Black Population in South Africa Has Increased by 920% in 100 Years

The black population in South Africa has increased by an astonishing 920 percent in just 100 years, mainly thanks to white farmers and western infrastructure, a new report from the Transvaal Agricultural Union (TAU) has revealed.

The report, titled “Whose Land is it Anyway,” was brought out to counter the build-up to the centenary of the 1913 Land Act in South Africa, which black supremacists and their supporters quite falsely claim was a “cornerstone of apartheid” and “land theft” from the African people.


The TAU is the oldest agricultural union in South Africa and has been in existence since 1897.

“Common currency has it that whites ‘stole’ land from indigenous blacks and that this theft was legally ratified by the 1913 and 1936 Land Acts which divided up the land and codified these divisions,” the TAU report said.

In reality, “whites who came to South Africa in 1652 and thereafter found a land devoid of basic development and infrastructure, sparsely populated by meandering tribes who had no written word and whose way of life was the absolute antithesis of Western mores.

“It is now acknowledged that the Khoi-San groups, and their sub-groups, are the indigenous peoples of South Africa.

“Whites and black African groups arrived in various parts of the country around the same time. They met at the Fish River in the Eastern Cape, and wars followed.”

The TAU also pointed out that prior to the arrival of the whites, the black population—which as pointed out above, arrived simultaneously with the European settlers and therefore have no more claim to the country than the whites—did not have any concept of land ownership or even writing.

“Man in his primitive state did not know the concept of ‘land tenure,’” the report continued.

“When hunter/gatherer groups formed, the first land tenure (if it can be called that) was by nature communal. Before the arrival of the European in South Africa with his tradition of individual land ownership, communal tenure in Africa was the norm.

“The territory inhabited and/or cultivated by a particular ethnic group was owned and/or utilized by the tribe in the name of their king or chief. Because there was no written word among these peoples, Christian missionaries took it upon themselves to learn and then write and codify the languages of the black people to whom they were ministering. They then taught these people to read and write their own language.”

“It is known that a great migration of black people took place from the Great Lakes region southwards, eventually reaching Southern Africa. Numerous reports exist as to which tribe went where. But these reports are not the historical property of the black peoples.

“Thus their claims to land in South Africa have no empirical foundation. They are based on oral history and folklore, and what was observed by early European travelers and missionaries, by the British colonial presence in the country, by Boer trekkers and administrators.

“If your history is written by others, with what can you contest this history? However, the early settled areas of the black people were later generally recognized as their core areas.”

“From the very beginning of settlement, black and white were segregated. South African history is replete with clashes over land ‘ownership’. There were no title deeds, no courts to decide who owned what.

“Proclamations and annexations were followed by wars, clashes,  agreements and disagreements, theft of livestock, sloppy boundaries and arguments over the measurement and surveying of land; borders were drawn and re-drawn; people moved all over the place and a completely differing approach to farming by both groups existed.

“In the black community, land was communal and the product of their agricultural activities was mainly for their own consumption. This was subsistence farming, and it persists in today’s South Africa.

“ Soon after the formation of the Union of South Africa in 1910, it was deemed imperative to settle the land question once and for all. The government (still under the British Crown) believed that if land could not be partitioned and allocated within the ambit of a Western title deed system, the very future of South Africa would be put at risk.

“The most immediate problem was food production for a burgeoning population. (It was obvious to the British then that blacks could not produce food for surplus, and to this day this is still the case).

“The core reason for the 1913 Land Act’s passing was the security of the whites, and particularly the farmers, to give them the necessary security of tenure on their farms to produce the food for what was still a country under the British flag, controlled essentially from London. Gold and diamonds had been discovered, and Britain was not going to give up this new jewel in the Crown.

“Antagonists of the 1913 Act and indeed the 1936 Act should look to Britain for redress. These pieces of legislation were not apartheid Acts—they were devised in South Africa under a government controlled by Britain.

“The current population of South Africa according to Stats SA is 52,98 million. As quoted by the SA Institute of Race Relations’ Yearbook 2012, the population of the country in 1911 was blacks: 4,018 million, whites: 1,276 million; coloreds: 525,466 and Indians: 152,094.

