“Blacks are Cursed”—Top Israeli Rabbi

One of Israel’s most senior rabbis who sits on that country’s supreme rabbinical policy-making council has announced that Africans are “cursed” because they have black skin.

The rabbi’s comments will, as usual, be ignored and covered up by the controlled media.


Rabbi Yitzchok Zilberstein sits on the Moetzes Gedolei HaTorah (the “Council of [great] Torah Sages”), which is the supreme rabbinical policy-making council of several related prestigious Haredi Jewish intranational organizations.

Rabbis sitting on the Moetzes are the most prestigious rosh yeshivas (“heads”) of yeshivas or Hasidic Rebbes, and are regarded by other Jews as the “Gedolim” (“great/est”) sages of Torah Judaism.

Zilberstein is the spiritual leader of several major congregations in Israel, and his opinion is frequently sought and quoted on all matters of halakha—Jewish law.

Zilberstein’s teachings are hugely popular in Israel, and a collection of his utterances is one of the best-selling such titles in the Jews-only state.


His new comments appear in the Hebrew language Kikar news service, which boasts that it is the “world’s leading ultra-Orthodox website.”

In the article, Zilberstein is asked by a Jew if his marriage can be annulled because his wife hid her racial origin from him.

The questioner revealed that he had married a woman in America who looked “like a westerner” and claimed to be one.

However, after their first child was born with slanted eyes, the Jew confronted his wife who admitted that she had actually been born in China—and had had surgery to make her eyes round.

The Jew—an Orthodox yeshiva student—now wanted to divorce his wife because he had not known she was Chinese, and had apparently thought she was Jewish.

“The problem,” he was quoted in the Kikar news article as saying, is that the “children have slanted eyes” and that he had therefore made a “bad bargain” by marrying her.

The couple had gone on to have two more children, all with slanted eyes. After the third child, the husband decided that he could no longer remain married to the woman, and that no other Jews would want to marry these children.

His wife refused to agree to the divorce, and the Jew then approached the rabbinate with the request that his marriage be annulled.

In his ruling, Rabbi Zilberstein said that one-third of all people in the world, the Chinese, have “slanting eyes,” so he cannot claim that it is a “defect.”

The rabbi was then asked what would be the case if the child born was black (“Negro” as the article called it), and the rabbi said that the law in this case would be different, “because the Negro is cursed with the Curse of Ham” and that his black skin was therefore cursed.

The Curse of Ham refers to an edict issued by Noah in the Book of Genesis. One of Noah’s sons, Ham, sees his father naked and drunk in his tent.

Noah finds out that Ham saw him in this manner, and curses Ham, who becomes the father of the Canaanites.

Even though there is no direct reference to race or skin color in the book of Genesis, the Babylonian Talmud has God curse Ham because he broke a prohibition on sex aboard the ark and “was smitten in his skin” (Talmud, Sanhedrin 108b).

The Mirash—the collection of rabbinical literature which Jewish sages have provided over the centuries as a guide to the Talmud, states that the curse of Ham only applied to his eldest son Cush—and that Cush was an African (Yalkut Shim’oni. Noah Sec. 58). The use of the word “Cush” or “Cushite” is to the present day still a derogatory term for Africans among Jews.

The association of Ham with black skin—and being cursed for it—is therefore a uniquely Jewish religious tradition, and although often dismissed as near fable, is still believed by vast numbers of Jews, as Rabbi Zilberstein’s ruling shows.

The controlled media—so quick to exploit and attack any white person saying anything racially derogatory about anyone else—has completely blacked out Zilberstein’s comments, even though he clearly represents a large number of Jews in Israel and elsewhere in the world.

This cover-up occurs because most of the mass media is under the control of the Jewish lobby, which always applies one standard to Jews, and another to everyone else.

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  1. Black Lives Matter Activists, Obama, NGO’s Workers, UN Commissioner for Human Rights, political science and sociology students, volunteers for immigrants, caritas, Pope Francisco where art thou? Speak out against derogatory comments and supremacist teachings!

    Unbelievable the whole story. it looks rather that the guy is fed up with his Asian wife and in typical Chutzpah makes her responsible for everything. That’s their character trait.
    Always pointing at others but never ever having any critical thought about their own behavior.
    Unless he married someone similar like the Japanese women who looks like a french doll his excuses seem rather lame to me.Even in this case it’s noticeable.

    Images of 20 Chinese women before and after surgery.

  2. Genesis 9:25 And he said, Cursed be Canaan; a servant of servants shall he be unto his brethren.
    Genesis 9:26 And he said, Blessed be the LORD God of Shem; and Canaan shall be his servant.
    Genesis 9:27 God shall enlarge Japheth, and he shall dwell in the tents of Shem; and Canaan shall be his servant.

  3. As there is no political correctness in Japan, friends there tell me people quite openly express the opinion that they consider blacks and Muslims intellectually and culturally inferior, and Muslims in particular, dangerous. No one accuses them of racism, as for them, it’s just fact. Which it is.

    I recall a few years ago, while in the US, then Prime Minister Yasuhiro Nakasone outraged blacks and liberals by suggesting that black and Hispanic Americans were lowering U.S. literacy and intelligence rates. Whic, of course, they do.

    In the West we so are crippled by political correctness, an obsession with “diversity” and the fantasy of multiculturalism that no one would dare express opinions like those of the Japanese.

  4. Again, the Japanese… an excerpt from an article 20 years ago:- Former Japanese Prime Minister Yasuhiro Nakasone’s infamous 1986 remarks deriding American minorities appear representative of most Japanese attitudes, even among the nation’s movers and shakers. Case in point: In his 1988 book Nihon wa Sekai Shitteru Ka? (Does Japan know the world?), Tokyo Mutual Bank Chairman Shoichi Osada blames affirmative action for the “decay” of America.

    “One cannot possibly consider Blacks as equals to whites in the U.S.,” he said.

    “I speculate that the total collapse of the United States will happen when the minority becomes equal to the majority,” Osada states.

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