Blackest Schools Have Worst Academics, New Official US Statistics Show

Official statistics from the US Department of Education’s National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) have once again confirmed that, despite decades of affirmative action and billions of dollars of set-asides, black students still underperform academically when compared to whites.

"Students" riot in Baltimore, 2015.
“Students” riot in Baltimore, 2015.

School Composition and the Black-White Achievement Gap

The new NCES study, titled “School Composition and the Black–White Achievement Gap” made a point of studying the lack of black academic achievement in schools that were “predominantly black” and those in which blacks were a minority.

The report calls this distinction the “Black student density” and used the 2011 National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) grade 8 mathematics assessment data. Black students at the national level, on average, scored 30 points lower than their White peers in 2011.

Among the results highlighted in the report, the study indicates that the achievement gap between black and white students remains whether schools fall in the highest density category (that its, schools that are composed of at least 60 percent black students) or the lowest density category (i.e., schools that are composed of less than or equal to 20 percent black students).

When accounting for factors such as student socioeconomic status and other student, teacher, and school characteristics, black students, and black male students in particular, scored lower in the highest, rather than the lowest, density schools.

According to the report, the “demographic makeup of public schools is of particular interest, given recent concerns about the growing resegregation of schools”—in other words, whites fleeing the intolerable living conditions created when areas become majority nonwhite.

This report explored eighth-grade achievement as it relates to the density of black students, all, it said, to help “contribute to the understanding of the black–white student achievement gap.”

In reality, as all honest educators and scientists know, the achievement gap is caused by the large Intelligence Quota (IQ) gap between the races—a genetically pre-determined and environmentally unchangeable fact which has placed sub-Saharan African IQ at an average of 75. According to even the most liberal interpretations of IQ data, a result of that nature puts the population into the “borderline mentally deficient” and “mild mental retardation” categories.

The NCES study of course ignores this fact in its findings, but goes on to accurately report on its effects:

Analysis of the relationship between the percentage of students in a school who were black and achievement showed the following:

– Achievement for both black and white students was lower in the highest black student density schools than in the lowest density schools.

However, when accounting for factors such as student socioeconomic status (SES) and other student, teacher, and school characteristics, the analysis found:

– White student achievement in schools with the highest black student density did not differ from white student achievement in schools with the lowest density.

– For black students overall, and black males in particular, achievement was still lower in the highest density schools than in the lowest density schools.

– The black–white achievement gap was larger in the highest density schools than in the lowest density schools.

– Conducting analysis by gender, the black–white achievement gap was larger in the highest density schools than in the lowest density schools for males but not for females.

In addition, the size of the achievement gaps within each category of black student density was smaller when the analysis accounted for student SES and other student, teacher, and school characteristics (except in the highest density category), suggesting that these factors explained a considerable portion of the observed achievement gap.

In summary then, the report found that black and white students at schools with a “high density” of black students performed worse than those at schools with a “lower density” of black students.  In plain English, this means that the blacker a school, the worse the academic performance.

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  1. Exactly. Science does not lie.You cannot butter up scientific facts in favour of a certain race or creed.It starts in a part of the brain called the cerebral cortex.The African American or Negroid brain is not yet developed in this area of the brain.This part of the brain deals with so many aspects relating to human behaviour.It is one reason why they have so little impulse control,and big sexual appetite.It also relates to why they need to operate in gangs.Many studies in this area have been covered up or results altered to prove otherwise.James Watson acclaimed author and the person who unraveled the DNA structure has said that while people may like to think that all races are born with equal intelligence, those “who have to deal with black employees find this not true”.

  2. I am afraid this will be used to promote more forced integration, because the black students do better with white students around, and (not that anyone normally cares about this) supposedly the white students don’t do worse with a lot of black students around.

  3. Note that nobody ever scans in black exam questions (or essays etc) and compares them with white exam questions (or essays). I suspect that the truth – black people barely able to write, grotesque spelling and grammar errors, failure to understand anything of the world, and express themselves – would be so awful that nobody would be taken seriously when expected to put their kids in with them. I may be wrong – PLEASE someone with access to exercise books or whatever they use these days – PLEASE scan in a representative large sample of black work. Don’t keep it secret. Upload it.

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