfortunately for those who would like to leave it is not a reality as it is financially out of their reach. Go to another country and claim asylum and you will be ridiculed and told that you are part of the problem by trying to rescue yourself and your family.

  10. We were called racists and cowards when we left the country, but when you survived 2 armed robberies you see life a little different. I desperately feel for the people who are trapped with no finances to escape. The rest of the world should accept south Africans as refugees. We are not doing anything else but flee for our lives

  11. The sad thing is most people will stay in South Africa until they get directly affected by crime instead of being proactive and leaving before something terrible happens to them or their family.

    This white genocide is not by accident, it is an organised move to reduce and exterminate the whites from South Africa.

    I moved to another country 6 months ago and I can tell you the grass is definately greener, and safer on the other side.

    1. Where did you go G? I would love to leave South Africa, but many of us don’t have the money. We struggle because I had to leave my job and come home to homeschool my kids. We live on one income. My husband is studying now and in about 5 years he will be qualified as an electrical engineer. And then things will look up financially. Soon the doors will open for us too to leave this country.

      1. My family and I left South Africa for good in 2002.Try New Zealand where we are. Very happy and safe.Apply now before it is too late.Best of luck.

    2. The Person speaking was not mumbling at all…he has been attacked, and I know how that feels, I had 5 of them come into my home, and was held at Gun no one knows until it happens to you!
      I Lived in Africa a long time, and my children were born there! I will always love Africa.
      It is Greener on the other side…
      Its Sad that eventually when most whites leave, it will go to pot, its just how it is…look at Zimbabwe, destroyed, and their own people are certainly NO BETTER OFF…

  12. As Sunnette Bridges said “You (government) want to change the names and streets of cities/towns? Please go ahead, because I would rather you name them as you wish and not leave the names which were originally to honour past people -i.e Pretorius for Pretoria-the cities/towns where you now live have become cestpits (toilets) and are all full of decay and filth!!” I tend to agree with her wholeheartedly!!!!!

  13. Leaving the country is not just about finances, my family have been waiting for 4 years and could still wait 8 more years to get to move to the US. It is a long process and not everybody qualifys . So its not just a matter of moving.

    1. It is really awful Will. A friend of mine and his family took 9 years before they could complete their immigration to Miami. The irony is that the BMM (black muslim moron) who is now running America silently introduced very effective “affirmative action” over there. If you are white you will face extreme difficulties in getting immigrant status even if you are superbly qualified and experienced with scarce skills, young, hard working, no criminal record etc etc.


      If you are beige, brown of black, have little or no education, no training or experience, probably a criminal record etc etc, AND YOU CROSS THE BORDER AS AN ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT, you almost instantly get a social security number, government assistance to settle, protection, residence permit or even permanent residence and the list goes on. It almost falls into your lap.

      Unfortunately this underlines again the inherent discriminatory inclinations of blacks the moment they get a little bit of power. It is like an instant little “dictator” button is pushed.

      On the other side of the coin, if we are frustrated and irate, I can only imagine how some of the beige, brown and blacks must feel if they have made the choice to break away from the pack to become solid citizens. Although this is by far the exception to the rule, they actually do exist and are probably oppressed by their own even more than what we are oppressed by the same dim thug mobs.

  14. Im a coloured South African living in Cape Town. I would just like to say one thing or maybe two. Sorry for using race to raise my point. But white people of SA does not owe us as South Africans anything (my personal opinion). As soon as we realise that, then we can start moving on. They dont owe us land, jobs etc. As far as im concerned, farms are in the right hands at the moment. These blacks wanting land came from the north and took land that was not theirs in the first place. So we must stop wanting handouts and start making a positive contribution to the economy of this country. Otherwisewe are heading straight back to the stone age. My second point, there is too many political parties in this country. Every mampara, with a little money, can start one. But one thing is for certain, this cANCerous government got to go.

    1. Thank goodness someone with sense. Someone who says it like it is. I left South Africa in 1978 and have recently returned there for a lengthy holiday. I travelled extensively around the country. In fact 2500kms. I saw main roads in terrible condition. Houses in cities I knew very well in terrible rundown condition. Black people sitting on the edge of the road with friends sharing half a loaf of bread for evening meal. This government must go. A new one CAN and MUST sort the country out. I am sad for the blacks who had trust in the new government. How dissapointed they must be.

  15. On 24th October my daughter and her family were held at gun point and traumatised for 3 hours. They tied the parents and the two older girls up, fortunately they left the 7 year old but she witnessed everything and is still suffering the trauma. It is also the post trauma that gets to everyone and apparently it does not leave you. What has this young family done to deserve this sort of trauma. Nothing. Yes they are leaving the land of their birth early next year. Fortunately they can leave – not everybody can. Other countries do not just take in anybody – you have to have skills. By the way, the thugs were speaking Portuguese which means that they were no doubt illegal foreigners who told the family during the ordeal “we are only doing our job”.

