Whites Attacked for Living in NY Suburb

Blacks have started physically attacking whites for moving into their New York neighborhood, with two such incidents having taking place over the last week alone.

The overtly racist black on white attacks have taken place in the neighborhood of Flatbush, Brooklyn—but have been completely ignored by the national media in the US, in contrast to the mass coverage that would be given to such incidents had the races been reversed.


A CCTV picture of one of the attackers.

Only some local media outlets, limited to the immediate New York metropole, have covered the story at all, even though the attacker in both cases issued clear and direct racial threats against his white victims.

According to the NY Daily News, police are investigating a “second anti-white bias incident in Brooklyn” where the attacker called his victim “cracka.”

The report said a 51-year-old white man told police he was on Nostrand Ave. near Glenwood Road in East Flatbush, when a black man ran up and knocked him to the ground about 5:40 p.m. Monday. “This is for Malcolm X, cracka,” he said before running away.

“I came forward to police because I don’t want this to happen to anybody else,” said the victim, who requested anonymity. “I’m afraid of the guy knowing where I live and having my windows broken in.”

The NY Daily News added that police are trying to determine if the assailant is the same black who beat Randy Aveille less than two miles away on Sunday.


Randy Aveille, the first victim.

Aveille, 44, said he and his fiancée got off the Q train at the Church Ave. station in Flatbush when an attacker punched him, shouting “Cracka, you don’t belong here,” and “Someone get his white cracka ass off the floor. It’s a black neighborhood … You don’t belong here.”

“I was kind of stunned,” Aveille said. “I didn’t know what was going on. As I started to turn a little bit, I got hit in the (right) eye. At that point, I lost my equilibrium; I tripped, probably over my own feet (and) fell to the ground.”

“I was just trying to regain my composure when he started to kick me,” he said.

The black then elbowed Aveille’s fiancée in the head as she and another woman tried to stop the attack. He spit in the other woman’s face as he ran off, Aveille said.

Aveille said he’s lived in Flatbush “for around a year.” The neighborhood, he said, is in the midst of a racial change, but he didn’t think he would be targeted for it.

“I think (current residents) are feeling pushed out,” Aveille said. “My fiancée and I have walked to the train, and we’ve heard people having conversations about white people moving to the neighborhood.

“It’s not the first time I’ve gotten the vibe, but (those weren’t) directed to me,” he said. “You never think it’s going to happen to you, (but) I guess everybody who gets attacked thinks that.”

*Malcolm X’s real name was Malcolm Little. Born in 1925, he was arrested at age 20 for theft and burglary. While in prison, he converted to the radical black version of Islam known as the “Nation of Islam” or NOI. After his release from prison, he became one of the most prominent leaders of the NOI, which taught that white people were devils and the “skunk of the planet earth.” He was eventually assassinated by three NOI members after falling out with that organization.

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  1. My question is, why would they want to move into that neighborhood? To watch the value of their house go down? Or maybe watch their house go up in flames the next time the thugs decide to riot.

    1. Actually, that’s can be one reason for moving there. They might can’t afford to move to a better neighbourhood, and forced to choose the black neighborhood for the devalued houses.

    2. Presumably because they can’t afford to live in other gentrified white neighborhoods. It’s always poor whites who suffer for “diversity.” They can’t afford to spend their way out of it.

  2. Value of their house? More likely people are priced out of other parts of Brooklyn; they want to live near a subway that gets them to their job quickly while they try to make enough money to buy a house somewhere else one day.

  3. No, it’s seems that blacks are moving INTO the neighbourhood:

    “The neighborhood, he said, is in the midst of a racial change, but he didn’t think he would be targeted for it.” Like most whites, the poor man has undoubtedly been brainwashed to ‘celebrate’ diversity – surely the most evil idea ever to afflict us.

    1. No that’s a black neighborhood with whites moving into it because they can’t afford to live elsewhere. Housing costs in major cities has been out of control for years.

        1. Some humor. I was told by some antiquated old folks before they passed away that my home used to be a whore house in the 1940’s. Now days these old brick homes are modernized and upgraded for middle class who don’t wish to spend hours traveling on a freeway. So called gentrification happens deeper in older parts of cities where one does not need a subway and can walk to work.
          Here in newobserveronline we have learned about what is happening in Calais and Detroit. It works both ways. Planet Earth is covered with ghost towns where seismic changes happen. So yes foreign invaders can create ghost towns but most times it is the main industry has moved away (Detroit) or has disappeared due to catastrophe. Calais is a man made catastrophe .With Detroit many became crack houses and get burned down usually after these houses get gutted for free firewood..

  4. You don’t see such attacks happening in Texas or Florida. They know they might get a bullet between their eyes from someone carrying a concealed weapon.

  5. Just like Toledo ! Now expect crack houses etc to appear, just like there, in the name of Diversity. Well done Hussain !
    Your days are numbered, Trump will trump you & clean the country!
    If Americans, do not vote for Trump, then do not complain, when Cologne style attacks, come to visit you !
    Did you see the German Newspapes, about German women supposedly being able to breast feed, anywhere in the country ?
    Well, If Cologne is anything to go by, and the lack of interest by the German Police, despite German women complaining about being molested, robbed or raped, the German Police, Just like the Swedish Police, did Nothing.
    I cannot wait to see the reaction amongst the low iq goatherders, now in the EU, looking for work ( Ha Ha ) when a German woman gets her tits out, in front of them.
    Because the police, will not be there ! They wait for the locals backlash, then rush in with the Riot Police ! Its a cultural thing & the German uniformed lot, probably feel an affinity with the Muzz, since their forefathers, had a similar rape culture, against the jews !

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