Black Supremacist “Professor” Blames Whites for Black Academic Failure

Black supremacist “professor” Ebony McGee, who wears a straight-hair wig to appear less African in appearance, also runs a blacks-only website which uses a “black power fist” logo.
Black supremacist “professor” Ebony McGee, who wears a straight-hair wig to appear less African in appearance, also runs a blacks-only website which uses a “black power fist” logo.

In yet another mass media-sponsored bout of anti-white racism, the British BBC has given prominence to a black supremacist academic who claims that white people are to blame for the inability of black students to pass exams at schools in America.

The BBC article, penned by a Dr Ebony McGee, “Assistant Professor of Education, Diversity and Urban Schooling, Dept. of Teaching & Learning” at the once-prestigious Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee, and titled “How do US black students perform at school?” ignores—of course—the real reason: namely that blacks in America score on average between 15 and 20 points lower on IQ tests, and that the mean IQ for American negroes remains around the 80 point mark.

However, according to the BBC, the cause of black intellectual failings is white people, and more specifically the “long-term physical, mental, emotional and psychological effects of living in a white-dominated and privileged society, and its threats to the mental and physical health of black students.”

In other words, according to this black supremacist “professor,” the sheer existence of white people—and their society—causes “mental, emotional, and psychological” effects on black people and “threatens” their “mental and physical health.”

Quite apart from the fact that this is patent nonsense, the vicious anti-white racism of such a statement can be illustrated by simply reversing the racial groups made in that sentence: imagine, for a minute, any white academic issuing a paper claiming that the sheer existence of black people threatened white people. Any such academic would instantly be run out of his or her office, and demonized in the media.

Yet “professor” McGee is not only rewarded with a senior and well-paying position at Vanderbilt University, but is also given prominence on a major public broadcaster such as the BBC to spout these views.


Blaming white people for black academic failure makes up only one part of professor McGee’s attack on Europeans: she (and the BBC) go on to claim that white people are also somehow responsible for the increasing re-segregation of schools in America, and the fact that black schools are falling into chaos.

“Increasing school re-segregation—the renewal of segregation—and the continuing inequality of black students is resulting in lower achievement and graduation rates, signaling a reversal of civil rights gains,” she claims, ignoring the fact that it is the behavior of black people which has forced whites to move out of their areas, leading to blacks being the majority at neighborhood schools.

However, identifying black behavior as the problem is not on the agenda for black supremacists and anti-white racists: rather, the focus must always remain on blaming white people for any problems other racial groups might be experiencing.

In this way, for example, “professor” McGee writes that “(W)hen gaps in achievement are addressed without a deliberate investigation of racial inequities, students, parents, teachers and neighborhoods tend to be blamed for the poor educational outcomes of black students. I contend that inquiries into how black students perform in school must include investigation of the harsh disciplinary sanctions in public schools for black students, the disinvestment in black neighborhoods and why the least prepared teachers are those most likely to serve black students.”

Incredibly, and in complete contrast to all the facts, “professor” McGee and the BBC actually seem to think that there is some sort of US government conspiracy to deliberately underfund black schools to cause them to fail. The reality is of course, that untold billions are pumped each year into “underperforming” schools to the cost of better performing ones, but this fact does not halt the anti-white tirade from continuing:

“Additionally, black students are experiencing intense levels of stress and challenge. Many are exposed to a bevy of chronic stresses that include, but are not limited to, disproportionate exposure to environmental hazards, violence and poor healthcare, which negatively impact their educational outcomes.”

By “environmental hazards” one presumes she means the neighborhoods in which blacks live—as if their dilapidated nature (such as in Detroit and countless other nonwhite dominated areas) is the fault of white people.

Does “professor” McGee actually think white people go in secret into black neighborhoods and wreck them? It would seem so—or, at least, that is a more acceptable explanation than the truth, which is that black people are responsible for the state of their living environment, and no one else.

In reality, blacks have taken over many of the nicest urban areas in many cities—and within a few decades have trashed them beyond recognition.

As to “exposure to violence”—once again, “professor” McGee and the BBC actually seem to believe that the well-documented black propensity to violent crime is also the fault of white people, and that white people also deliberately deny blacks decent health care.

Finally, “professor McGee ends her BBC article with more anti-white racism: “Racial biases often place undue burdens on black students who already experience multiple forms of discrimination and prejudice, while the educational and social institutions they learn in, perpetuate white privilege.”

What black supremacists like “professor” McGee and their supporters are ultimately saying is that black people will never achieve their true potential because of some sort of mysterious and all-powerful “white privilege” as long as they have to live in the same environment as white people.

There is, ironically, a degree of overlap here with those who seek to preserve European society and civilization, and, possibly the basis for an amicable physical racial geographic separation at some point, which indeed offers the only hope of a long-term solution to the ongoing issue of racial tension.

But in the interim, a halt to blaming white people for genetically pre-determined, or self-inflicted, black problems, would be a positive step to alleviating racial tensions.

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  1. If they feel that way then maybe they should go back to Africa to get away from White people. She talks a lot of trash but I don’t see her leaving.

    1. as long as there is financial benefit in blaming whites and as long as whites tolerate this, it will continue.

  2. OK. Let’s segregate and see how the students perform. Oh, that’s right we do have segregated schools. In Chicago, for example where no white person would dare (or could stomach) going to school. How come the blacker the student population, the stupider and more violent the students. Shouldn’t they perform better being away from whitely? The fact is, the white gene pool improved, while the black gene pool needs more chlorine.

  3. If Dr. McGee were a revolutionary, he would demand extra tutoring and higher funding for lower income schools. But he won’t because he’s a sell-out and part of the establishment, which is comfortable with his non-class views on the subject. He’s also a hypocrite. What is the annual tuition for Vanderbilt—50k–outrageous!!

  4. If you don’t study, don’t work hard at improving your base knowledge you will never create those “smart genes”. According to Darwin that’s human evolution. Unfortunately the least intelligent people I have met in life are also the laziest.

  5. I quite agree with Ebony. The examination questions are too difficult for folks with IQ scores below 50.

  6. “long-term physical, mental, emotional and psychological effects of living in a white-dominated and privileged society, and its threats to the mental and physical health of black students.”

    What about the long-term physical, mental, emotional and psychological effects on white students of constantly being told you’re to blame for all the world’s ills?

  7. End Game: Censorship of Onama’s secret Data.

    HUD control, moving blacks to white

    Statistics: Made up to sue schools and colleges…white privilege…

    Divide the country and fuse riots, focusing only on WHITE conflicts…

    Establish Martial Law…third term for Obama

    Continue gathering ” inequality” so lawyers can SUE for discrimination, though the application is discriminatory.

    Distract the focus of Americans, while diluting the population through the Resettlement 2014 Resettlement of non- Christian syrian..males”

    Pass executive orders without Congressional Oversight.

    Pushing the”Shame game”, and censoring black on white crimes..

    Liberal push for free academics, housing, food stamps and Social Security while denying “White” students.

    Using taxpayer dollars to promote People of Color only curriculum

    Allowing open borders and forming terrorist groups to riot, destroy and steal by funding out of town infiltrators bus by bus…immediately, while whites actually work.

    Extort taxpayer money by blocking streets and disrupting commerce.

  8. If every problem black people have requires white people to do something then that means white people are superior to blacks.

  9. Whenever someone blames whites for black deficiencies i want to ask that person three questions.

    Why do American blacks have a higher standard of living than blacks in any black run country in the world?

    Would American blacks be better off if all the whites left?

    Would American whites be better off if all the blacks left?

    Unfortunately, even asking these questions is dangerous, much less responding with honest answers.

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