Black “Oscars Boycott” Hypocrisy

Black activists who have attacked the 2016 Oscars awards for being “too white”  ignore the fact that there are hundreds, if not thousands, of blacks-only organizations all across America dedicated exclusively to promoting black entertainment, music, professions, recreation, education, and even beauty pageants.

And the Oscar Goes

Even more bizarrely, the allegation that the Oscars are “too white” ignores the fact that the award process is controlled by Hollywood insiders—the vast majority of whom are Jewish liberals who are on the far left of the political spectrum—and the most “pro-black,” as their film output demonstrates year after year.

Cheryl Boone Isaacs, the black head of the Board of Governors of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences—which runs the Oscars—said she was going to “take action to alter the make-up” of the organization’s membership after producer Spike Lee said he was going to boycott the 2016 awards because it was “lily white.”

Lee was joined in his protest by actress Jada Pinkett Smith, wife of black actor Will Smith.

Lee—most infamous for his vicious anti-white films such as Malcolm X and CSA: Confederate States of America—is possibly the most hypocritical of all.

Lee’s first college was the all-black, all-male, Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia, where alumni include Martin Luther King, Jr. Somehow, Lee did not have a problem attending that racially-exclusive educational institution—because it was for blacks only, no doubt.


Even more hypocritically, Lee has won awards from two blacks-only movie organizations. The Black Reel Awards (set up to “annually recognize and celebrate the achievements of black people in feature, independent, and television films”) awarded several prizes for his Love and Basketball film.


Lee also won prizes from the “Black Movie Awards” (BMA)—an annual ceremony held to recognize achievements of black film actors and films that “stand out in their portrayal of Black experience.”


The BMA  was founded in 1997, with an inaugural event at the American Black Film Festival (ABFF), which is a “four-day event dedicated to bringing awareness of entertainment content made by and about people of African descent to a worldwide audience.”

Once again, Lee seems to have no trouble at all with all these blacks-only and whites-not-allowed/welcome organizations—but seems to have a serious problem with Hollywood, which has—for the first time in many years—not nominated a black actor or film producer for an Oscar.

For her part, Pinkett Smith also has a long history of blacks-only activism: in 1997, she was emcee of the black “Million Woman March” protest march in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Speakers at the event included Winnie Mandela (a convicted kidnapper and fraudster whose criminal activities were so numerous that Nelson Mandela divorced her to distance himself from her), Pinkett Smith, and Attallah and Ilyasah Shabazz (the daughters of infamous anti-white racist Malcolm X).

Like Lee, Pinkett Smith seems not to have any problem with gatherings when they are for blacks only.

This hypocrisy is not limited to the acting world, however.


No one, for example, complains about the blacks-only Black Entertainment Television (BET), a cable and satellite television channel (owned by the BET Networks division of Viacom) which specifically targets black audiences—and exclusively uses black actors, producers, directors etc.—such as Pinkett Smith and Lee.

Also, no one seems to object to the National Black Farmers Association, the National Black Law Students Association, the National Black MBA Association, the National Black Nurses Association, the National Black Police Association, the National Conference of Black Lawyers, the National Organization for the Professional Advancement of Black Chemists and Chemical Engineers, the National Organization of Black Women in Law Enforcement, the National Society of Black Engineers, the National Association for Black Veterans, the National Association of Black Accountants, the National Association of Black Geologists and Geophysicists, the National Association of Black Journalists, the National Association of Blacks in Criminal Justice, the National Bar Association, the National Black Chamber of Commerce,  the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, the National Action Network, the National Afro-American League, the National Alliance of Black School Educators, the National Black Justice Coalition, the Miss Black America competition, the Miss Black USA competition, and many, many more, too numerous to name here.


This list does not even address the equal number of Hispanic only organizations, Asian only organizations, American-Indian organizations, etc., all of which are formed exclusively on a racial basis.

Of course, if any white person had dared to form even one of these organizations listed above, and called it, for example, the “National Association of Whites in Criminal Justice,” the controlled media—and doubtless people like Pinkett-Smith and Lee—would have been among the first to attack them as “racists.”

Yet the double standard to which all white people are held, still reigns supreme: all ethnic groups are allowed to organize on racial grounds—except whites.

The fake flare-up over the Oscars is but one more symptom of this knee-jerk—and controlled media endorsed—anti-white campaign.

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  1. Apparently it doesn’t occur to Jada Pinkett-Smith and her fellow negroes that this year, perhaps those who were nominated turned in better performances than the negro actors. That would match the common trait of negroes that they have a grossly inflated sense of self-worth and are over the top in a disproportional self confidence.

    The alternative is that the negro boycotters simply don’t care, and they are suggesting that negroes should be nominated for awards, not on merit, but simply for being negroes which is about what our country has come to anyway under jewish control for the past hundred years.

