Black Detroit’s Collapse Dramatically Captured by Google Streetview 2008–2013

The black-controlled city of Detroit’s ongoing collapse into ruins has been vividly captured on camera by Google streetview images taken over a five year period from 2008 to 2013.

The comparative streetviews show how the infrastructure of what was once one of the greatest cities in America—when it was majority white—is literally collapsing into ruins now that the European population has been ethnically cleansed from the city.

01 - Bryden Street

The racial sea change in Detroit provides the key to understanding the collapse in that city.

In 1930, 92.3% of Detroit’s population was white.

In 1940, 90.8% of Detroit’s population was white.

In 1950, 83.63% of Detroit’s population was white.

In 1960, 70.8% of Detroit’s population was white.

In 1970, 56.0% of Detroit’s population was white.

In 1980, 35.7% of Detroit’s population was white.

In 1990, 22.2% of Detroit’s population was white.

In 2000, 12.3% of Detroit’s population was white.

According to the 2010 US Census, some 7.8 percent of the city’s population was classified as white. This is however a self-classification, and the actual percentage of white people in this African and Hispanic city are substantially less, as any visitor will confirm.

02 - Boulder St

03 - Arndt Street


05 - Hazelridge

06 - Thaddeus and Leigh Street

07 - Eastwood

08 - Hickory Street

09 - Hickory Street

10 - Hoyt












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  1. Black folk certainly could not be responsible for this regression in their environment.

    It must be due to global warming, climate change, industrial expansion,pollution,racism and more likely a combination of all the aforementioned!

  2. Methinks the only conclusion to be drawn from the pictures above is that TPTB must be even thicker than the blacks to sanction such destruction.
    And – Heaven help us – TPTB obviously think that we whites are thicker than blacks by meekly tolerating it.
    And if we whites don`t do something about it and soon, I`ll have to agree with them.

  3. A more clear illustration of what blacks do in society could not be asked for, nor could a better reason for white flight. Unfortunately white flight only works until blacks follow us to our new neighborhoods, and repeat the process all over again, once again blaming whites for it.

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