Black Violence Sweeps US Malls

Thousands of blacks rioted once again in malls in a dozen states across the U.S. on the day after Christmas in a now commonplace event as that country’s urban areas continue their slide in majority nonwhite slums.

The controlled media has refused to identify the race of the perpetrators, pretending instead that they are all “youths,” even though the video and photographic evidence is clear.

United Press International (UPI), for example, reported that “groups of teens” took Boxing Day, “a holiday that has nothing to do with boxing, somewhat literally on Monday, getting into fights and causing disturbances at roughly a dozen malls across the country.”

The New York Times said that “chaos struck at least 15 malls across the country on Monday” as “fights broke out”—as if fights can just “break out” all by themselves.

The New York Times added that “the disturbances” were caused by “feuding teenagers”—who “disrupted post-Christmas shopping in cities in at least a dozen states” across the country.

A Fayetteville, N.C., police statement said that “scuffling teenagers” caused the mall to close and that there had been several 911 calls about gunshots.

Fights broke out at two malls in Memphis, Tennessee. The Oak Court Mall had to be closed, while the nearby Wolfchase Galleria reported gunfire.

The town center of Aurora, Colorado had to be closed down completely after mobs of blacks rampaged through the central business district, and the Fox Valley Mall in Aurora, Illinois—a thousand miles away—also had to be closed for the same reason.

Police in Indianapolis said they “arrested several juveniles” after violence at the Castleton Square Mall, episodes which were repeated at malls in Connecticut (the Shoppes at Buckland Hills, and Westfarms), New York’s Roosevelt Field, Ohio’s Beachwood Place, Pennsylvania’s Monroeville Mall, and Texas’s Hulen Mall.

One particularly large fight at The Mills in Jersey Gardens, New Jersey, saw at least 48,000 shoppers fleeing in chaos after a brawl resulted in a loud bang and shouts of “shots fired” filled the mall.

Video footage showed a heavily-armed SWAT team arriving to search the mall.

The one common theme among all the reports was the refusal by all the controlled media to point out the obvious: that the violence was, once again, generated by blacks going on the rampage.

This refusal to report on race is not accidental. The Associated Press’s Stylebook—called the “journalist’s bible” in the industry—specifically states that race should only be mentioned in news reports when a specific suspect is being sought by the police—and even then, when the “suspect is found or apprehended, the racial reference should be removed.”

In other words, in instances such as mass black violence as seen once again on December 26, or the ongoing black “flash mob” violence which occurs at all times of the year, the media works under strict orders to pretend that there is no link at all between race and crime.

Fortunately, the advent of the Internet has served to effectively undermine this deliberate race-denying media censorship, and the truth has become obvious to all.

More importantly that this, however, the ongoing and increasing violence raises another even more important issue, namely what can be done about the specter of black crime and violence overwhelming America’s urban areas.

The answer to this question is, of course, a political solution which must be based upon a physical geographical separation of the races—not segregation, nor supremacy, but separation.

Anything less will only lead to an increase in the sort of violence seen at the malls on December 26, and ultimately, the complete destruction of all European First World societies.

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  1. All of Europe should look at his as a lesson and not import any more non
    white invaders. The US is in the process
    genetic degeneration.

  2. In Toronto about 12 years ago a 15 year old white girl was shot in the head and killed on Yonge Street by rival black gangs shooting across the street at each other. Then about 6 years ago at the Toronto Eaton Center, blacks had a gunfight in the food court on crowded Boxing Day and a white 13 year old boy from out of town was shot in the head, he survived.

    They are a scourge where ever they are, and there was never any segregation or slavery in Canada, so what is their excuse here?

  3. This again proves my point that all blacks should be in Africa and all muslims in the Middle East! They do NOT integrate and both hate whites and their culture!

    1. Can’t figure why you only have 40 thumbs up!!

      You should have at least 40,000,000. That is of course if the brainwashing did not work!

  4. And that my friends is why I live in rural America, far away from them. It would do them good to stay in their slums, we out here are very well protected.

  5. Is it any wonder that these feral Black thugs are emboldened to also attack and murder Whites – including the defenceless & the elderly across the USA. The reason being that the criminal authorities and the Jew controlled media have been ignoring and playing down for decades the violent behaviour of these spoiled Black punks which is now totally out of control.

    Yet, this same Cultural Marxist political Establishment demonises Whites, charges and imprisons them for hate crimes and dumb-down our White school-children by teaching them the Big Jew Lie that ‘only evil Whites can be racist’.

    The biggest criminals in our White nations are the Establishment filth who gladly assist in the destruction of our White nations and our White people.

      1. They know benefits because we taught them that.
        We taught them loose morals and family values is of no consequence.
        We taught them to be racist.
        We taught them everything that you do not like about them.
        We taught them to be African Americans instead of American Africans.
        We taught them to riot.
        We taught them to use the bias press.
        We taught them to only vote Democrat so they can maintain there culture they created in the inner cities.

        Everyone hear should remember. At one time the blacks had the same crime rate and marriage rate as the whites. One should try to understand how that all changed. A good starting point is LBJ and politicians. Buying the black vote has been expensive in deaths and crime. But the Dems well protect their voters/votes and do nothing to fix it. It would not benefit them. So they well continue to blame racism and the republicans.

        Bottom line folks. IT’S JUST POLITICS LOL

      1. Yeah, but the problem is that the democrats are still pandering to them (like Hilary Clinton) and like Hillary, she found out the hard way that no amount of pandering and appeasing their black voting base is not going to get their lazy asses off the couch to actually go out and vote. Stupid Hillary only focused her corrupt campaign on majority black areas and she made absolutely no effort to campaign in the mid-west, Nevada, Montana, ect. Because she had no desire to go to places where whites are, so the silent majority like the mid-west all voted for trump. I don’t understand why stupid liberals always count on the blacks for their votes and they haven’t learned yet that blacks do not watch the news, they do not care at all about politics, they can’t even remember when Election Day is, they refuse to stand in long lines waiting to vote, it takes too much effort to get off the couch to go anywhere(unless there’s a planned looting or rioting to be done) they have no idea where their local voting place is and most of them have never voted ever in their life-except the one time they voted for Obama because he is black and even then they had to be picked up (because they don’t have transportation) they had to be shown where the voting place is and they had no idea how to use a voting machine, had to be held by the hand and guided through the process, they could not read or understand anything on the ballots and these are the people that they count on for their votes? So stupid those liberal democrats are!

  6. A pitiful America now shelters an invading lethal virus — blacks — which will eventually destroy the country. The pieces that remain will be in the hands of financiers of a certain persuasion.

  7. This is strictly a law enforcement issue . If when they caught these punks were locked up for a good length of time instead of just a phone call to mommy to come get them this would stop . But like these young car thieves and other under age monsters their is no price to pay . Of course they continue breaking the law .

    1. How about stopping the violence with WHATEVER it takes. Rubber bullets, tear gas, tasers, billy clubs etc. I think a good “kick in the ass” would send a message.

  8. I couldn’t understand when showing the mall violence on the TV the announcer did not mention the obvious: that the rioters were black! Where has all the factual news reporting gone? I hope populust movements infect all of Europe and throw the slimy liberal elitists out on their keister!

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