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Black Nations are Failures and Own Worst Enemies: Jamaican Govt. Official

Black nations produce nothing, do not pull their weight globally, even in farming, and lag on all metrics—innovation, hard work, sacrifice, production, prosperity, and then use their own performance deficits to blackmail white people for aid, a senior Jamaican government official has said.


Writing in an opinion column in the Jamaica Observer, Dr Franklin Johnston, who serves as the senior adviser to that island-nation’s minister of education, said that this failure to produce anything of value was one of the prime drivers of racism, because “blacks do not count. Why should they when they can’t prosper one of the dozens of nations they rule?” he asked.


His column, titled “Racism thrives because black nations fail” pointed out that blacks are also highly racist towards all non-blacks of any other race, and employ outrageous double standards in dealing with whites, using the recent police shootings in America of criminal black thugs as an example:

“In Nigeria, blacks just killed 42 blacks and we do not blink, yet we’re rabid when police kill one black youth in the USA,” he wrote.

Dr. Johnston also dismissed the idea that slavery was the origin of racism. “Some say slavery caused racism. But it is dead, and despite multi-hued slaves, only black racism grows.”

He then explained in detail how blacks have racist attitudes towards non-blacks of all hues:

Most ethnic groups are racist to blacks, and we equally so!

Racist Africa expelled Asians (UK took them) as Dom Rep does Haitians today.

Our racists target Indian, Chinese using derogatory names and belittle their success as “yuh see ‘ow all a dem pack up inna on ‘ouse, an a calaloo and rice dem eat an dem av money; mi haffi eat meat!”

He then went on to his main point, that until black nations actually achieve anything of note, they will always automatically be regarded as backward:

The day one black nation has top military, space and nuclear capability, racism goes into immediate remission. Many black nations exist, but none prospers.

That slavery is the root of racism or the cause of black poverty is a cleverly crafted subterfuge by lazy-brained blacks; rip-off reparations and back-to-Africa scams.

Racism against “Gooks” died with Japan’s prosperity; the Chinese blew it away with cash and WMDs.

India (remember we dissed Coolie man?) is gone clear with technology, space and nuclear arms.

Africa is the only major population to be universally disrespected, even here; why?

They have no prosperous, potential menacing nation.

Small Jamaica is up front with big Nigeria as having great potential but mired in ennui, corruption and racism.

Black nations fail and this feeds global racism. We are our worst enemies.

Other races ordered their folks, scientists invented, stole or borrowed technology and got to a point where they could destroy the world—welcome to the head table!

Every black nation is a satrapy. Ours, with the best brand, shames the new world negro; rich, big Nigeria shames itself and black people everywhere!

He concluded by saying that only Africans could end the rest of the world’s view of Africa and black people as backwards:

Blacks can end racism but we will not apply ourselves!

Black nations produce few goods, mainly services—wrong move!

They live off nature’s bounty—tourism, beach, jungle, wild animals; to sing, dance, run, preen on a stage is what we do.

Blacks do not produce basics—sanitary napkin, car, gun, ship, toilet paper—yet use them with impunity.

Blacks do not pull their weight globally, even in farming, and lag on all metrics—innovation, hard work, sacrifice, production, prosperity.

They suffer for their performance deficits and use it to blackmail white people for aid.


  1. SOoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo TRUE!…………. yet some blacks will say this is not true. Thus showing more true stupidity.

  2. Why do they keep denying a simple fact in neurology.The brain of the average black is significant smaller in the cerebral cortex.This leads to the following behaviour.Mob mentality,impulsive behaviour,low inhibition, low impulse control.decreased functional motor skills.The list is endless,yet very typical of behaviour found worldwide among the black population.This is science not racism.Blacks are eons behind in functional brain development.This has nothing to do with anything else.

      1. You shouldnt ask to be spoon fed references. Google is on your desktop. Myriad keywords you are given. Check anything you doubt.

