Black Hair Demons Spark Murders

Black criminals have killed four people this year already while stealing straight hair weaves and products in Memphis, Tennessee—and now the crime wave has been blamed on “demons in the hair.”

The straight hair comes from India, the greatest source of straight black hair, used by almost all black females as they try and imitate white peoples’ hair in their attempt to look less Negroid.

hair demons

According to Memphis TV channel WMC Action News 5, at least four hair vendors have been killed in the first 50 days of 2016.

“To a lot of people, selling hair is like crack,” a local hair retailer told the TV station. “Everybody is spending money on hair. They’re spending $300–400.”

The retailer said that “people will steal the hair and sell it through social media and even out of their cars.”

There were at least eighteen robberies of hair in Memphis last year, so the tempo is definitely increasing as straight hair becomes more and more in demand.

In a follow-up report, WMC Action News 5 revealed that in the wake of their original report, locals have taken to social media blaming “demonic spirits” because the hair originates in countries like India.

“Whose-ever hair I was wearing on my head, that heifer had a bad omen and that bad omen followed her from India and came on top of my head, and I took on her spirit,” one black woman said on YouTube.

Another wrote “Do you know the history of the hair’s original owner? What type of spirit did that person have? You may be buying a person’s hair and their demonic spirit.”

Yet another woman wrote: “Maybe the reason so many people are doing ungodly things has a lot to do with the fact that many of the purchases are made in other countries that worship false gods.”

The report goes on to say that many of the local blacks believe that “virgin hair from India may be possessed during a ritual called tonsuring, the cutting of hair for religious reasons, or sacrifices to idol gods.”

A local black pastor, Dr. Bill Adkins, pastor at Greater Imani Cathedral of Faith, said that the belief that the hair was “demon possessed” was straight out of “animistic beliefs, animism from Africa, from the Caribbean, voodoo, religions, and cults.”

“A generation back or so it was tennis shoes, gym shoes people were being robbed and killed over tennis shoes,” said Adkins. “Now people are being killed over hair and for weaves.”

The popularity of straight hair extensions among blacks can be seen by the fact that there is hardly one black female anywhere who can still be seen without a wig or having had extensive hair straightening treatment.

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WMC Action News 5 – Memphis, Tennessee

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  1. If we ever wrest control of mainstream media from the present liars, there must be TV programmes on the weird beliefs of primitive peoples. No apologies, no holds barred; everything in the open.

  2. You really have to rub your eyes and pinch yourself after reading this.
    At least this lunacy is just over hair… far.
    What happens when these crackpots realise what`s “on” the head is useless.
    What next – a mass surge in the number of black “brain surgeons” ?

  3. `Backward` doesn`t come anywhere near defining them and their culture.
    Can anyone see them transferring seamlessly into the 21st C and assimilating ?
    Witchcraft, voodoo and jungle drums could soon become the `culture` norm in the US.

  4. Commentator Tommy Sotomayor on Youtube has several videos about Black on Black murder in the US, including this topic, and makes some very good points.

  5. Perhaps weave wearers should stop that “cultural appropriation”. You know, like they accuse whites who wear dreds of doing, regardless of the fact whites do so with their own hair.

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