“The percentages were white: 21% and black: 67%. One hundred years later, the percentage population increase of blacks was 920%.

“But land in South Africa is a political tool. It is wielded without thought for the morrow. It is proffered within the context of a cultural more that has no place in today’s practical world. The division of land under the 1913 Land Act is a blunt weapon used to garner votes by the present SA government to seduce naïve and mostly uneducated followers who cannot feed themselves but who are asked to look upon those who can feed them as ogres who stole their land.”

Recent statistics published by the SA Institute of Race Relations state there were 1, 337,400 units of food production in South Africa. Of these, 1,256,000 are subsistence farmers; 35,000 communal area farmers have turnovers of less than R300,000 per year; 24,000 small commercial units have turnovers of less than R300,000 per year, and only 22,400 commercial units have turnovers of more than R300,000 per year.

“This means that only 6 percent of farmers in South Africa produce 95 percent of the food for 53 million people.”

Finally, the report points out that leftist “harping” on the “inequities of the 1913 Land Act are completely at variance with the facts as they existed in the first ten years of the twentieth century.

“Government (and many organizations with strange agendas) continues to harp on the perceived unfairness and injustice of the divisions of land set out in the 1913 Land Act without taking into account South Africa’s pre-1913 recorded history and, importantly, the population of the country at the time.”

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  1. That was a very eccentric article. When the land belongs to you it is your right to decide how to use it. The Khoi-San used the land for hunting and gathering. That they didnt have a british or dutch concept of ownership doesnt give the invaders any right to grab the land. I could argue i the same manner and say that british landowners dont have a grip on norwegian landownership and should therefore let the norwegians take their land.

    1. What are you saying? That all the land should be given back to the Khoi-San? Please go tell that story to the millions of Zulus, Vendas, Pedis, Tswanas, Sothos, Afrikaners, etc. Where would you like them to go? Back to Zimbabwe, Holland, Zambia?

      Do you think at all?

  2. Look here white settlers: when the whites came here, the blacks owned and occupied all the land, as they do today. Each owned farm, a mine and owned a bank. They also had free education. Free health care. Rent was free. They opened their homes to others. And everyone voted for their favorite king.

    1. Nasdaq7, you CLEARLY have NO idea what you are talking about. Go study the history of your country and look past the prejudice that you were clearly taught by the ruling party and then, when you are educated on this matter, leave a comment again.
      When the white settlers came to SA in 1652, the blacks only arrived in SA themselves. They could not write or read. They had no concept of money. They had no concept of owning a farm, since they all farmed land together. So I really do not understand how they could own their own banks and pay rent if they had no money, get free education if they had no written language, and had healthcare if they only had witchdoctors. And HOW can you VOTE for a king if the definition of ‘king’ is someone who takes leadership of a country by devine right? You VOTE for a president. It is not as if someone else was running a campaign as well to be voted into being the king?
      Please, just get a proper education yourself before you throw your name (and those of your fellow South Africans) away on a international website.

      1. Steady Lize Can you not see what Nasdaq7 is? He is an irresponsible semi-literate person who is obviously a black man that is poisoned against whites. THIS is the real legacy of Apartheid and we can only be thankful that this kind of person is today in the minority. We will see more of this type emerging from then woodwork at EFF rallys whose sole mission is to “take back the land, the banks, the mines, the …everything that is not theirs. This is always done in the so-called spirit of UBUNTU (don’t laugh – they actually believe it). The bubble has to break and I think it did when JZ spent over a quarter billion Rands of our money on Nkandla. The EFF want to push the whites into the sea and give the land back to the “people.” The only trouble with that is that the whites are not going to be pushed into the sea. If the EFF come into power then all of the land, the banks, the mines will then belong to the government and will NEVER belong to the people! This is why I think Nasdaq7 is a member of the EFF.

      2. Sorry Dizzy Lizzi – Nasdaq is right – it was like that then all the bad whites stole all the land at the battle of Blood river and all the blacks were made slaves, there that’s how it was, wasn’t it ?

