Bloomberg “Presidential Bid” a Hoax

Rumors that former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg is going to launch a third party presidential bid is a hoax designed to panic Democrats into supporting Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders, a political insider has told the New Observer.


News of Bloomberg’s alleged campaign was first reported in the New York Times last week, and then repeated throughout the controlled media.

The original report said that Bloomberg had “spotted an opening between Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders,” and had commissioned advisers to conduct a poll after the February 9 New Hampshire Democratic primary.

Bloomberg had, the report claimed, commissioned a poll in December to see how he might fare in a straight contest against Trump in a presidential election, and against Hillary Clinton in both Democratic primaries and a presidential election.

The report went on to say that Bloomberg was equally concerned over Trump’s “domination of the Republican field” and Bernie Sanders’ sudden surge.


The far leftist Sanders seems set to be second place in the first primary on February 1, and the opinion polls show him leading over Clinton in New Hampshire.

If Sanders appeared to be heading to beat Clinton, the Bloomberg rumors said, then the Jewish media billionaire was going to step in and run an independent campaign, setting himself up as a “moderate” centrist alternative to Trump and Sanders.


This report—and variations on the theme—have absorbed much airtime on TV shows since its appearance, but, as the New York City insider told the New Observer, it is all a “hoax.”

Firstly, the insider said, although he has the money, he has neither the personality nor the ability to launch an independent third party campaign at this late stage.

“Apart from the fact that there has never been a modern-day successful independent campaign, it takes months of planning and working the field to build up a momentum and organization on the ground,” the insider said, pointing out that Trump has been holding up to three meetings every campaign day for months on end.

“The rumor has been launched for one reason only, and that is to frighten Democrats into supporting Clinton,” he said.

It had long been presumed that Clinton would be the Democratic nominee.

“However,  Sanders’s strong showing, appealing to the more radical elements of that party, combined with Clinton’s lackluster campaign and continuing questions over her competency and honesty, has now put the Democratic nomination up for grabs,” the insider said.

“The Democratic Party national committee knows very well that if Sanders ends up being nominated, he will be crushed in an unprecedented manner if Trump is the Republican candidate,” he continued.

“They know that in the event of a Trump-Sanders election, the real possibility exists that Trump will win every single state, something that has never happened in US presidential electoral history.

“By threatening Democrats with a make-believe third party campaign, they hope to motivate enough voters in the primaries to come back on board and knock out Bloomberg.

“This has to be one of more transparent tricks yet seen in this presidential election, but, given the average IQ of large numbers of voters, might yet have the desired effect,” the insider concluded.

*Meanwhile, as the Iowa primaries loom ever closer, Trump seems to have all but clinched the first part of his battle to win the Republican nomination.

Despite frantic promotion by the controlled media, Trump’s nearest rival, the classic kosher conservative Ted Cruz, is still set to be defeated, according to the latest opinion polls. A Fox News survey said that Trump, who had been behind Cruz just three weeks ago, had amassed a 15 point lead. Another poll at the beginning of the month, carried out by Quinnipiac University, found that Trump had a more modest two point lead over Cruz.

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  1. (VIDEO) Bloomberg Felons Push Fake Shootings (Aurora/Charleston Hoax):

    Michael Bloomberg’s MAIG (Mayors Against Illegal Guns) is a pack of convicted FELONS. These are actual criminals promoting Gun Hoaxes to disarm honest Americans. See their Rap Sheets in the Video (above).

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