  16. I feel that lots of people would like to move to a more safer place but do not how to .Possibly the crime was always in south africa as in other countrys I have seen on tv.,but coved up some how from past and new governments for gains or for other takes years to plan ahead to leave any country you live first look at the country’s who are interested to have new people Now. don’t wait for years on end. .no matter what New Zealand .if you do not have lots of money contact the embassy and ask them to post you the application the back of them it normally gives you a list of what’s will also ask you if you have a trade ,diploma of some kind or a degree.or your age makes a big impact.also if your skill is on there short list .some skills used it takes years to plan ahead to leave a country you live first look at the country’s who are interested to have new people now .no matter what New Zealand .if you do not have lots of money contact the embassy in johanesburg and ask them to post you the application the back of them it normally gives you a list of what’s will also ask you if you have a trade ,diploma of some kind or a degree.or your age makes a big impact.also if your skill is on there short list .or you prepared to work in areas called regional .where there is less population .New Zealand if you had proof of your practical experience by means of references from your company’s you worked for.also you may be able to leave as a family from one of your children qualifying ,but coved up some how from past and new governments for takes years to plan ahead to leave a country you live first look at the country’s who are interested to have new people now .no matter what New Zealand .if you do not have lots of money contact the embassy and ask them to post you the application the back of them it normally gives you a list of what’s will also ask you if you have a trade ,diploma of some kind or a degree.or your age makes a big impact.also if your skill is on there short list .they would have to put you on there application as you dependant on them.start to collect your papers which take the longest ,like police clearances( minor or very old crimes can be accepted by some country).but not normally un – finalised cases.make your applications which take the longest first.if you do not use them in time you will have a reference number to get a new one quickly.full birth certificate of each person,and off your mother and father.marriage certificate ,current passports of all people not less than 3 month to expire.recent passport photos certified .i have also met people who have immergrsted ahead of there family and found jobs to gain more immergration could be allowed to move and work on a work permit for a few years even,it depends on the country.modt country’s allow you to make your own application you do not have to use a immergration agent who charges lots of money.i am not a immergration lawyer or adviser but I managed to do it myself for 2 country’s .give it a go

  17. @ Dahlia. Thank you for making me smile despite the pain it caused due to my cracked lips from kissing arse and paying lip service to political correctness. Tragically very little of what you say is laughable because its true. But then I have always believed that the best humour and satire are the sharpest scalpels with which to dissect the human condition. Perhaps my critics should pay heed your words and then maybe they would wonder afresh at why I am building a boat, and why I call it my family ark. Perhaps I should tell them it’s so that we can EFF off!

    1. the mining companies are leaving due to ANC taxesThe chinese government has been given the go ahead to take overr Africa and exterminate the indigenous negro in two generations. In Chinese scgiol the children are taught that blacks are 290,000 years beeehind other races. The ethnic Han are told they will run the world in 25 years. They Chinese are going to exterminate the blacks to grab the riches.

  18. To be very honest to all mankind,the issue of sagregation,hatred,racism and crime are the only instrument lazy people in life use to cover their asses.South african blacks are the most lazy people in this planet earth,so they will complain about everything and everybody,and hate people where ever u are coming from that include themselves.Am original black,i grew up in a country were the government dont have to do everything for the citizens,we strive,travel far and wide,hustle,educate ourselves to be better people in life,so never had to think bad about anyone or feel different from others,be you red,green,pink,pupple or a white person,..ofcourse i grew up wanting to meet white intelligent folks and others alike who i can learn is high time you black south africans stop asking people to leave coz u dont own anything and still needs to learn from people who thought you the little u know now.You dont bite the finger that feeds you,is insanity.learn from your Nigeria brothers instead of hating them coz u lack the spirit of competition on how to hustle to better yoursef and family and allow others the peace to do same please miss kiki,sound like a toy lol!

  19. Another reason to vote for ACDP..ANC corrupt, DA turns to Sangomas..where else to go..did you see the robbers took only the cellphone in the house? A life is worth nothing to them as long as they can steal and enrich themselves..

  20. hello people,what make me sick with a horrible test inside of me,the world cry for the apartheid,now there have everything there was looking for we forget about the white people living there lonely with very little help.I am french and i leave in the us,and not many people here now what going on with the white people in south africa,getting rape murder in horrible way.Is time to do something before in getting a complete genocyde.I feel your pain and you get to protect your self.And make some noise all over the world.

  21. When whites had apartheid it was not to be cruel and inhuman it was to protect themselves from this type of stuff. the thing they did wrong was USE the poor blacks as domestics and flaunt it in their face how much better their lives were and how much wealthier they were. If they had TRUE separation from blacks it would have been better – absolutely no intercourse or trade with the blacks at all. If the blacks wished it they could have offered to teach their ways to them – how to farm, how to set up local government etc. In hindsight this may have been a better way, but one thing for sure, they cannot live together – the “rainbow” thing is total BS. White people are not evil which is how they are portrayed all over the world and I am tired of it, black people portrayed as all angelic and innocent people. Well I can tell you this, there is no tradition in our white history, EVER, in any white/European country of baby raping. Such a thing not even a gorilla or ape would ever do. If you ask me if I wish to live apart from black people? The answer must be yes. Because they are unable to stop themselves from physically attacking whites and you can call me WHATEVER name you wish, it will roll off my back. Until their hatred of whites is abated, this is what whites can expect. And we should be asked not to complain or we are racist? LOL. Not to want to avoid it? We must embrace this pain! As a good white person. And honestly, yes of course there are good, decent, smart black people everywhere. I’m talking on average, and I’m speaking the truth.

  22. To figure out the future of South Africa just look at the history of the continent as a whole. Ask yourself one question only.

    Is there just one sucessful independent African nation on this planet?

    I asked this question 27 years ago & decided it was time to leave the land of my birth. Best decision I’ve ever made. It is so good to live in a country with economic & political stability where everything is well managed &a safe. It’s called white majority rule.

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