        1. May I ask the ages of all the participants? Especially Nasdaq7 and Albert? There is an old saying that “the truth sometimes hurts”, so I can understand that you will argue till the end of time that our beautiful country only belongs to black people, because if it was possible to be able to have an intelligent conversation, you would come to the shocking realization that Whites were actually the real builders and developers of this country as you see it today. Sorry to really have to hurt your feelings, but yet, “the truth hurts sometimes”…

    2. Also hospitals and airports the whites just took over and chucked the blacks out of all the nice cushy positions!- if I remember correctly Dingane invented the aeroplane – an idea which the Wright brothers stole from him.

    3. @ Nasdaq7 Don’t talk kak, the blacks were running around in loincloths with bows and arrows when the white settlers arrived.

  3. Those evil imperialist colonising white devils. Shame on them for pushing Africa into the modern world. Today, the African black man proliferates to such an extent they abort their unborn to the tune of hundreds of thousands per annum. Yet, still have enough hordes to ship out to the rest of the civilised world as their own countries are crumbling from greed, maladministration, corruption, famine and war.

  4. Sounds very much like the situation in New Zealand a native people that had no written word no wheel no pottery no food other than birds and fish no anything really but claim every thing.

  5. The article and some responses mean that if a land “looks” empty, any body can go there with guns and claim it, by their might. And that is it then – now it is the turn of these 920% people to take the land the same way, isn’t it. At least they are on their own continent. Thanks for supporting their claim.

    1. You are right xyz.. THAT WAS THE SIGN OF THE TIMES in 1600’s. they were not land owners who were there they were no-mads.. travel from place to place. But the blacks who live there are not the one who were there when the white settlers came..

  6. Sorry all are you don’t really understand.. Do you know that the government is begging the farmers to stay. Why? because the black can’t farm that good.. most of them are useless. What they do is rape and murder.. I don’t mince words and I am not Politically Correct. I know a man who was a Policeman.. he was a good policeman in South Africa.. when all the crap went down he left like many whites did because Mandella talks a good game but Mandella was not a good leader.. he spoke of togetherness but when the black started singing songs to kill white people Mandella did nothing.. anyway the Government is asking for the whites to return.. because the blacks are not that good at doing things.. at least the blacks that live in South Africa..except to murder and rape and hi-jack cars..

  7. Very amusing to read these comments. Love Nazdaq’s sense of humour – straight over their heads ! Who really cares anyway. SA will end up like Zimb – re-colonised by the Chinese. Give it a few hundred years and there will be no black people in SA.

    1. Quote @ Peter: “and there will be no black people in SA”.
      That`s `cos the blacks will all be in Europe and other places daft enough to feed them and fund their nonstop `Yuman rights` claims.

  8. I can only say that the sooner these narrow-minded blacks [browns?] wake up to reality, the better. Unfortunately, that ISN’T going to happen. One could go on and on about this whole debate, but that would be time wasted. PeterW sums it up well; one would think that these ‘poor, underprivileged’ ama-blacks [I still don’t agree fully about the tint!], of which, by the way, around 97% are STILLLLLL!!! working for whites,[what happened to the Freedum they got in ’94?] would take a hint from what has happened in the rest of Africa! And that goes for ALL the clowns who have posted comments here that are to the contrary. You see, at the end of the day, the truth hurts. Dewald, Hannes, dianna, sammy, SAWBONES – well done; you tell it like it is!

    1. I just wish all these big mouthed so called black leaders( Julius Melema etc ) would take a donkey and go to Mozambiqe and see what happens when the blacks chase the white man out of the country.He must have a good look at what the white man can do in just 48 hours. That is what the Portugese were given to get out BUT in that time they destroyed Mozimbique .to such an extent that the blacks there are dying from starvation and lack medics and don’t have a clue of how to repair the damages. Most of the blacks there can not understand their leaders logics for chasing the white man out.Now they want them back. What does the white man say to that? They say you must fok aan that’s what you voted for. And mr Melema in mozimbiqe you don’t ride in a new car but rather in a good old SA whats left over of it scrap.

  9. Finally some people with balls. I love this. Say it as it is. Please tell me if any one knows of something a black man has ever invented. They didn’t even invent a pot with three legs. LOL

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