BLM Racists Order Whites to Back

The racist anti-white “Black Lives Matter” march at the Democratic National Convention was marked by its leaders demanding that the handful of white liberals in attendance get to the “back of the crowd.” The controlled media has largely ignored it, in contrast to their coverage of the tiniest “white racism” to which they give massive exposure.


Shouts of “take your rightful positions and get behind us [black people]” were heard as the whites shuffled off.

The announcement—which was captured on video—starts off with one of the BLM march leaders repeatedly announcing that “white people go to the back of the crowd.”

The baffled white race-denying liberals—beginning to comprehend that the blacks are organizing racially, and not “multiculturally” as the controlled media portrays them—start to hesitatingly obey the command to leave.

The black woman making the announcement gets agitated when some of the white liberals appear not to respond, and she informs them that they will be banned from the march if they do not obey.

The overwhelmingly black crowd takes up the call, and repeatedly chant “get back, get back” at all whites they see, with some telling white onlookers that “you will appropriately take your place in the back of this march,” “all y’all go to the back,” and “take your rightful positions and get behind us [black people].”

Other chants which can be distinctly heard include “that’s right, black people love their own leadership,” “so if you see any white folks, direct them to the back,” “you will not have a say all up in here,” and “you will appropriately take your place in the back of this bitch.”

Some of the blacks get increasingly aggressive and anti-white, and the cry is heard “get back or you’re out of this march. We are not afraid to put you out.”

The march, titled “Black and Brown Resistance March” took place on July 26, 2016, in Philadelphia at the Democratic National Convention.

While the aggressive, white-hating nature of the “Black Lives Matter” movement comes as no surprise to informed people, the behavior of the controlled media in this instance is instructive.

This latest example of anti-white hatred from the “Black Lives Matter” movement has been largely ignored and covered up by the controlled media.

If, however, a crowd of white activists outside the Republican National Convention had ordered all blacks to the back of their procession, this same controlled media would have spared no expense in covering what they would unquestionably have called “evil white racism”—and all the “anti-racist” and so-called “civil rights” organizations would be quoted at length lecturing about the evils of whites and “racism” in general.

However, because in this case the overt racism comes from blacks and is directed against whites, the controlled media simply pretends it hasn’t happened.

This then is the true face of the controlled media: lying, double-standard-enforcing, and institutionally anti-white, just like the “Black Lives Matter” movement.

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  1. Looking on the bright side, a few gullible libtards have seen the reality of BLM prejudice. Maybe they will learn from the experience.

    1. Learn from the experience? I doubt it. Liberalism is a mental disorder with the afflicted incapable of seeing the obvious far less than learning anything. They have been programmed that way for decades.

    2. Who do you mean by “libtards”, “liberals”? Are they really Euro-Americans, or just a certain tribe, you-know-who? If the latter, they actually seem to foment, support and manipulate the black racism against Whites. They have an old strategic alliance with the Black people in America, and know how to relate to them, don’t they?

  2. Blacks, don’t ‘All Lives Matter’? Or are you putting up another wall? The difference between ‘Afro Americans’ and ‘Euro Americans’ (remember your History lessons about Columbus discovering America… the only Americans are the native Americans such as the ‘Seminole, Cherokee and other American Indian tribes, thus the ‘whites’ are ‘Euro Americans’ just like the older term ‘Blacks’). It seems (almost) that some ‘Afro Americans’ want to put up more walls than Martian Luther King tore down. .

  3. Couldn`t stop laughing…. these libtards never learn !
    Just proves the left side of a libtards` brain has nothing right in it and the right part has nothing left in it.

  4. They should be moved to the back and defecated on by all intelligent, conservative thinking Euro-Americans. Those blacks don’t want equality or justice, they just want a free living off the backs of honest, productive Euro-Americans.

  5. Honestly, I support these black militants here, even as anti black and anti BLM as I am. Come on, these whites that want to go ‘help the cause’ and side with blacks against their own race, to hell with them. I don’t even care if these BLM members kill those liberals that march with them. Mother Nature will do the job.

  6. What were they doing at a Black rally? Are they really Whites or those who set Black people against Whites and draw profits from the conflict? History seems to show that the revolutionary masses eventually turn against the rabble-rousers manipulating them. Will it be so in America?

    1. “what are they doing at a black rally?” They are the brainwashed children the schools are turning out. They are indoctrinated from a very young age…

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