“Black Lives Matter” Snipers Kill Police

Black gunmen—inspired by the “Black Lives Matter” movement—have killed at least five white policemen in Dallas, Texas, in the first inevitable result of years of anti-white incitement by the media and establishment.

Gunfire broke out at around 20:45 local time on Thursday, as “Black Lives Matter” demonstrators marched through the city, protesting about the deaths of Philando Castile in Minnesota and Alton Sterling in Louisiana.


Dallas Police Chief David Brown said officers had surrounded a car park near El Centro College, where an armed man was firing rounds with a rifle.

He said the suspect had told negotiators that “the end is coming” and that he was going to attack more officers and had “bombs all over the place.”

Police also said officers had intercepted a car after a person threw a camouflaged bag into the back and sped off. Two occupants were being questioned.

Chief Brown said the suspects were all believed to have been working together, using rifles to carry out attacks while the rally was taking place.

Some eleven officers were shot “ambush style” by sniper fire.

Amateur video footage showed one police officer approaching a black gunman and taking cover behind a concrete pillar. The gunman shoots the officer at least twice, leaving him motionless, and then flees.

The police said it appeared that two snipers had fired from “elevated positions” during the protest rally.

“We believe that these suspects were positioning themselves in a way to triangulate on these officers from two different perches… and planned to injure and kill as many law enforcement officers as they could,” Chief Brown said.

The shootings are the inevitable result of years of anti-white incitement by the media, the establishment, and a multitude of “civil rights” organizations, all of whom have been pushing the myth that “innocent blacks” are “gunned down” by “racist police.”

In fact, as all the statistical evidence shows, blacks are proportionately less likely to be shot by police than whites, and the only reason why they appear to be more involved in negative interactions with the police is because as a group, they commit more crime.

The blame for the Dallas shootings is therefore fully at the door of the controlled media, the “Black Lives Matter” movement, and those anti-white “civil rights” organizations which have spewed out anti-white hatred and incitement.

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      1. Started to watch ‘The Greatest Story Never Told’ last night. Very, very interesting. More people should watch this. The true story about Hitler’s life.

  1. Let’s not forget whites can be caused by propaganda to fight each other. Though the numbers were rather larger.

  2. Welcome to the USA and multiculturalism and this so called
    racial harmony. Sane people want to be
    with their own kind. Look what is starting to occur in Europe. Imagine the
    USA that will soon be about 25% white.
    Curious as to the white populstion of
    the chosenite land.

  3. Last night in Dallas was the START OF EID AL-FITR and the End of Ramadan, which ISIS vowed to make “A Month of Pain for Infidels”, as they have done with recent attacks around the world.
    It appears that the American sheriff who predicted last year that the Marxist “Black Lives Matter” would team up with ISIS may have been right. The Unholy Muslim-Marxist Alliance has been discusses for many years now, and yet people are still reluctant to believe it.

    The Dallas BLM-ISIS shootings also tie in with the hacked emails describing how the Obama-Lynch administration is encouraging Marxist activists within BLM to create a “Summer of Chaos”, using violent protests to disrupt both Republican and Democratic conventions, to allow Obama to declare “Martial Law”, and perhaps even stay on as “Emergency President”.

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