  3. The person who made the statement got it right. But also the arabs, probably due to their controlling religion and control by their leaders, have very little growth and development happens unless it is headed by someone from a developed nation. Arab countries with little oil are quite poor and in some respects backward. The invaders from north africa will not be taking much with them to Europe expect their expectations, demands and desire for a free ride. Yes there will be the exceptions. You seldom hear any one who is successfull by their own hard work complaining about racism or bigotry. They are, by their success on the other side of the fence. Problem world wide is people want a great life for nothing, no real effort or hard work just because they think they had a right to it. Unfortunatly everyone says they have rights. Yes you have rights. the right to work and the right to pay taxes. that builds a strong country and can afford to give away a few luxuries but someone worked for that. No one ever tells people that with rights come responsibilities. Responsibility to make a contribution to look after your self and to contribute to the society you live in. Take Take Take does not work for anyone.

  4. Uurrgghh !! Look at the state of the place ! What the hell do they spend their time doing if they don`t work ?
    For crying out loud, you bone idle loafers. Try pulling yourselves together up and out of this shit.
    Plenty of time on your hands, don`t just sit around on them. Do something productive and clean the place up.
    Oh I forgot !! It`s all whitey`s fault and the world owes you a living. Yeah, yeah, yeah. We`ve heard it all before.

    1. Was like that where I used to work. Those of color loafed around talking to friends on phone.
      The white guys did the work as they were the only ones management would lean on to get problems solved. Promote people for achievement ? Not anymore.

  5. AMEN! Everyone in the world that has been oppressed has figured out how to get out of it other than blacks. They are stuck in the past and are the only ones that refuse to take responsibility for their own culture. No.. they want to blame EVERYONE else for their problems. Blacks are 13% of the US population but commit over half the murders in the US. HMMM go figure that one.

    1. Actually black males 15-45 commit more than half the murders and 60% of all violent crime. That’s about 4% of the population not 13%

  6. Jan
    South America has had the same colonial past than Africa.The resources,climate,etc are almost the same(they were linked a couple of milleniums ago)Yet South America is much more advanced than Africa.The only real difference is in the composition of the population.That tells a story doesn’t it?

    1. Can they understand what all those big words mean? No!

      I’m an expat Safrican & I know! Left the old country 27 years ago & nothing has changed. Their thought processes have in all probability regressed as they believe that now they are the “boss” everything will be OK.

      So did Robert Mugabe! This is like a race to the bottom of the pile!

  7. The article really get down to why, why are they not prospering? Besides citing corruption and racism. Is it culture, environment, low I Q, laziness, no ambition … what? I bet someone will post all of the above. Other question what can be done to solve this problem? If they’re muslims it’s just a waste of time bothering, they’re beyond hope because of inbreeding and fanaticism

  8. As we look around the world and back through the 15,000 years of recorded history we see no successful or advanced black nations, anywhere in the world, or anywhere in history. I hope I may be forgiven for thinking this evidence of black racial inferiority.

  9. This guy is the most honest black man on planet earth. When Dr. James Watson concluded that Africans are less intelligent than all other races he was ridiculed and threatened by the leftist controlled Scientific Community along with all the Socialist Communist members. Why? He mentioned the DIRTY TRUTHFUL SECRET that is supposed to stay a secret. The powers that be all know that what he said is common knowledge however that information must stay far away from the millions of citizens who are drinking the Kool Aid of equality. The equality agenda is a divisive tool used to play “Divide and Conquer” among the citizens of Western European majority countries. Blacks are USEFUL IDIOTS that can be used over and over again to destroy, protest and kill all other races in the name of RACISM. I am so sick of the DECEIT and POLITICAL CORRECTNESS. This mans article hit the nail on the head in such a perfect way. This article should be mandatory reading for all Americans and all citizens of Western European Countries. Fuck the lies! If blacks are unwilling to get off their asses to work we should let them go the route of Darwin. They are only surviving as a species by living as parasites off the backs of the working White, Latin and Asian men and women. Ask any non black race in the world who the scour of mankind is and this will surely tell you it is the black race. Enough said! Peace out! God Bless Donald Trump!


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