“Black Lives Matter” Sued for Murder

The family of the Dallas, Texas, Hispanic police officer who was shot down by a black gunman who thought he was white, has launched a lawsuit against the “Black Lives Matter” movement.

The father of Officer Patrick Zamarripa claims in the suit that the Black Lives Matter incites a “war on police” and is a “violent and revolutionary criminal gang.”


“Black Lives Matter” racist gunman Micah Johnson set out to kill white people.

The Hispanic officer was one of five police officers murdered in downtown Dallas in July by black gunman Micah Johnson during a Black Lives Matter march though Dallas.

Johnson thought he was killing whites, as confirmed by Dallas police chief David Brown at the time of the shooting.

According to Brown, Johnson told police just before the end of the incident that he “wanted to kill white people, especially white officers.” Brown said Johnson made the remarks before he was killed by a bomb-carrying robot that had been sent into his location and then detonated by police.

The Fort Worth Star Telegram reported that in the 43-page lawsuit filed this week in a U.S. District Court, Zamarripa’s father, Enrique, seeks damages of up to $550 million.

“While Defendant Black Lives Matter claims to combat anti-black racism,” the lawsuit said, “the movement has in fact incited and committed further violence, severe bodily injury and death against police officers of all races and ethnicities, Jews, and Caucasians. Defendant Black Lives Matter is in fact a violent and revolutionary criminal gang.”

The lawsuit names a number of prominent activists as respondents: Louis Farrakhan, leader of the Nation of Islam; Rev. Al Sharpton and the National Action Network; Black Lives Matter organizers Rashad Turner, Opal Tometi, Patrisse Cullors, Alicia Garza, Deray McKesson, and Johnetta Elzie; Malik Zulu Shabazz, leader of the New Black Panthers Party; and George Soros, a supporter of Black Lives Matter.

Enrique Zamarripa’s lawsuit claims that Johnson, the Dallas shooter, was “acting as an agent of and at and under the direction of” the defendants.

The lawsuit is based upon a legal concept known as the doctrine of vicarious liability, which is defined as a “common law doctrine of agency, respondeat superior, the responsibility of the superior for the acts of their subordinate or, in a broader sense, the responsibility of any third party that had the ‘right, ability or duty to control’ the activities of a violator.”

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  1. It`ll be interesting to see the outcome of this lawsuit.
    I no longer believe the judiciary along with all the other top knobs and bigwigs are impartial…. those days are long gone. Members of the establishment always p*ss in the same pot having moved in the same select circles throughout their lives
    As a supporter of Black Lives Matter` the repulsive Soros could pay whatever size of fine simply by emptying his piggy-bank of loose change. Whether he`d be willing to do so is a moot point. That would mean admitting a partial defeat – something the globalist bastards have no intention of doing.

  2. BLM should be named a terrorist group and dismantled as quickly as possible. People still use KKK as the epitome of evil, when it’s this group which is the true evil and invited to the White House to visit Obama.

  3. I doubt that BLM will exist for long once good old Trump is President. They are terrorists. Shame on Obama for not putting a stop to this hatred and nonsense towards non black people and Police Officers.

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