    1. Welcome to Obamas Amerika. Everyone gets a participation trophy no matter how little effort they put into it. I hate to say it but I’m beginning to believe the Islam’s will win. They don’t play, they mean business. Here we pander and pamper our children into believing life is rosey and all you need is a $125,000 college degree and everything will fall in your lap. The west may very well be doomed…..

  2. The usual ‘White anything’ haters are gaining too much credibility, they are forgetting the simple fact that maybe they did not have any films/actors that were good enough,and as the excellent article points out they are far to over-weighted with their own puffed up racists mono organizations to even have the neck to make these complaints, how about a white athlete complaining they should share out world records for say the one hundred metres, because it is always non whites that hold it most of the time,and not always fairly either,you wouldn’t,the thing is like all things in life it’s the same highly privileged moaners.

  3. Virtually every film or TV show and it does not matter if it is Historical or a period drama it has to include Black Actors.
    They winge far too mu ch and should be ignored.

  4. Regardless of motivations or race baiting why on earth should anyone care about a group of spoiled pampered entitled hollywood actor types having a beef with other spoiled pampered entitled hollywood actor types and there spoiled pampered entitled hollywood executive types? Give me a break! Has making a living by pretending to be someone else made them lose touch with the challenges people in the real world are facing. Please can someone pull the plug on the MSM and plug it into the common sense channel

  5. Fortunately according to the law of averages.I won’t be around in twenty years time to see the pending Apocolypse.The world will never be the same after that.I foresee brother battling against brother.Light against dark.Black against white.Black against black will cause the most damage.Religion against religion.

  6. I wonder how many members there are of (e.g.) Black Accountants? I note the list includes the NAACP, notably for being Jewish-staffed, Jewish-run, Jewish-funded, Jewish-scripted, and er, Jewish.

  7. Remember, also, how the libs scoff whenever the right-wing is made to feel indignant by the obvious snubbing of nominations of films which have a conservative nature. They skipped over Gran Torino and American Sniper and the response to rage from the right was the predictable “the academy has no duty to pick your favorite films”, “this is about awarding the best films, not pleasing everybody”, “maybe conservatives just don’t make good movies?”, etc.
    Where are these types of arguments when the nogs don’t get their affirmative actions Oscars?

  8. Everybody should boycott “Oscar” and Hollywood. It is political platform, not art. When USA attacked Serbia all the bad boys in Hollywood productions were Serbs. After us, it was Arab turn, now it is Whites that are bad boys. Of course, USA marines and soldiers are always there to act as heroes and save the day (but just in Hollywood movies). BS.
    There is no art is USA. Truly, there is NO ART in the USA- all what they have is the “best sellers” such as “Fifty shades of grey” (soft porn), music industry saturated with vulgar hip-hop where Snoopy Dog is a “star”, movies such as Hateful8 or The Reverent (mind polluting) and some silly and profane “performances” usually about feminism, free sex and LGBT.

  9. In the UK, they have MOBO awards (music of black origin), just imagine the stink if we had MOWO awards, or maybe, Whites are no good at music?
    Let’s have White Oscars and let them have Black Whatever.

    1. dedelafleche, Now you are entering the world of ‘no ‘no’ if you’re white ,not allowed,they can have thousands of ‘Black only’ institutions or organizations but not one ‘white only’ allowed, even with the MOBO awards they usually have a few token whites,for their entertainment,presenting or talking for them, strange when you think what race invented the word ‘Apartheid’.

    2. The USA has more organisations for all the various non-White American people than anywhere else. The people behind all this garbage are 100% hypocrites – and it is plainly obvious that they want to eliminate all white people from Earth just as the mass invasion of Europe indicates.

  10. I loved this truthful statement: “Even more bizarrely, the allegation that the Oscars are “too white” ignores the fact that the award process is controlled by Hollywood insiders—the vast majority of whom are Jewish liberals who are on the far left of the political spectrum—and the most “pro-black,” as their film output demonstrates year after year.”

    So what realm of HollyWeird would one get the idea that only Islamists would win? That is if the electorate were prejudice. As stated opinionated earlier: these people really are out of touch with reality.

    Select a good script and director and ACT, then you might be in the running for the award.

  11. Nelson Mandela was a terrorist. Winnie Mandela had a small army of murderers who she would send out every night. Is it any wonder that Nelson Mandela was willing to forgive the whites when he knew that if he pursued them he would be found out about all the crimes he had committed. What a pair of crooks they were. How dare Pinkett Smith invite Winnie Mandela to appear at a function in the USA. Smith and his missus obviously never read the news. What a pair of hypocrites. Smith made the movie ‘Concussion’ about a Nigerian Doctor who moved to the States and discovered that a good many NFL players developed severe brain damage due to receiving hits on their heads. Apparently Will Smith played the part of the doctor but he could not even get the accent right – what does that show you about him being an actor good enough to get nominated for an Oscar.

  12. And think of all the ‘Afro American’ actresses and actors that had no problem taking the money (and getting a start on their current status) acting and starring in those ‘Black’ films of the ’70’s.

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